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Sep 27, 2021

You Never Fail Unless You Give Up

Let's get this is hard.

Life can beat you so badly that you sometimes you want to roll up into a ball, close the curtains and keep the world outside.

That is one of the problems that entrepreneurs experience everyday when they are trying to build their dream businesses.

It is especially difficult for business coaches who are actually building their businesses, by helping others build theirs due to the multiple variables that can trip us up.

They may get knockbacks due to lack of effort,

They may get stumbles due to not following the processes. So what can you do when things dont go your way in life?

How can we keep on moving on when things get tough?

Well in todays episode of Join Up Dots we focus in on just that, by sharing what has been going on behind the scenes on Join Up Dots. You see this week, a client of Join Up Dots came to a crossroads in their business building and had to stop.

You see the landscape has changed which made the business doubly difficult to continue.

So as you will hear in the show and the transcript below, there is a time to reflect and a time to accept that you can do better.