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Todays guest on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast is Andrew Phelps. He is the Creative Director of User10, a boutique studio focused on SaaS product strategy and design. He leads design teams at small startups as well as enterprise brands. An expert in product strategy and design, he was named one of the Arizona Republic's 35 under 35. He shares his knowledge of strategy, design, and entrepreneurship at ASU, SEEDSPOT, and The CleanTech Open. But the main reason that i wanted him to be on the show today was this piece of wisdom, taken from his website. "We believe that design and technology should serve humanity and that anything worth doing is worth doing beautifully. Challenges can be big and complex, but the best solutions are elegantly simple. How The Dots Joined Up For Andrew The best part is the process is no secret. Building high quality applications and websites is as much about great communication as it is about good design and code. Isn't that what I say on Join Up Dots all the time? The first stage of business is to find something that people want, then let them see it, and open up communication to chat. So did he fall into the traps of making things more complex than they should be - but extremely pleasing on the eye? And of course when people dont know who there customers are, how do they know how to speak to them directly? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Andrew Phelps Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Andrew Phelps such as: How Apple might have just fallen from the wayside of the magic years driven through the  Andrew shares the steps that he took to where he is today....and it certainly wasn't where he thought he would end up. Andrew remembers meeting his first mentor and being amazed that a fifty year old was so happy with what he was doing. And lastly…….. Why it's so important to start saying NO in a business, so that you can service a smaller and more

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