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Sep 28, 2016

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who has one of the greatest "About Pages" that I have ever read. It was like a movie in the making, where after working in an office for eighteen terrible months, her whole life came crashing down after finding herself in a room with three of the most terrible managers that you would ever find. As she says "I worked at the office for 18 dreadful months before I was very unprofessionally relieved of my duties on August 8, 2011. Three managers (I’ll call them Randi, Candi, and Mandi – they were all old enough to be my mother) sat me down in a room and, instead of just firing me (which I did, in fact, deserve for my poor choices), personally attacked me with verbal venom. “You’re a sack of trash,” said Randi, who was president of the company. “You’ve been stealing from me for months.” “You make me sick." Unbelievable comments that were only made to strip away the self-esteem, and leave her in a pool of self despair. But looking back, these horrible managers were the start of something amazing in her life. A changing of her mindset to rebuild, restart and find her true path and that was found in the world of proofreading, which within just a few months changed her life in a way she could never have hoped to experience. Alongside her partner Ben, together they went from a $4,000-a-month average income to a $100,000 a month business in just over a year. In the last 15 months their online businesses have grossed over a million dollars and have helped over a thousand people live better lives. As she says "We no longer believe earning money has to be a lifelong struggle or endless exchange of our time for money. Instead, we believe following our “genius” — our own unique know-how — plus a lot of passion and hard work (read: action taking!!!) can and does bring a greater reward. Now we’re paying it forward by coaching other people in obtaining the necessary skills and resources to turn their own “genius” into a valuable product that enhances not only their own lives, but others’ lives, too." So does she look back on Randi, Candi and Mandi and ever think......"I would love to get them in a bar and buy them a drink to thank them for their poor management? And if she can now have a life that can be taken anywhere, is there ever a desire to set down deep roots and call a place a real home? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Caitlin Pyle