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Introducing Rental Income From Property with Eric Bowlin Rental Income From Property with Eric BowlinToday’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast, is Eric Bowlin, a 33 year old and have over 480 doors of rental property. I’ve travelled to over 14 countries and love to experience new cultures, food, beer, exercising, and improving myself. I’m focused on creating long-term wealth for my family. I sometimes will work for two weeks straight – waking up early and staying up late to get something done. Sometimes I take a month or two vacation for no reason other than to have a new experience. I’m free to travel or live anywhere I may want to go whenever I may want to go. That’s the great part about independence, I am free to do what I want. But how did this all start? How did he find the passion to create an income and lifestyle that other people would simply die for? How Eric Started Earning Rental Income From Property Well as he says “It was an accident that I even got into real estate. While studying for my Ph.D. in Economics at Clark University in Worcester, MA, I wanted to buy a home. I almost made the classic blunder of buying a huge liability, but fortunately, I ended up buying a small multifamily property and the rest is history. So is this something that takes a huge amount of investment to get going? And is this something that needs a team to monitor rental, clients, and perhaps the bad clients that people fear? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the only and only Eric Bowlin. Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Eric Bowlin such as: Why he has moved to Puerto Rico for the tax benefits and how it has made him be able to work less but achieve more. Eric shared how he stumbled into rental simply because he didn’t hit the criteria to get a single apartment. We discuss the crisis point when life becomes too easy for someone, after they gain the financial success. What do they aim for then? and lastly…….. Why it so important to surround yourself with the same kind of people that are doing what you are doing. Find your people as quickly as possible. How To Connect With Eric Bowlin Website Facebook Twitter Linkedin Return To The Top Of Rental From Property Expert Eric Bowlin If you enjoyed this episode with rental from property expert Eric Bowlin, why not check out other inspirational chat with Clayton Morris, Dorie Clark, and the amazing Niall Doherty You can also check our extensive podcast archive by clicking here– enjoy

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Introducing When Your Dream Job Disappoints When your dream job disappoints is an issue that can cause great distress in your life. You go for the dream that you think is going to make your own life wonderful and after awhile it seems less than great. But what causes this to happen after you put in so much effort to get to where you are. Well when your dream job disappoints it's more often than not that it either doesn't match up to what you thought it would be about. Or it just becomes normal, and as we all know normal stuff doesn't seem sexy and glamorous. It is just normal stuff that we have to do to go and pay the bills. We lose track of the reasons why we wanted to do it in the first place, and that is when your dream job disappoints. So lets start by looking at email that we received that made us look at this subject in today's podcast episode Dear David, i saw a link you put on Linkedin talking about why do people go for the dream job anymore...would you mind expanding on this? You encouraged me to start my own nursery child minding job and i love every second. I am slightly surprised that you are now changing direction Claire Morgan So now let's look at the Linkedin post: Being honest you see a load of inspiration on Linkedin that in my view misses the point totally. Everyone talks about getting "The Dream Job" all the time, and find your passion and you never work again. But does anyone really want a dream job at all? Doesn't everyone simply want a life that they can do what they want when they want and forget the job? Why is everyone so hung up on finding the dream job? Do what you have to do to earn the cash and then LIVE the dream instead. In the todays podcast episode When Your Dream Job Disappoints - we of course break down the subject in the only way we know. Honesty all the way. So what do you think about the subject When Your Dream Job Disappoints? Should we care at all, or just be glad that we are in a job? Drop us a line at and tell us Return To The When Your Dream Job Disappoints If you enjoyed this episode with when your dream job disappoints, why not check out other inspirational chat with Clayton Morris, Dorie Clark, and the amazing Niall Doherty You can also check our extensive podcast archive by clicking here – enjoy Interview Transcription Of When Your Dream Job Disappoints David Ralph 0:01 Once upon a time, there was a guy with a dream, a dream to quit his job support himself online and have a kick ass life. Little did he know that dream would lead him into a world of struggle, burnout and debt, until he found the magic ingredient and no struggles became a thing of the past. I of course, was that person. And now