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Apr 22, 2022

Robin Hills is todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs Inspired Join Up Dots podcast He is a business psychologist and director of Ei4Change, a company specializing in educational training, coaching and personal development focused around emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience.

He has taught over 250,000 people in 185+ countries how to build resilience, increased self-awareness and understanding of others. Today his educational programs on resilience and emotional intelligence are accredited by The Institute of Leadership and Management, cover the most comprehensive and detailed education of any emotional intelligence organization and are used in educational establishments in South Africa and India.

Now if that doesn’t mean a lot to you then lets pose a couple of questions. How do you cope as you sink in a quicksand of modern life, filled with televisions and phones and social media and shopping and emails and advertisements and noise and traffic and the internet and remembering what you may have forgotten? And do you ever wonder why some people remain calm in the face of disaster whilst other fail to cope?

Well lets find out as we bring on to the show to find out the answers to these questions whilst joining up a few dots in the process with the one and only Robin Hills.