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Aug 30, 2021

Introducing Finding Meaning In Life  Finding meaning in life isn't easy for sure.

We all think that life should be better, or more defined, or more profitable.

We all think that we should be getting the kind of results that we see others getting online.

However one of the things that we dont truly reflect on is what these wishes mean to us.

Why do we want a million pound sitting in the bank? Why do we want a better more loving relationship that make our hearts explode everyday?

We want these things for the meaning that they give us.

And by finding meaning in life we can look at what is most important to us and focus in on those things making us ultimately happier, more fulfilled and centred,

Finding Meaning In Life The Start T

he first thing that we4 need to do when we start on the path of finding meaning in life is accept that what we are getting is down to us.

We have to draw a line under our previous section of life, and say "Yeah, everything that i am experiencing is because of me"

This is hard to do, and for most people they will throw up a serious of excuses as to why they are the victims of their lives. No, i am only getting this bad thing because of how that person is treating me! I am only living here, because of being thrown out of home by my wicked mother.

We will say to you that is rubbish, and all those situations are created by millions of small things that you can and should have dealt with when they occurred. 

Your Mother didn't just decide one day to kick you out, but this has been building up over a period of time whilst living with each other. Get my point?

Its at this stage when you have to say "If i want to start fining meaning in life, i have to take control of my life"

And that is accepting the bad decisions as much as the good ones that you have made.