My dream is to make things happen for you. Welcome to Join Up Dots. Intro 0:27 When we're young, we have an amazing positive outlook about how great life is going to be. But somewhere along the line we forget to dream and end up settling in Join Up Dots features amazing people who refuse to give up and chose to go after their dreams. This is your blueprint for greatness. So here's your host live from the back of his garden in the UK. David Ralph. David Ralph 0:52 Yes, hello there. Good morning, everybody. Good morning and welcome to a Join Up Dots is a Join Up Dots hit Halfway through January, the sun is shining. And, and to be honest, I would do anything rather than this at the moment. It's one of those things, and this is what I'm going to talk about. Because it's when you create a job that looks sexy for a certain point of time, after a while, it stops becoming sexy. And you, you, you change, and you realise that the motivation to do something isn't quite as strong as it was previously. And I'm going to explain about that. Because I think so many of us go into jobs, and we are brilliant. They've got this new job. It's fantastic. Yeah, and I'm really inspired. And then after a while, you kind of hit or, you know, it's not as good as I thought it was, and then afterwards, and that's called normalcy that is no more see where it becomes normal. And then when you're normal is a lot sexier than other people's, it stops being sexy. So you see these people all the time, you know, living these amazing lives and when you speak to them, they seem really sort of bored. with it because it's just become their normal. And so today, today, my young friends, yeah, I could be doing anything other than this, but I'm doing it because I it's my job. And that's what we have to do. And it's gonna lead into a link that I put on to a post I put onto LinkedIn. Let's get it straight David. And a response that I had from a lovely lady that I knew a couple of years ago, Claire Morgan, Claire Morgan, and so it's all going to come together. But before we start before we start I just want to say thank you to pre guys I spent all weekend with and why we're Ben David and Pete Pete from Sutton Coldfield. Ben from I think it was was door glass door somewhere. And David was all the way down in Adelaide, Australia and they connected with me for my two day podcast course and we sat there tend to form really tend to to both days going through what makes a podcast Six Figure event. And I think I think they were blown away. To be honest, when I spent all my time saying to people, the success of a podcast is nothing to do with the recording and the microphone, and people still don't get back. But I sat with David and Pete and Ben. And hopefully guys, hopefully, we're going to see some big profits coming into your life because it's better for you. And now you know how to do it. You go ahead. So that was brilliant. Really enjoyed that. Also, I'd like to say thank you to Dan, who actually visited the Join Up Dots, HQ, yes. He's come up into the office on Monday evening. And he was a guy that I trained on online businesses, probably about six months, eight months here ago, whatever. And he's still getting ideas coming to him all the time thinking should I do this? Should I do that? So I sat with him and I said to him, let you know how to do it. Up to you, you know exactly how to do it. And I sketch this stuff out on a bit of paper for him. And you could see a penny dropped, a penny dropped. And he suddenly realised that making a living online isn't hard. It's really, really easy. And I'm going to say it again. Because I say all the time and fingers crossed, people are going to get this. You find the value that other people want. And then you give it to them. You make them see that value, and then they pay for it. And it's really, really easy and everyone who sort of come through my coaching, they get that they get that and if I haven't quite got it, there comes a moment when they can see it. And then I go oh my god, yeah, there's opportunities everywhere. So Dan visited Join Up Dots Hq and he met my my silane my daughter and he came in my house. I mean, he went down to the pub and met my wife. I gave them the Join Up Dots tour. And proven night I could just see he wasn't quite with me. He was We've made but he's brain had already switched because I think he's now got it. He can now see how easy it is to make money online. So Dan, I salute you, sir. You are not only a sexy individual, but you are now Yo Yo Mama, I will be absolutely honest. You're my mate. And I want to see you do as well as possible. Okay, so let's get on to today's podcast episode. And this, this was an email, I was thinking to myself, what should I talk about? And then I received an email this morning, and if that makes sense. So this was the email database, I saw a link you put on LinkedIn talking about why do people go for the dream job anymore? Would you mind expanding on this? You encouraged me to start my own nursery childminding job and I love every second I'm slightly surprised that you are now changing direction Claire Morgan. And so the list expand on my my thinking I speak to so many people, okay. And they are hung up on the, I want to do something amazing, I want to do