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Oct 31, 2022

Fantasy Football Business Building

Joe K'Amo is today’s guest on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast interview. 

He is the founder of a quite unusual business, certainly we have never focused on anything similar on Join Up Dots before.

He is the founder of The Fantasy Football Counsellor, where with millions of downloads, he is transforming the way fantasy football managers make educated decisions about drafting and managing their fantasy football teams through his entertaining fantasy football podcast;

The Fantasy Football Counselor Podcast and his fantasy football show Joe does the research and takes into account issues other fantasy football analysts don’t. Refusing to sugarcoat things, Joe takes the legwork out for fantasy football fans, giving them the research they need and the confidence to go into the draft day knowing The Counselor is on their side.

How The Dots Joined Up For Joe

His top-ranked fantasy NFL podcast & YouTube show connects like-minded fantasy football enthusiasts every day and is always on the lookout for new tips to help you navigate the fantasy sports talk world and the secret formula to a fantasy football championship league.

Now if you think that this is just a hobby that has grown, then think again, as without a personal tragedy in his life this ball might never have been kicked in the first place.

He wanted to honour his father after his untimely and unexpected passing, and so left his unfulfilling career and starting his own business - one he is driven and passionate about. So did he walk the path that most content providers walk in the beginning with no listeners, no downloads and only his faith that he could make it work? 

And the big question is "Would he have ever started the whole fantasy football thing if life hadn't tried to kick him into touch? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Joe K'Amo