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Dec 2, 2020

Introducing Getting Bored With Your Business

Getting bored with your business is something that everyone has to deal with over time. You start a business full of passion to achieve, change your life or simply make oodles of cash. It's exciting times for sure. You come home from work and can't wait to turn on the laptop, check your emails, and discover todays progress. But what do you do when you have been doing the same thing for years, and that excitement is gone? Well that is what we are going to discuss in todays podcast focusing in on "Getting Bored With Your Business". Step One Be Aware Of Your Feelings And Ask Why? Most things in life and business can be nipped in the bud in the early stages of development. That is most certainly the case with boredom, and the feeling of getting stale within your business. Our first tip is to start noticing how you are feeling, and really focus in on trying to find the meaning behind those feelings. Could it be that you have a nagging doubt that this isn't the business for you, and your inner spirit is trying to tell you? Could it be that you have actually achieved what you set out to do, and now it's maintenance time? This is a common stage that many entrepreneurs go through when they finally get to where they hoped to get to. They are start-up people, visionaries, activators, call them what you want, but they like to make new things happen, and not to be doing the same day in day out. So why are you getting bored with your business? Those feelings are a great clue as to potential pivoting times. Step Two Be Realistic That The Grind Is Part Of The Game Nowadays you can see people everywhere showing you how wonderful their lives are, and what fun they are getting up to. But there is a backstory that you have to delve into, to truly understand how they got there, and that's the grind. The day in day out, turning up, doing their best when they didn't want to do it type of grind. Think about professional sportsmen and women at the highest levels of their games. We all see them winning Wimbledon, or the FA Cup in soccer and think "Wow, i would love to be doing what they are doing!" But we don't ever really consider the years and years of sacrifice that has gone into those highest moments of sporting achievement. We don't think of the tennis player travelling on their own to another tournament in another town. Spending nights on their own in hotel rooms, whilst they struggle with jet lag. We don't think of the terrible bars and pubs whenever nobody was listening, or actually turning up to listen, for famous bands and artists. We just consider their headline performance at Glastonbury and feel envious to their achievements. Get real people. If you are getting bored with your business, you have to accept and relish the drudgery and commitment that it takes. You have to say to yourself "I'm not getting bored with my business, this is where success is truly made" Behind the scenes, when nobody is looking at you, or actually cares what you are doing. Step Three Stop Getting Bored With Your Business By Delegating Once again, everybody will be dealing with things in their business that are boring to deal with. It could be sending out invoices to new and existing clients. It could be dealing with your tax returns, and accounting for your business. All businesses will have parts to them that are really boring, and aren't in your skill set, so think about delegating. Can you hire someone to do these for you whilst you focus on the things that bring value into your business? The fun things that play to your strengths and make the biggest impact on your bottom line? There are companies around the world offering freelancers who are looking to work for people like you. As someone said to me once "It might be a boring job to you, but it could change someone else's life." Getting bored with your business is as much losing track of where you sit within the business as everything else. Step Four Understand What Really Makes A Difference To Your Customer All businesses need customers, whether they are online automated sales, or one to one clients. It doesn't matter, without customers buying your products and services your business will be dead in the water. So it's our jobs as entrepreneurs to think long and hard about what our customers want and then continue to improve upon it. And that is where most people start getting bored with your business, they forget the creative side of things that was so prevalent at the start of their business. When it was fledging enterprise focused on getting the foundations correct and making that first sale, its all we do everyday. Does the customers want this? How can i position it so they can find it easier? Creative, blue-sky thinking that makes things happen until we start making money and then give up on the improvements. So if you are getting bored with your business, imagine its a new business again and review, tweak and make more cash than ever. I promise you the excitement will start to come back into your very quickly.