something sexy, I want to go for the dream. And I understand but I really do understand that. But over the last few years of talking to literally hundreds of you, and now realising that very few actually then go for the dream. It's because it's too big. Now, I've started thinking over a period of time, but and this is comes with the motivation of doing Join Up Dots as well because because I do so well financially, there's a part of me that things I don't really want to do anything else, you know, I'm quite happy to float around, especially when it gets sunny. Find other things to do. Van do my dream job and I'm doing business with my fingers my dream job because people always say to me, oh, it must be amazing and it is. It really is amazing. But I can find out the things to do. And I've started to wonder and I'd love you to drop me a line or come over to Join Up Dots, whatever. And tell me your point of view on this, because I'm starting to think that the dream job isn't important. But it is having the dream life. You know, does anybody really want a job? A job is something that you have to do to pay the bills. But if you can pay the bills easily, then why would you worry about the dream job, you'd fill your time up with doing things that you want to do? You know, I love getting in the car driving along with the music on exploring places going for a pub lunch, just sort of just wandering around, really, you know, I just love that a little bit of adventure every now and again. And this month, we're going away for a couple of nights with some friends. And then next month, I'm going to Iceland for about a week. And then on in April, we got something else and I just spend all my time planning to do things away from the job because I now can and I'm just thinking about it all the time. So I put this post up on LinkedIn, and it said, Would love to know your comments being honest, you see a load of inspiration on LinkedIn that in my view misses the point totally. Everyone talks about getting the dream job all the time and find your passion, then you never work again, find your passion. But does anyone really want a dream job at all? Doesn't everyone simply want a life but they can do what they want, when they want, and actually get the job? Why is everyone so hung up on finding the dream job, do what you have to do to earn a cash and then live the dream instead? And so, I keep on talking to people and I say to them, Look, it doesn't matter about the big sexy being let's do a few small things. Let's be pragmatic on it, to pay your bills, get your debts down and give you the free time to then go and do other stuff. And once you start learning income streams, you can just do more and more and more, you know, I could literally do 100 A week really, and I don't because you get to a point, you know, when you do get lazy and you think to yourself, I can't really be bothered. But then people come along to me and they go, why aren't you doing more with this? I go, I'm doing. Ready. I can't be bothered, really. But there is so many opportunities out there. Why don't we just learn how to make money online? Simple as that. And so when you think to yourself, or I need to pay my mortgage off, just being like, okay, let's create the value for paying the mortgage off. And it's quite easy. I say the word easy again, because if you think to yourself, Well, I make 30 pounds a day. Now 30 pounds a day, 600 pounds a month, 900 pounds a month. Okay? So you are literally biting into quite a hefty chunk of a mortgage. Now, I think in the United Kingdom, most most mortgages around sort of 900 1200 pounds or whatever. But if you suddenly I'm making 30 pounds, which isn't life changing, but it is constant every single De Vayne you pay your mortgage up really, really quickly, you've been suddenly got 1000 pounds a month or 900 pounds a month, but you didn't have which you can then pay off our debts. So you only need to get that small pragmatically built, income stream coming through. And what I like doing is creating leads for other people's businesses. So when you drive down the high street, when you drive anywhere on Earth, you will see businesses that are reliant on other people's customers. So when you know how to do online traffic generation, all you've got to do is actually pass that traffic to them and say, if 10% of our 10 pound for every lead or whatever, and monitor it. And once you get it going, you don't even have to monitor it yourself. And I'm going to keep on banging on about this. I really am because you don't actually have to be doing the work. You build the thing. Then once he starts flowing, you then build another one and you move on, you know, I am doing, I've got five or six things at the moment, operating, and some of them are barely very small and they only pay me back maybe, you know, 80 pounds a month, whatever. But 80 pounds a month suddenly means but, you know, my phone is paid for, or my mobile phones or my kids have or whatever, you know, it's somebody else's money that comes in, which means I've been got an extra 80 quid to Ben spend on something else. And that's how it builds, you end up paying for all your debts based on other people's money. Yeah, it's not your money. You just look at it and think, okay, I want 600 