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May 11, 2022

Ready To Build A Business That Works From Anywhere?

Mike Swigunski is a bestselling author, Forbes and Entrepreneur contributor, remote work leader, and founder of

As an online business expert that has brokered millions of dollars in digital assets and also helped build an eight-figure remote company, he has cultivated a strong passion and knowledge for everything within the remote work realm.

Mike is focused on transforming the way location-independent work and business synergize. Mike has been working and traveling full-time since 2011 and his journey has taken him to visit and work remotely in over 100+ countries. In that time, he’s worked all over the world and helped build an eight-figure remote company, all from the comfort of his laptop.

In his book, Global Career, Mike pulls back the curtain and shares everything he’s learned from years of trial and error about how to travel long term as a digital nomad, radically advance your career and build a life you absolutely love!