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Welcome To The #1 Global Hit Podcast Join Up Dots

Jan 27, 2017

Todays show is a coaching based episode whereby David Ralph, the host of Join Up Dots, and founder of Dream Starters Academy Coaching answers listeners questions directly. He will also spend time reflecting on what occured in his show in 2016, and his plans going forward, This is a no holds bared version of the show, that will cover the following subjects: Where is the honesty in todays online world? I have listened to you and you seem very open and friendly, but where would you say are people that you can trust? - Jenna Kovich Ukraine Im in a job that is ok but boring. I want to work on my own business designing clothing ranges for teens too. Can you suggest how to get my company to allow me freetime, when I have a lot of spare time when they dont need me? - Daniel Richards How money do I need to start a business - Amy Martell, Scotland 4. Hi David I would love to start my own business, and have tried several times. However I cant break out of the poverty zone and seem to market my products fartoo low. I work in the field of office productivity and time manegement - Jessica Albrough, Minestta Vikings 5. I heard on a recent show that you think you need to take three years to create a business. Why so long, as you also said on an earlier show that you made six figures in only six months? - Brian Conbar, United Kingdon