pounds a month extra? How do I get this? Right? What I need to do is get 20 pounds a day. How do I do that? And I think the quickest way, as I say is to drive leads into other people's businesses, and there's hundreds of them, you know, 7.8 billion people on the planet and you can just keep on doing it. Doing it doing, it's what I teach. It's what Do and everybody out there who's been for my coaching will now know, they get that Penny drop moment, but I realised that opportunities are everywhere. So yeah, I put that post on. Why is everybody so hung up on finding the dream? Because I now think, is it the dream job that you want? Or do you want the dream life? You know, if somebody said to you, there's 3000 pounds a month, don't do anything. would you go? Oh, no, no, I still need to get the dream job. I don't think you would. And so there's so many posts on LinkedIn, so many posts on Facebook and stuff, and I just looking at them and I'm thinking, I think they're missing the point. I think people I think that ultimately, we're all lazy. You know, even the ones that are hard working and I work harder than most people. I think we still push comes to shove. We would love to do something that we want to do it in our own time and create like maybe a dream hobby. That takes out tonight. We're not forced on monetizing it, but it gives us the engine Women and we wake up each morning and do it, you know, Join Up Dots. When I'm doing it, I love it. But Join Up Dots is the lead generation Join Up Dots and I speak people across the world connect with me, I've been speak to them. Some of them I never see again, some of them. I was talking to this person during the week. I won't say any names, I won't say any genders. But I gave him an hour. So of my time they came through by email, and then I sent a nice email back and I said, you know, if you ever need to talk, you know, just drop me a line. And I had nothing to do that time. So they did. And so I connected in zoom, and they were across the world. And I gave him about an hour of my time. And it was all thank you so much, David, thank you so much for you know, your help and your assistance. I said no problem at all. You know, that's what I do. That's what I do. You know, that's I'm here. And I said, I'd really like to get onto one of your courses. Could you send me the invoice and I'll sign up for it. And then finally, if that's what you want, so anyhow, send the invoice down. And then about two days later, I get the most horrible email Back from this person, just you know, just, I won't say the words, but if you imagine the worst words that you can think of directed at me, and I just went back to him and said, well, thank you for your understanding. And we're obviously not a fit, you know, but you get that sometimes she gets some people talk about, but the majority of people that come through, I am about Penny drop moment when you see them go, yes. Okay, I can see what you're saying. This is how we do it. So for all of you out there, oh, I've had a response actually, about this LinkedIn post. And I've just seen this. This is Robert load or low day, and he's a gentleman in I think, Berlin, in Germany, but I was connected to God. He says two years ago, I'd be surprised if it was two years ago. And he says, David, in regards to your post here, I remember that you gave me the last push I needed for starting my coaching business two years ago. So I followed my dream and so far, it is still my dream job. I can help people and do what I'm good at, and all that without getting totally stressed out. So thanks again for your support. So that's great. So Robert, you know, he has found a dream job. And he's been doing it for two years. But I think there will come a time where but but it's not the dream anymore. And that's because you've grown, you've, you've moved into bigger things, and your vision is different. And you realise that what interests you, you know, when I was five years old, you know, I used to want to dress up like naughty and do jigsaw puzzles all the time. Now, I like to do jigsaw puzzles, but don't often dress up like naughty, we change we move. And if we were the same people, as when we first met, and when you see people split up and I go, Oh, you've changed and you've been a cause of bloody change. You know, I've been with you for 30 years. You've got to change. You've got to move on and you've got to reassess what you're doing in life. And I'm just in that stage at the moment of reassessing what I'm doing because I think I'm here to make a difference from you guys. And if we're aiming for the bar to be too high, but you can Can't see the dream because you don't know yourself well enough. Why don't we just get you earning some money and then, you know, walk around on a beach on a Tuesday morning? Yeah, do it that way and they maybe the dream will come later. You've taken that pressure off and you can move into into pasties new huh. I wonder, I wonder if this is the right direction I feel like it is and that's why I say these things on the podcast to get people thinking and stuff. But um, yeah, so you know, if anybody wants to connect with me or drop me an email or whatever, you're listening to these podcasts and you're thinking, Oh, you know, I'd like to do this