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In todays episode of Join Up Dots we reflect back on the last seven years of struggle, success and achievement.

The reason for this reflection is quite simply 30th April 2021 is the seventh birthday of the launch of Join Up Dots.

Throughout those years many things have occurred, some amazing, some terrible and some truly terrible.

But did we learn anything from this period of online meandering?

Did we discover anything that we can bring onto the show to help others in their own journeys?

Well of course we did as that is what we are all about on Join Up Dots.

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Noa Shaw is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots Podcast Now 14 years sober, Noa Shaw has truly turned his life around.

One things for sure his life hasn't been easy, with a drugs and alcohol dependency taking grip at an early age.

Throughout his teens and the majority of his adult life his daily routine revolved around selling or taking drugs.

But eight years ago his life took a turn for the better when he wandered into a SoulCycle studio that was just opening up in Los Angeles.

SoulCycle is a fitness company that is the gold standard in cycling workouts.

After his first workout, he was hooked. How The Dots Joined Up For Noa For three months, he attended every day – sometimes two workouts per day.

He lost 100 pounds and got himself into shape both physically and mentally. The team at SoulCycle saw something in Noa and they invited him to audition as a fitness instructor.

Now at 57 years old, he is the oldest SoulCycle instructor on the planet. And here in New York City, Noa has built a dedicated following of riders that are inspired by him on a regular basis.

Today, he’s one of Soul Cycle’s most popular instructors and teaches sold-out classes in NYC multiple times a week.

As a certified life coach, he guides his clients to become better versions of themselves by helping them identify and understand their purpose in order to achieve what they want in life.

But it took many twists, turns, and trips to rehab for Noa to discover his calling: to help and be of service to others.

In caring for others, Noa found healing for himself. So does everyone have the opportunity to find something that works for them, or does life need to say "Ok now its your turn to make it work"

And where does he see the biggest issues with making a difference to other people.

Their mindset or who they surround themselves with? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Noa Shaw.

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Throughout the last 2000 episodes of Join Up Dots, it has become clear to me that certain traits are demonstrated time and time again.

It doesn’t matter if it is from an Online Marketer, an astronaut, athlete, or entrepreneur you can find that within the person being interviewed, they all display the same attributes that build success. Over the next few months we are going to bring you The Join Up Dots: Definitive Guide To Success series, highlighting those developed strengths which your can duplicate in your own life.

Take the learnings and struggles of the super achievers and work on each and everyone as you bring them into your own life. Use their skills to shine the light on your own success, and take you to wherever you dream to be.

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Alex Caragiannides is our guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview.

This is a man whose has overcome many obstacles on the way to where he is today. He first came to America as an immigrant and grew up in a North Side Greek community in Chicago.

Alex learned early on that if you work hard and make yourself invaluable to others, you’ll never go hungry. This spirit continues to drive Alex’s work ethic to this day!

However as the majority of people realise, it is great to understand you need to make yourself invaluable but where do you position yourself?

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Success is something that most people are craving in their lives, but few realise that they have it already.

Why is it that we can sit at our pc's starting at our tablets, and grabbing a Starbucks and not consider that for most people across the world we have won the lottery?

In todays episode of Join Up Dots we break down one mans email, who clearly feels a failure but actually has success all around him.

Now its time for us all to feel the same way.

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Susan Fennema is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast.

Susan is the Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO) of Beyond the Chaos, a consultancy helping small business owners to simplify their operations and manage their projects so they can grow their businesses and get their lives back.

With 30+ years of operations/project management experience in professional service industries, Susan is on a mission to improve American society exponentially.

When not making multi-course dinners, she enjoys Texas A&M football games and Blackhawks hockey. She lives and works from her home in McKinney, Texas, with her husband, dog, and cat. But how did she create a life that seems like everything is in place and functioning like a well oiled machine? 


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What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water?

Look we get it. We all know the benefits of drinking water, at least we should do. 

From grass, to plants, to our beloved pets to, well everything - it all needs water to flourish, grow and become healthy. So why as humans do we struggle with bringing potentially the easiest health hack into our lives everyday?

The answer is simple, water is a bit boring and lacks taste. Coco-Cola, coffee, wine, tea, juices will always win the day against a cool glass of water straight from the tap

Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

Your body has been starved off liquid throughout the night, as you slept with your mouth wide open.

Your mouth will feel dry when you awake, but actually your whole body is crying out for a glass of refreshing water.

