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Oct 30, 2019

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Introducing Some Young Entrepreneurs In today's episode of Join Up Dots we highlight some young entrepreneurs who are really rocking and rolling in their fledgling bushiness's. Why are we bringing to the air such young folk, you maybe asking? Well, we find time and time again that the world is full of people who quite simply say "We haven't got enough experience to start anything!" This is of course a complete crock, and experience will only come after the action is taken. You might have heard of a global dominating podcast called Join Up Dots? Well before we launched this to the world we didn't have any experience of running a global hit podcast. We barely knew how to turn on a microphone and speak live to the world. You start, you make mistakes, you learn and you gain experience. So what about these young guys and gals, who are still in childhood and  The following information has be collected from the CNBC website, and you can find the original article here The Youngest Of The Young Entrepreneurs - Sebastian Martinez Sebastian Martinez, CEO, Are You Kidding? Source: Are You Kidding? He’s only 7, but he’s already CEO of his own company and a philanthropist. Sebastian Martinez’s passion for collecting bright and zany socks turned into a business when his mother suggested he design his own. The result was a company called Are You Kidding which Sebastian started at age 5. In 2014, Sebastian made $15,000 selling his specialty socks with the help of his director of sales and big brother Brandon Martinez. Since January revenue has continued to grow. “We have been able to already reach the $15,000 that we made last year and are on track to double and hopefully triple our sales this year,” Rachel Martinez, the president of the company and Sebastian’s mother, told CNBC. Are You Kidding teamed up with organizations like the American Cancer Society and the Live Like Bella Foundation last year to raise more than $3,000 for cancer awareness. In April, the company partnered with The Hue Studio and donated 25 percent of all proceeds from its “Eye See You” sock sales to Discovery Arts, a charitable organization that brings art programs to children with serious illnesses. EvanTube Source: YouTube What is it like to be a millionaire before you even hit puberty? Just ask 9-year-old Evan from EvanTubeHD. The face of the highly successful YouTube channel, Evan has been reviewing toys and building Lego sets online since he was 5, and it’s a staggeringly big business. This pint-sized entrepreneur has three channels on the video platform and more than 2.8 million subscribers. He has amassed more than 1.9 billion views on the platform and is estimated to make $1.3 million a year. “We’ve already maxed out certain accounts, so I think the college education is pretty much taken care of thank goodness,” Jared, Evan’s father, told NBC News in December. The father has not disclosed their family name. Alina Morse Alina Morse, CEO, Zollipops Michael Bezjian | WireImage | Getty Images Nine-year-old entrepreneur Alina Morse had a pretty sweet idea in 2014: create a sugar-free lollipop that tastes good and is good for you. With a little help from her father and a lot of research, Zollipops was born. These clean teeth pops are made with sweeteners xylitol, erythritol, stevia and other natural ingredients and help to neutralize acidity in the mouth, so the bacteria that causes tooth decay cannot grow. Last year, Alina racked up $70,000 in sales and was featured on the kids’ edition of “Shark Tank.” She’s now working to get Zollipops into dentist offices and schools across America. Moziah Bridges Moziah Bridges CNBC At 13, Moziah Bridges is well on his way to becoming a fashion mogul. This dapper CEO launched his bow-tie business, Mo’s Bows at age 9 and catapulted into the spotlight after becoming the youngest entrepreneur to appear on “Shark Tank.” His company made $350,000 in sales since 2011 and is expected to earn $250,000 in revenue for 2015, mother-manager Tramica Bridges told CNBC via email. Bridge’s collection is sold in shops and boutiques in six states and in his online store. So What Do These Young Entrepreneurs Have In Common? Amazing stuff from these young entrepreneurs. So what do they all have in common? Well for a start they weren't frightened of failure. Being so young they had nothing to lose as they started their own businesses. They weren't scared of looking stupid like so many of us who try entrepreneurship at a later age. These young entrepreneurs had a dream and made it happen. Return To The Top Of Young Entrepreneurs If you enjoyed this episode with some young entrepreneurs, why not check out other inspirational chat with Clayton Morris, Dorie Clark, and the amazing Niall Doherty You can also check our extensive podcast archive by clicking here– enjoy Audio Transcription Of Young Entrepreneurs Podcast David Ralph 0:01 Once upon a time, there was a guy with a dream a dream, which is Jobs himself online and have a kick ass life working when he wanted him where he wanted across the world. Little did he know that dream would lead him into a world of struggle, burnout and debt. Until he found the magic ingredient and knows drunk was became a thing of the past, of course, was bad person. And now My dream is to make things happen. BU Welcome to Join Up Dots. Intro 0:31 When we're young, we have an amazing positive outlook about how great life is going to be but somewhere along the line we forget to dream and end up settling. Join Up Dots features amazing people who refuse to give up and chose to go after their dreams. This is your blueprint for greatness. So here's your host live from the back of his garden in the UK. David Ralph. David Ralph 0:57 Yes, hello there. Good morning to you. Good morning to you. Good morning to you. Welcome to Join Up Dots. Join Up Dots. I want to start off with saying hello to a lovely lady called Kalia in Australia. Yes. Kalia Kalia. She comes from Australia. It's good to see you just stand naturally Australia, Australia, Kalia. And she dropped me an email the other day to ask me to help her with her homework. Basically, she signed up for leadership package. And she said, I recently found your podcast and have been bingeing them during my daily commute. I don't know if I ever get through them all. At the