or maybe I don't want to do bass or you want to do you know, learn how to podcast or whatever you want to do or just say hello, just drop me a line. Join Up or you can book a time and I'll speak to you one to one and we'll see each other and we'll try and reach out and touch until you become like Dan, when you can come into my office. And he said to me people say it's a shade. This isn't a shade. I said no Dan, I know is not a shade. I know it's not a shirt. And when he bought me a lovely pint and we sat there, and yeah, he's my mate, he's my mate. Until next time everybody. Think about your life think about is to dream too big. Should you just be earning some money? Would you prefer to have more time just be yourself just floating around just enjoying stuff. Whatever you want to do is up to you to make it happen. But it always comes down to the offer and providing value to someone. If you're not providing value, you are not going to make money and money unfortunately, makes the world go round. Until next time, I will see you again look after yourself. Cheers. Bye. When your dream job disappoints.Are you ready to start your own podcast and really make it work for you bringing customers and profits into your life and your business in the easiest way possible? Or perhaps you've already launched and aren't getting the results you want? If so, I'm going to teach you the information that you need that makes all the difference to your success. Now, don't be fooled into believing what others are teaching you when it comes to what matters. your podcast, get those results. podcasting success is not about the podcast. It has nothing to do with a recording or equipment. It has everything to do with understanding your market and making those customers come to you time and time again. This is raw 100% live behind the scenes podcasting mastery, not shown anywhere else. If that's of interest, head over to Join Up Dots and book a time to speak with me to make sure that you're a fit for our next course. This is podcasting mastery live at Join Up When your dream job disappoints that's the end of China. Unknown Speaker 18:39 You heard the conversation. Now when it's time for you to start taking massive action. Create Your life is the only life you will be back again real soon. Join Up Dots Join Up Dots Unknown Speaker 19:02 Jolly Jolly

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Introducing Jono Bacon Jono Bacon is today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is a community and collaboration strategy consultant, author, advisor, and speaker. He was born in Northallerton, North Yorkshire in England. He lived in Bedfordshire and the West Midlands before relocating to California in 2008 to live with his wife, Erica. While he has always had an interest in technology, the seed change happened in 1998 when Jono’s older brother, Simon, introduced him to Open Source. Jono was captivated by the notion of people around the world working together to produce technology that they all shared and benefited from. This created a lifelong passion to understand every nuance of how to build productive, engaging communities where a network of minds, experience, and time can produce value together. Just imagine what is possible if we can crack the code for doing this well?  He started dipping his toes into various technology communities, writing extensively for magazines and online outlets, and then joining a new government initiative called OpenAdvantage that provided Open Source training and consulting. His career then took him to XPRIZE where he helped launch incentive competitions that solve major challenges (such as the $15million dollar Global Learning XPRIZE to build technology that teaches kids literacy without a teach) and then he went to lead community strategy at GitHub where most of the world’s technology is created. How The Dots Joined Up For Jono At this point in his career, Jono wanted to apply the power of building communities to broader range of industries and challenges and he started consulting for a variety range of organizations about community and collaboration strategy. This includes industries such as financial services, entertainment, professional services, non-profits, consumer products, security, and beyond. His clients have included Deutsche Bank, The Executive Centre, Google, Mattermost, Glorious Games, Santander, and more. Which is the perfect starting point to today's episode. So growing up in Yorkshire, his path could have been very much like the majority of his colleagues - did he always think he was going to be different? And where do people go wrong with making communities really work for them? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Jono Bacon Show Highlights During the show we discussed such deep weighty subjects with Jono Bacon such as: Why we all have different definitions of what is a community for us.....but you have to understand your audience big  Jono shares his rocking chair moment and why he now has a huge pull to his Northern past. Jono breaks down the first five steps that we all have to take to build a community that truly works. and lastly...... We cover the big failing point of all new communities due to the founder focusing in on what they get and not the group.