So lets kick start your day with reaching out to the pint of water that you took to bed the night before and glugging it down before you switch on the kettle.

Leaving a glass of water by the side of your bed overnight is a brilliant way of  getting a glass of watery oxygen into your body straight away.

Your water will be full of little bubbles that it has collected during the night - oxygen!

So dont miss out on this quick win to your health as its the easiest thing to do, and will get you focused on benefits of drinking water straight away.


What Does Drinking Water Do To Your Body?

I guess its more to say what doesn't drinking water do to you body?

From alleviating constipation by making your poo softer, to making your skin youthful and glowing the wins come quick and fast.

If you want better digestion, movement, and look and feel sexier then the following list will surely get you to see the benefits of drinking water. The benefits of drinking water for skin can not be underestimated.

Honestly, if you dont see that your skin becomes clearer and blemish free by comprehensively increasing your water intake i will eat my hat.

And believe me a hat is not my favourite food substance for sure.

carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells

flushing bacteria from your bladder

cushioning joints

Helping digestion

preventing constipation

normalizing blood pressure

stabilizing the heartbeat

maintaining electrolyte (sodium) balance.

protecting organs and tissues 

regulating body temperature


So What Does Drinking Water Do That Is Bad

Nothing....i cant think of anything that is bad for your body .

Yes for a short time you will be popping to the loo a bit more, but this then will pass and you will be back to normal.

Except you will feel better, not eat as much, have more focus and energy and look sexier too. Brilliant!

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Introducing Josh Kemp

Josh Kemp is our guest today joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast.

He  is a man who quite simply has powered his way through many obstacles that would stop most in their tracks.

As he says "I love creating online courses that teach a specific side hustle and how to make money with it in the shortest amount of time possible!

I am the author of No Degree, No Problem.

Originally I was a Blacksmith / Farrier for 8 years but then had to switch careers after getting kicked by a horse.

I self taught myself how to code and landed a Junior Software Development position 9 months later making $ 70K.

I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my wife, three kids, two goats and a gecko.

Now most interestingly for a show called Join Up Dots, which follows loosely the words or the late Steve Jobs, our guest did a similar thing when it came to getting a college qualification.


How The Dots Joined Up For Josh

He goes on to say "I remember when I was 16 my Mom had me take Business Law classes at the local community college.

My Mom was big on making sure ALL her kids went to college and got a degree.

After barely failing the first class, I decided college wasn't for me, it wasn't until I was 18 that I broke my parents’ hearts and told them I wouldn't be going to college.

Over the years I have had to switch careers and have had over a dozen different side hustles in my life.

My Mom no longer worries about me becoming destitute, l have used the power of side hustles all my life ( except for a 1 year period ) to provide better for myself and family, as well as learn more about what things are a good fit for me."

So does he feel he is still working towards the big thing that will define his life, or is that not important anymore?

And why do people struggle so much to make a living online, when all the clues are already there to follow the success of others?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Josh Kemp


Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such deep subjects with Josh Kemp such as:

How culturally we have lost the ability to get down and dirty and work for a living, even if its an online venture. A dream life doesn't come easily.

Josh shares why you should always go where the money is.  Look for who has it and then decide what you can do for them.

Always look for the problem that can be solved for as many people as possible you can then scale scale scale.

And lastly...........

Josh tells us a great story of a snow blower, inspiration and hustle that almost ended his marriage but became amazing motivation.

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Getting bogged down in your business is a common problem that most people have.

Especially at the beginning when you arent making any money and you are doing it all yourself.

In todays episode of Join Up Dots we look at five ways that you can seperate yourself from THE business and instead start looking at what more ON the business time and time again.

Ready to start building success?

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Tristan Bond is todays guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business podcast.

He is an entrepreneur, business owner, consultant and marketing specialist, who began his career as a physiotherapist. From the outside looking in, he had a really profitable physiotherapy business.

As he says "On paper things looked great and i was making more money than ever. I was getting really strong growth in my business....but I was doing it all the wrong way. That's when my life came crashing down around me. I had lost myself in the process of building my business.

I was miserable, i was burnout. I worked insane hours and i couldn't sleep. I was fuelled by caffeine and my business was always on my mind.

How The Dots Joined Up For Tristan

When he realised he had an issue, he started to see that business owners everywhere were struggling to keep up with their workload, chaos and poor cash flow too.

And through that process of redefining his business and building The Practice Acceleration Method, various business owners started asking for his advice on how to be successful.

