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My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a successful entrepreneur, an online marketing consultant with over a decade of experience, and a nationally award-winning website designer.

He has worked with clients around the United States and internationally— ranging from tech startups to some of the largest manufacturing and construction companies and now brings his knowledge as he now teaches Online Marketing Made Easy .

Now this is all interesting stuff, but the main thing that sets this guy apart is the ability to take action. To step up to the plate and swing, even when most people would have said “Just want a few more months until you are graduated” for example. You see when he was still studying at the University of Pittsburgh, working on getting a degree in Information Science and a minor in Computer Science he launched his first business. Kashurba Multi Media was launched to the world, and eventually he turned this into a business and started taking on clients. As his web design business grew he went from building $300 websites to crafting $30,000 websites and managing enormous advertising budgets. He now leads a virtual team with clients around the world. and now advises and mentors freelance web designers and digital agency owners on how to develop and scale their businesses. So what makes him a man who screams to the world “I can’t wait and I won’t wait”? And is it as simple to say that the ones that start the quickest have the best chance to surivie the startup and flourish? Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Joe Kashurba

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