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Dec 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to everyone of you!

Yes, today is that special day that is all about spending it with your loved ones, whilst enjoying and savouring everything that we have in our life.

Being woken up at the crack of dawn by excited children, and watching Nan and Granddad snore loudly on the sofa after the huge meal.

And it will be no different in the world of Join Up Dots, after all that is what its all about.

But in today’s episode your host David Ralph, wants to share with you his plans for 2016 and to hopefully make you realise that the most wonderful time of the year, should in fact be everyday.

We should wake up everyday like those excited children, ready for the wonder that life has to offer.

We should not groan when the alarm clock goes off, but in fact shout “Yayy!” when the ringing starts in the darkness.

So have you set your plans for the coming year?

Have you started to consider what you want to make 2016 be?

Well, we hope that we can be part of your journey and as we started the page with “We wish you and your loved ones the happiest time you could wish for!”

All the best

David Ralph and the whole Join Up Dots team