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If you want a cocktail of success, struggle, motivation, and a slice of business talk at the weekend then todays episode of the entrepreneurial powerhouse JUD's is for you. Every weekend we find an old show and polish it off to allow new ears to discover why this has become the best podcast ever!

Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears. And why do we do this? Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore. So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours. We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think? Drop us a line at and let us know. Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat.

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