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Jan 23, 2023

What Build Business Success?

John Murphy is today’s guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast interview.

Now this isn't the first time that John has appeared on the show, as quite a few years ago he was episode 388 of the show, back in 2015 to be exact.

The last time we spoke he was  living in the South of France, as he worked with individuals and corporations across the globe to make them see the opportunities they have all around them. The opportunities that can bring wealth, success, and enjoyment into their worlds.

But is he now doing the same, or like many entrepreneurs was that just a stepping stone to where he now finds himself? Well it seems that he has now strengthened and changed his focus helping corporate clients find and develop winning teams in their organisations.

So how did John Murphy, born and bred in Ireland break free from the surrounding conditioning of what is possible for a young man from Ireland?

And does he see the issues that he encounters with his clients, the same across the world, or is there geographical reasons that hold us back from achieving what we want? And i guess the best question of all "Do individuals have more or less the same obstacles as large corporate clients except on a smaller scale?"

Well let’s find out as bring onto the show to start joining up dots even more dots with the one and only Mr. John Murphy.