rate, you produce them. You are a sexy powerhouse, you say, get those in and you get to the top of their charts and I will respond to you. Actually, I respond to everyone I do. I try my best to respond to everyone. And so Kalia Kalia Kalia, she's from Australia. That there you go. You get your name check, you get your name check. Now what I wanted to do today. I realised recently, actually I've been a bit slack about saying thank you to people who have left ratings and reviews on Join Up Dots. And I listened to some other podcasts host and they they give name checks and I say thank you and stuff. Now it's it's a little bit boring for everybody else, but it's great for the person who's left the review. Okay? So I'm just going to do a few of these every now and again. And the first one I want to do because it's a special word is a guy called James McKay. Now, James McKay, if you're out there listening, I really want you to listen to this, okay? And I want everybody else to listen. It says given me the competence to start my own business listening to this podcast week in week out, has given me the competence to take the plunge and set up my own business. My only regret. I wish I had done it sooner. The guidance is tips and advice offered by David. It's been invaluable and I can only attribute the success I've had with my business to the valuable wisdom provided in these podcasts. So Mr. James McKay Big Big salute to you and a big round of applause and drop me a line at Join Up because I would love to have you as a guest on the show so that we can inspire even more people to take that leap and do things the right way. So James if you'd like to be a guest on Join Up Dots, oh, if other people know who James McKay CFP from United Kingdom is poking poking with a hot stick until he agrees to become a guest on Join Up Dots and I'd love to speak to you sir. But well done given me the competence start my own business know that competence is all in you. It really is. Okay, I just do one more. This is for mad and tired from United States. This show has amazing content from some powerful folks. Great Listen, definitely recommend it. Well, when I turned on the podcast this morning, my big powerful microphone. My throat Being a microphone in front of me. I thought to myself what you're talking about today? Because, yeah, we have a lot of content to fill, and it's not easy is not easy people. So I started looking at young entrepreneurs. And I thought I'd, I'd read them out for you, and you can go and you can google them. Because most of us go, you know, I haven't got enough experience, or I have can't do this, or I can't do that, or I'm too old. But there's guys out there and as these kids, and they're doing very, very well for them. Now, some of them I agree. Some of them have got their mums and dads behind them, okay. But they're still part of the business. They're still understanding entrepreneurial venture. And so I thought I'd bring them to you. I think I bring up to you, not hundreds, but just a few. Now, this is a great idea. Sebastian Martinez. why he's only seven years old, but he's already the CEO of his own company and a philanthropist Now you might say seven, seven. What's he doing? Well, Sebastian's passion for collecting bright and zany socks turned into a business when his mother suggested he designed his own. And the result was a company called, are you kidding? Which you can of course jump over and have a look at which Sebastian started at the age of five. Now, I do say that there's certain parts of this kids that, you know, he gets he kind of dumb, he kind of dumb but he's part of the process, okay, and he will grow into it. And the earlier you can get your kids to think about how to make their own money, the better. You know, it's not just about mowing lawns. Nowadays, it's about becoming YouTube stars and becoming Instagram famous and and whatever. But your young kids can do it. They're probably a lot better at doing things quickly on these devices, by the way are now in 2014. Sebastian made 15 grain setting his speciality songs with the help of his director. And big brother, Brandon Martinez and there's a picture of two of them. Brandon actually looks younger than him. I might be giving him doing them a disservice. But anyhow, he's the big director of sales. And since January revenue has continued to grow, we've been able to already reach the 15 grand that we made last year. And on track to double and hopefully triple our sales this year, the president of the company and Sebastian's mother told CNBC. Now are you kidding teamed up with organisations like the American Cancer Society, and liberal like Bella foundation last year to raise more than three grand for Cancer Awareness EC. He's putting things back people it's not all about, you know, bringing it into your life is putting it back, which hopefully comes across in Join Up Dots. Now in April, the company partnered with the huge studio and donated 25% of all proceeds from its ICU suck sales, to discovery arts, a charitable organisation that brings up programmes to help Children with serious illness. So funky socks. So if you're out there and you're good at drawing and you can find somebody to produce these things, then why not? What about funky underpants? Yeah, with pictures and stuff. I used to have a very special pair of white silky ones. These were classy. These were classy, white silky worms with from memory, I think they would kiss marks on them. But they might be love hearts. The old memory is fading. But they had superpowers. They had superpowers. And if I was wearing them, somebody else was going to see them. Somebody else was going to see them by the end of the night. I think you know, I think you know what I mean. And they but but I met my wife and they then magically disappeared and she says you don't need them anymore. Well bloody do if you've been married for 30 years like I have. You need I need an extra pair. That's what I need. What? Second one now this guy is quite funny. He's called Evan tube. Okay, that's not his surname, but he is actually a millionaire before you even hit puberty. Now, that's not bad. nine year old Evan from Evan to HD and he's the face of a highly successful YouTube channel. And he's been reviewing toys and building LEGO sets online since he was five, and it's a staggeringly big business. Now, this pint sized entrepreneur has three channels