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Oct 28, 2020

How to respond when someone asks you how things are going is a problem that most entrepreneur have everyday. You see we all want to be in a position where we respond with "Yeah amazing, earning a squillion pound a second and only working an hour a day" But of course that isn't going to be the case for the majority of us. Most entrepreneurs will either be somewhere within "Things are going great, but I haven't got a clue what to do next" or "Ok, things arent going so great so how do i solve them" Our lives are one of pushing, developing and aiming for targets and goals that we have never achieved before. We have to exist in a world of confusion punctuated with moments and periods of success and fulfilment. These are the moments that put wind in our sails and allow us to recharge our batteries before the urge to go again hits us. But that of course isn't what someone wants to know when they ask "How things are going" They dont want the answer of "well actually i'm in a bit of confused state at the moment. The first quarters targets were going fine but we have now seen a 50% deduction on expected profits due to the increase in steel manufacturing costs in Iceland" Expect the blank stare and a touch of dribble to come out the side of their mouths When someone asks you anything about your business, the truth is except for one or two very special individuals they dont really care how things are going for you. They are just being polite and showing an interest in your progress as they feel that they should ask you, so it doesn't really matter what you answer. This leads onto the ego state of business, and the core message behind why we struggle to know how to respond when someone asks you how things are going. We dont want to be seen as someone who is making things up as they go along. We dont want to be seen as someone who hasn't got all the answers, so we respond with "Yeah couldn't be better, things are going amazingly well" Get over yourself. There is nothing wrong with saying to anyone "To be honest im in a bit of a funk at the moment with what i am trying to create" Or perhaps you simply say "Well, if i knew what i know now before i started then im sure i would be further ahead of the game. But hey it is what it is and i keep on moving forward" Being an entrepreneur is about being truthful with yourself, your situation, your time restraints, family commitments. It's about knowing what things you can do well and those things that you will always struggle with. Its about knowing when superman needs a break, and an afternoon watching Netflix with a pack of chocloate digestives is more important. The bottom line, is if you always come out with the stock response of "Brilliant times are being had by all. I should have done this years ago" then you will be walking a difficult path. You will be working in an environment where your expectations of progress are higher than your actual situation and attainment. You will find your mind tripping you up as the fake "present" shows it to yourself in its honest glory. Unshaven, smelly and not the groomed presentation of success you want for yourself. Now how do i know this? Well this is the life I lead everyday, through every business venture I operate. After they successful financially? Yes, no problem there. Do i have totally clarity of the next steps to be not at all. Do i wake every morning with passion flooding out of every pore of my body...definitely not. Do i sometimes feel like i should just quit and go and do something else......every now and again I do. That is the beauty of running a podcast and online business coaching platform for so many years, you learn what works and what doesnt. You understand the confusion that business owners are in everyday. And you know how to respond when someone asks you how things are going with a "Yeah great, but a ton of work still to do. But getting there little by little everyday" Go out and enjoy the process of building success and safety for you and your family, and just accept that your efforts will get you there. You just need to be honest with yourself.