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Mar 15, 2023

What does it take to get the help you need to change your life and create your own successful business?

Well it simply takes you asking a question and you can do that easily by sending us an email on

So let's move onto todays four question posed by listeners of the show and of course you can hear the answers directly on the show

Dear David, question for you. How do you know what you are doing is going to be the right thing to do? Listening to your shows it seems the biggest thing to decide is to start, following in what to do? I would love to know your answer to this problem SL, Florida.

Hi David, loving the show, I have created a successful pizza business in my town over the last four years. Now i am getting bored with it. Should I sell, or just suck it up? MM, Essex

Hi David you sexy individual, i just thought i would ask you a question in a different way, but you talk about self development alot, but what have you learnt in the last day that you think is "Wow"!  - love the show, HZ, Nicaragua 

Hi David, do you think that the dream of what you want to become is better than the reality? I am always starting things and get stuck in the drudgery, non sexy times and think "Ill do something else instead". Should i just persevere   HT, Brighton