on the video platform and more than 2.8 million subscribers just watching him review toys. And he's amassed more than 1.9 billion views on the platform and is estimated to make 1.3 million a year. We've already maxed out certain accounts so I think the college education is pretty much taken care of. Thank goodness his father says, and the father has not disclosed their family name. Gonna be quite easy to find him if he's on YouTube, I would have bought by any anyhow. Okay, so Opening box is big business nowadays, I never understand that you go to YouTube and you see somebody make an amazing documentary and they get five views and somebody opens a box and talks about it. And you know, it's 40,000 in three minutes, don't really understand it. But once again, it's something that you can do. The minimum expense is only Time, time and effort. Get your own YouTube channel just like Evan and start. Start making it happen for yourselves. Okay, I've been with the two more, do two more. Okay. And these are all new to me. I haven't read these. So there's a gal called Elena moss, and she looks like from the picture she's got something to do with lollipops. Now nine year old entrepreneur, Alina moss had a pretty sweet idea in 2014, creating a sugar free lollipop that tastes so good. And it's also good for you. With a little help from her father and a lot of research Zoe pops was born and these colours Teeth pops a major sweeteners lately very good with stevia and other natural ingredients. There's some words that are can't pronounce and help to neutralise the acidity in the mouth so the bacteria that causes tooth decay cannot grow. Last year, Alina racked up 70,000 in sales and was featured on the kids edition of shark tank. She's now working to get Zani pops into dentist offices and schools across America. How about that 70 grand just by doing lucky top pubs. Now, the storey about all these three so far is persistence. They've got to get it going. They've got to bring something slightly unique to market and they've got to enjoy it as well and put it all together like a Lena. She's obviously creating value because kids like to eat sweets and candy and so parents will be happy to buy those for them if I think they're doing good stuff. If you can put something into somebody's head But actually makes their life better, when it's even better is even bigger when you know you can really find a home and make things happen because it does take a time to start by James McKay, you will know. Should we do one more? Should we do one more? Let's find this one. Okay, let's go with this. You know, I've skipped one. I'm going to keep it in order. Moza bridges at 13. Messiah bridges is well on his way to becoming a fashion mogul. Now this kid, to be honest, looks a bit of a freak. He's He's nine years old and he's wearing a suit and a bow tie. What nine year old kid who doesn't want to get beaten up at school is going to walk around like that, but Messiah if that's your thing? you're rocking it right now. This dapper CEO launched his bow tie business. Mo's Bows at age nine. Okay. Oh, I hadn't read that bit. That's why he's wearing a bow tie. And he kept catapulted into the spotlight after becoming the youngest entrepreneur to appear on Shark Tank. He's company made 350 grand in sales since 2011. and is expected to earn 250,000 in revenue just for 2015. And doubling each year from then on. He's collection is sold in shops and boutiques in six states, and in his own online store. Brilliant. I love this. I love always I could just keep going. But, of course, you don't want to hear more about these people. You want to get out there and you want to start doing yourself. You want to start building success. And success is reasonably easy to do. As I say, I'm going to give it to you once again. You've got to look around and you've got to find value that people want and provide that value and do it the easiest way possible. So you get a life and you can scale and you can just walk away from it. And it really isn't that hard. You know, I've created what we created with six businesses. This week, no more than that knowing businesses this week with different people yet they're not to the full stage. But they've already now got their ideas and they're starting to work on it and F planning and they're finding their ideal customers. And there are billions and billions of business ideas. And when people say, I can't think of anything, I always say to them, it's because you're not thinking the right thing. Okay? Look around you and look at, you know, I'm sitting here at my desk, there's a pen, that's the business, there's an F, Russia, business, there's a mark business, everything you look at, you would have bought, so that is business, you've got clothes on your back, that's business. Every single thing can be pivoted slightly so that you become a niche expert. And in the niche, you become rich. So don't sit out there go I can't think of anything is only because you're not getting your brain working like these kids have to Find value, look at something and look at a mug and we drink coffee out a mug something, okay? If I take that mug and do something different to that mug, how can I make it more appealing to people just start getting those ideas and jot them down. And you could be the next guest on the next episode of Join Up Dots. Until next time, thank you so much for listening to us. Thank you for everybody else. I'm going to give another name check for somebody who should we have? We're gonna have fantastic energy in as inspiration from Chester 454 or 5333 from the United States, slightly different week after week, but always inspiring energy and an upbeat Listen, until next time, Look after yourselves and I will be here waiting for you. Cheers guys. See ya. Bye bye. If you're inspired to live a life on your own terms, working when you want where you want yc it sit back and make the decision of how much you want to earn today. Man, it's all totally doable and nowadays easier than ever, head over to the startup business school at Join Up and check out the video testimonials from just a few of the students that are now building their dream businesses after going through our coaching sessions and if that excites them book a time to speak to me one to one to make sure you have what it takes to become the next success of our conveyor belt that started business school at Join Up