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In today's podcast episode we look at a couple for emails that we have received in the Join Up Dots headquarters over the last few weeks. You see so many people listen to a show like Join Up Dots and actually never ever do anything to make a change in their lives. They get trapped in either making the wrong commitments to change, or even worse never making them in the first place. Well today's show starts with a guy from Australia called Simon. As you can see from his email below, Simon make a commitment to have a beer with the host of Join Up Dots within two years. And guess what...he made it happen "Hi David, Have been listening to JUD for a little while now and I must say thank you very much for delivering such a brilliant show to us. I finished today’s Healthy Living episode with Dr Phil Carson and sat there in my car thinking to myself, David has really nailed all of this, the intro, outro, all of it, just brilliant. I have a long back story, but I won’t bore you with it, however due to your podcast, your unbelievable personality and wonderful smile (I know I can’t see your smile! Lol) I am putting a goal out there for myself and that is to have a pint with you at a bar within 2 years. I know many people would have a goal of being on your show or something like that, but I know being a successful entrepreneur takes time and while I have fluttered in business/side businesses, well they were hobbies really, for a while this is the first time I’m making an investment in myself (I joined Flipped Lifestyle because of your podcast and when I’m ready to start a podcast I will certainly join your program). Sorry about the boring bit, but to be honest I just felt compelled to write you , just as I felt compelled to subscribe to your show and listen intently to your advice, your guests and everything in between. These really aren’t normal things for me, to reach out, however I can relate to you a lot and that is a special gift you have. So Well Done! Thanks for your time and keep up the great work! Simon Bampfield, Melbourne, Australia When you see someone actually doing what they say they are going to do its so inspirational to us at all Join Up Dots. and it was a delight to sit with him and have that beer. Now we turn to another listener who is taking control of their life too. This guy is from South Africa and his name is you can see from his email....changes are happening too. Hello David, Hope you are well. A while ago you were gracious enough to give me a short consult and advised me not to give up the job just yet. The problem was that the job was so all encompassing that I was struggling to dedicate time to develop an online business. Slowly the burnout and subsequent depression took its toll, and for a while I have been struggling to find a way out of the grayness of my situation. I was toying with contacting a small company close to home and approaching them. One morning in my long commute I was getting my dose of Join Up Dots and you interviewed a couple (if I recall the husband had been sick and spent a year in bed). Something struck a chord in me with that interview. I parked my car went up to my office, closed the door, took a deep breath and phoned the company close to home. Yes they wanted to see me. After a few months of negotiations I am three weeks from leaving corporate land. Yes I take a pay cut, but will work in a far less stressful environment and I have absolute freedom, to blog, YouTube and podcast to my heart's content. Also no more long commute (I will have to find another time to get my does of Joint Up Dots).  Keep up the great work. You are making a difference. So you can see these things happen when they are ready and they cant be rushed. Thanks for listening and we will see you again soon on Join Up Dots.

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