What he found was many companies were missing the following: 1) Lead generation – bringing in new customers 2) Conversion and retention – convert a lead to a sale 3) Management and leadership And that is the perfect place to start todays episode of Join Up Dots. So its easy enough to realise that you have an issue and totally different to do something about it. So what was the first step that he took to tackle those three headline grabbing business issues? And how did he feel when his overworked dad feel ill whilst he was talking to him, knowing that he was on the same track? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Tristan Bond. Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weight subjects with Tristan Bond such as:......... We talk openly about the emotional rollercoaster that starting a business Why thinking that the process of building our own business often has unreasonable expectations right from the very first start. Why the marketing message should be polarising to keep someone thinking about you, even if they dont always agree with you. and lastly....... Tristan shares his belief that working from home needs a fixed structure in place right from the start to prevent the feeling of isolatio

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Design Hill Founder Rahul Aggarwal is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast.

He was recognised and awarded as the Rising Entrepreneur of the year 2019 and Entrepreneur 35 under 35 in 2020 Since 2013. he founded, which is an online custom design marketplace that allows businesses to source high quality graphic designs at affordable prices.

Currently the website has 23500 registered designers from around the globe. What it means in a nutshell is instead of going to freelance sites, or low quality outputs like Fiverr you can go where the designers are.

Need a new logo for your business?

How about full rebranding and design of your business?

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Todays episode of Join Up Dots is a coaching session brought to you by the lovely listeners of Join Up Dots.

Every week we receive many many emails into the show from people who are struggling with turning their lives around and making a difference to their families and their futures.

In todays show we have grouped a few together based around the theme of overwhelm, stress and lack of motivation.

Lets start with the first question of the day.

Question One

Hi David, thanks for everything you do and speaking to me a few months ago. Well i took your advice and undertook the Freedom Starter course and have started working on a small business in my town, providing small jobs to wives around my town. I am making half my current jobs income from this side hustle, but i am struggling to fit everything into my life, what with family commitments being added into the mix too. I know you spin many different plates so do you have any advice as to how to keep them all spinning?

Your friend and padawan

Buck Mitchell

Question Two

Hi David, long time listener of the show and have a quick question.  I have been following your advice and now I am about to launch my first business. 

I wont say what it is at the moment, but i am pleased and excited with how its going.  My issue is, what should i do next. There seems to be so much that is needed as i can see where its headed. Any suggestions?

Question Three

Hi Join Up Dots, i would love to start my own business, but i already know that i am stressed with everything going on in my life. I also know that not everybody that takes control of their own life is in the perfect place so why am i different? I would love to hear any advice that you can give on the show, keep up the great work.

Janinne, Arkansas

Question Four

Hi David, i lack motivation and find it very hard to get things going in my life and at work. How do you get pumped up ready to go when you dont feel like it? Would love to know. Maz Vinoya, Bucaramanga, Peru

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Jyotsna Ramachandran is today’s guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast.

She is a lady who contacted me several years ago and appeared on the show after saying “I think that I should be on your show, because I am flexing the old hustle muscle everyday and doing it on my own terms too”

Well, she didn’t quite say that, but it doesn’t take much more for me to think, this is the kind of guest I want to talk to, so she came on the show.

This is a lady that like most of us got to a point in her life, when she looked at her job, and her personal situation and thought “I never want to be an employee again” Which can be one of the greatest realisations for self development, and the worst.

You have the focus to take your life to where you want to be, but more often than not, you don’t have any idea how to do it. And that is the case with todays guest who then tried out various businesses to find her thing. She started a staff recruitment agency, became a franchisee of a chocolate brand, did freelance web designing, and none really hit the spot.

How The Dots Joined Up For Jyotsna

And interestingly from that point she is has transitioned again and is a now a bestselling author, book publisher, TEDx speaker, and is an international Author Success Coach who helps coaches, trainers, speakers, and experts to build a super-profitable author funnel with the help of their book. She has since the first appearance on the show founded Happy Self Publishing to help overwhelmed, yet purpose-driven authors experience a transformative journey of self-discovery through the process of publishing their book and amplifying their message. So far, Jyotsna has helped over 400 authors from 35 different countries through her global publishing agency, Happy Self Publishing. So is this now the thing that she has been looking for since first starting her entrepreneurial journey? And secondly why is a book such a powerful statement for building authority of  your personal brand? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Jyotsna Ramachandran

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