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Join Up Dots

Welcome To The #1 Global Hit Podcast Join Up Dots

Mar 30, 2022

In todays episode of Join Up Dots we answer a few questions from listeners across the world all looking to move their futures into a bright and promising place.

So lets star with the first of the three questions.

Hi David, i heard you say the other day that you used to be a born worrier who never looked like he was worrying but you had solved that problem. I think I have the same condition so would love to know the steps you took to get your worries under control?Iris H, Kidderminsterr

Now the second question

Hi David do you feel that because of your work over the last few years you have the answers due to the successes or failures? It seems that most podcasts focus on the successes, but it also seems that most of these kind of trip you up as they come unexpectedly? I am building a classic car respiration business (Ford Cars from 1980 to 1989) and have discovered my best successes have been when i have just been chatting to someone and discovered that they had an RS Cosworth sitting rusting in their garages. Thanks for your timeDavid Mills

And finally the third of the questions.

Hi Join Up Dots, love the show and always come away with huge inspiration from everything. At my core I know that i am risk averse and always play safe. I would love to start my own business somehow, but dont want to put my life savings into something that could go wrong...Any suggestions? Jenny Helper, Ontario Canada.