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Jan 31, 2022

Hi David, you said on a recent podcast to share your successes with you via email or voice message so here goes. I think i must have listened to every episode of Join Up Dots you have released over the years, and after every episode i thought "right im going to start my own thing and create my own life" Trouble was i never did, until lockdown last year when the world was ending and everything seemed to be right for changing direction. So i started a business with my Dad, getting old bikes from freecycle and craigs list, tarting them up and then selling them for a profit. It has been fun and the business now turns over £600 each per month. Now this wasnt life changing, so i used my half to start a small online business providing turnkey children's parties.  You order online and we send you games, balloons and stuff based around a theme. So your kid wants a Star Wars themed party and everything we send is based around that. We simply started with putting leaflets around the town, supermarket, libraries and got a few orders in, which we then bought the stuff and sent it out.  Now we are developing an app to do it online and have more of an idea of what the popular themes are, so we can bulk buy and keep the prices down. The idea is to outsource to India or China to ramp things up. The key thing that i realised is what you say all along. dont look for the passion, the passion is making money and changing my life. I have now gone down to three days per week in my job and the future is looking good.  I am so happy and now on the look out for other ideas that i can do. Find an idea, find who wants it and then give it to them, which is once again what you tell us time and time again. So i hope this email of success pleases you, and I would love to hear other listeners stories to inspire me again Thank so much Rocky BeltonMiddlesex