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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast, is Miha Matlievski, an entrepreneur who has had their fair share of knocks and set backs. In 2009, Miha had four companies go bankrupt overnight: landing him $5 million in debt. Contemplating suicide to escape the pain as he looked over the balcony, he had a life-saving AH-HA moment. He realized that failure was a normal part of life: admitting to himself that he failed and to recognize he needed to stop blaming others and circumstances. It wasn't just thinking "Why am i such a failure ?" it was one of his big dots This was the turning point when he made a choice to learn from his failures so he could do things differently in the future and to help others. Since then, he has climbed back to create a business and scaling it to 8 figures in less than a year. His life mission is to help people develop a healthy relationship with failure. Especially entrepreneurs. How The Dots Joined For Miha   But to really get a flavour of the man you have to go back to when he was just 18 years old. At just 18 years old, Miha Matlievski, a Slovenian high school dropout, dreaming of becoming a successful entrepreneur. And he pursued it with a passion, putting in 12 years of hard work the result - those four successful businesses and a personal net worth of $15M. Are you willing to put in the hard work to make things happen for you in the same way? Are you willing to persevere when things don't go the way you want them to go? Well let's start joining up dots with the only and only Miha Matlievski Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Miha Matlievski such as: Miha shared how he was always the positive true entrepreneur and lost the light in his life during . Miha shares his belief that we can all create an amazing life for themselves by truly finding the most powerful "Why" they can have. Why there will never be a position when you have all pluses you want in life no matter how hard you try. and lastly........ Miha shares how the online opportunities are abundant compared to the issues of having a brick and mortar business.

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