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Our guest today joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast business interview is on an adventure, or I guess you could call it a quest.

On one hand he is trying to travel around the world without flying, and on the other hand he will be finding himself on the trip.

Discovering the type of person that can strike up conversations with complete strangers, experience unusual cultures with fascination and ease, and suffer all kinds of discomfort but keep moving forwards.

And if you think that this doesn't sound much, then just consider that our guest was extremely shy all the way through childhood into adulthood, and found building new relationships terrifying in the extreme.

But instead of allowing this to keep him rooted in a situation that he was unhappy with in 2007, he left his hometown of Waterford in Ireland and set off to New Orleans.

Simply due to the fact that he liked the Basketball team that played in the City.

And since that day, he has become interested in personal development, become a vegan, won a toastmasters contest, and started a website, which were dots towards taking the plunge on the last day of September 2011.

He left Ireland and headed east on a round the world trip, which he expects to take four years or so.

Good for him I say, and great for us that he has allowed himself a brief respite from the constant travelling to join me on the show today.

So lets introduce to you and start joining up the dots, with the one and only Niall Doherty.


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