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Welcome To The #1 Global Hit Podcast Join Up Dots

Aug 23, 2019

Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast is a man with knowledge to burn. He can talk passionately about how he created huge success in the entrepreneurial world. Actually bootstrapping a business to the tune of $20,000,000, as well as building a multi-million dollar property portfolio business. But he has also seen it all come crumbling down around him too. Starting his first venture at age 17,  he has travelled extensively and lived in more than five countries as a young man. This blend of travel and business means that Derek Gallimore is very familiar with a wide variety of business models, work cultures and methodologies. Heard the phrases digital nomad, online traveller....well he was all of these before anyone knew what to call them. Now, due in no short measures to his travels he has been firmly obsessed by the world of outsourcing and virtual teams. How The Dots Joined Up For Derek He was introduced to outsourcing in 2011 when he needed a solution to a 24/7 staffing requirement, and simply could not afford the high labour costs of the 'West'. He is now one of the industry's biggest advocates and so founded Outsource Accelerator in response to the growing need for an independent source of outsourcing information and education. Outsourcing (otherwise known as offshoring or BPO), is a booming industry. The 'West' is outsourcing many of its roles to the developing countries of the world. This is happening at an increasing rate as technology facilitates faster transfer, with better interface across a broad range of applications. As he says "There is an unstoppable trend of this, as naturally, higher cost functions will seek out lower cost alternatives. This is a natural business imperative. Outsourcing is a positive phenomenon. It greatly benefits the developing countries that it utilises, and it is a huge economic boon for the developed countries that seek cheaper resource." So how do you make this work for your business, without having to micro manage the work you needed done in the first place? And i guess most importantly how do you find the good workers, when you are so detached from ever personally meeting? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start join up dots with the one and only Derek Gallimore. Show Highlights During the show we discussed such subjects with Derek Gallimore such as: Why you should consider the friction points that that can cause an issue when you first outsource abroad. Dont think they wont come. Derek discusses openly the reasons why you have to spend time getting your staff up to speed before you expect to get results. Derek shares the fear of why being ordinary was more scary than going the common path that everybody else goes as a young man. and lastly...... Why you are not going to pull yourself out of the gravitational pull of others without some extreme effort at the beginning of business building.