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Mar 31, 2023

Making Your Crazy Work For You

Dr Grant Brenner is a board certified physician-psychiatrist based in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighbourhood.

Utilizing a unique combination of cutting edge neuroscientific theories and adaptive personal engagement, his creative and highly personalized approach allows his patients to realize who they really are and create transformative and undeniable positive change, within themselves and the relationships around them.

As he says “Throughout our life, we develop protective habits based on interactions with other people.

If we only received affection from our parents when we did everything perfectly, perfectionist tendencies and people-pleasing can become habits as grown adults.

On the flip side, if we were always told we couldn’t succeed by those who cared for us, failure can feel like an absolute dead end, leaving you hopeless.

Psychiatrist Dr. Grant Brenner is the co-author of three books, and his latest, Making Your Crazy Work for You  is a step-by-step program for self-understanding and catalyzing change.

“One of the most unexpected lessons of this adventure is the realization that, when I ‘get it wrong’ and mess things up, acceptance of myself and connection with others is necessary to ‘getting it right’ and straightening things out again,” says Dr. Brenner

Otherwise, without a loving connection with myself, I won’t even be able to identify the parts of myself about which I have to be able to tell the truth so that reconciliation and healing can take place.

So what is the biggest part of crazy he sees in most people time and time again?

And why do we need help to see these blind spots when we more often than not are experts in seeing them in other people?

Well lets find out as we start joining up dots with the one and only Dr Grant Brenner.