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Jul 31, 2019

Introducing Rob Moore

Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast is Rob Moore. He is a man with a fascinating story of struggle and success.

Nowadays he can look around his blossoming empire and think to himself "Man, i've done alright from myself" But that wasn't always the case. He wasn't always a self-made a millionaire and best selling author.

In 2005, he was struggling to make ends meet as an artist. Born in Peterborough, he had a keen interest and studied architecture at Huddersfield University. Alongside it seems a clear evidence of wanting to do things his own way and make a name for himself by being a little bit different.

This was evidence in 2003,  when he painted graffiti on his house about killing cats.  The Council didn't see this as a clear indication of a local Banksy in their midst and he was asked to remove it. He refused. Instead he started taking a keen interest in property renovation , and after working in the family pub for a number of years, Rob worked in a property investment company before setting up Progressive Property in 2007. How The Dots Joined Up For Rob Moore Now all of these milestones always look in hindsight that they were obvious movements with limited struggle. But this wasn't the case with today's guests As the struggling artists, drowning under debts of £50,000 and selling his work for less than it was worth he could have gone under As he says "Ever since I was 17 my life seemed to go steadily downhill In 1996 I had 2 serious injuries within the space of 6 months. I crashed my motorbike [and not by half]. It was my pride and joy at the time because I no longer looked the pillock that I did on the moped I had previously. It took me one year of begging to let my parents get me one. I spent 6 months in rehabilitation from multiple breaks That ruined any prospect of me becoming a professional Golfer of Cricketer, which I had genuine aspirations for. I held much resentment and never really recovered from that 6 months later my appendix burst [a close run in with the big man upstairs!] whilst in a nightclub [where I spent most of my youth] I spent the next 7 years always living in the shadow of myself and what I could have become, but felt had been taken away from me After pulling off an average degree and having pancreas failure I came back to Peterborough to help my family in their pub as my Dad was very ill. What was essentially a 3 month plan ended up being nearly 3 years All the while I knew that this was not what I ultimately wanted to do, but it is hard to break away when you think you are letting your family down.  I finally broke away in 2003 and set out to make a living in my real true passion: And now with his latest book "I'm worth more" flying off the shelves does he see all these dots as necessary to where he is now? And with all great successes are there still many great doubts bubbling under the surface ready to throw him into meltdown? Well let's find out by bringing him on the show to start joining up those dots, with the one and only Rob Moore Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Rob Moore such as: Why it is so important to strive to get more in your life, although never forget to enjoy that moment of success when you get there. Why Rob feels he is the luckiest person in the world, due to the fact that he gets to do what he loves to do everyday. The reasons why the world is often making things are lot harder by comparing ourselves with others, without knowing the story behind their success. And lastly...... Why acceptance in life is such a blessing, but there is no reason why we should be accepting a life of pain an displeasure.