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In todays episode of Join Up Dots we all talk about the big mistake that people make when starting an online business. They fail to understand that its all about the offer. What we mean by this is, you dont create a business and then tell people what you are selling. You define your product based around what people are actually wanting from you, and pivot to make it only available from yourself. You see this was inspired by the following email received at the Join Up Dots headquarters. Its About All The Offer Email Dear David. thanks for your show great stuff. I was listening to you the other day on my boring commute to my boring job and you said "Its all about the offer...unless you get the offer right then everything else is hard" or something like that. I'm sorry i listen to a lot of your shows, but this bit jumped out at me. What does that actually mean, can you explain more? Kind regards and i have left an ITunes review for you Mike Conting Hemel Hemsptead Listen to today's episode to hear David Ralph explain more about this important aspect of online business success, and the simple steps that you can take to make your online dreams come true. As always make sure you book a time to speak to us as we help you get your dreams off the ground too.

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Introducing Keri Murphy Keri Murphy is the CEO and founder of Inspired Living, where she and her team help entrepreneurs become go-to experts in their field and build influential brands through on-camera training, business strategy, media, and marketing planning. As an international speaker,media expert,and business mentor,Keri is committed to helping others to create and thrive at a business they love and teaches them how to authentically convert their ideal clients using video in particular. Keri always knew she had an affinity for the entertainment industry. As a young girl she attended modelling and acting school and was represented by a local agency. At 27, Keri purchased that same talent agency she went through in Portland,Oregon, and quickly built it to one of the most respected agencies in the Northwest—Murphy Talent Group. The agency had grown over 400%, but after the recession hit in 2008, Keri was forced to close her business and completely start over. How The Dots Joined For Keri She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being on-air talent,landing a gig on E! and red carpet premieres. Since founding Inspired Living in 2011, Keri has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and visionaries helping them become industry influencers - choosing the types of videos to use, and how to leverage their message on-camera so they can make a big income and an even bigger difference. She has been on camera and an entrepreneur for 20+years, and is a television veteran with appearances on MTV, E!, FOX and NBC. When not inspiring others, she can be found spending time with friends and family, playing piano,or relaxing by the sea with her daughter, Lauren. So when she looks back at her life does it seem a blink or years and years of hardened knocks, success and of course crushing disappointments? And do people truly need the backstory to achieve the level of success that they want? Well lets find out as we bring her onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Keri Murphy Show Highlights We discuss how to get past yourself on screen by loving yourself and all your imperfections no matter what. How so many of us have to turn up our dimmer switch and truly become the person the world wants us to be. Why Keri shares her belief that anyone starting today is ahead of the curve when it comes to video marketing and audio production. We discuss the power of the backstory and why its so important to weave it into your business whenever possible. And lastly.........  Keri shares her story of crushing disappointment and hurt, which has turned out to be the best thing possible

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Introducing Chad Peterson Chad Peterson is today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots show. He is an expert business broker and the founder of Peterson Acquisitions, an award- winning M&A firm. Chad’s firm handles transactions in $1 million to $25 million range, with some deals exceeding $25 million. He works with companies all over the United States and has completed international deals as well. Peterson Acquisitions was recently named by one publication as the #1 ranked business broker in the United States. What sets Chad apart from all other business brokers is his aggressive style, work ethic and tenacity that are rooted in his humble beginnings. Chad is a self-made entrepreneur that has been in the trenches. How The Dots Joined Up For Chad He has started, built and sold 6 of his own businesses. Chad wrote the book “From Blue to White: A Working Man’s Guide to Self-Employment”. He also wrote the book “Swinging Doors: A Guide to Selling Your Company” and is the host of the podcast: Business Brokers: Buying, Selling & Growing Businesses. As he says " Peterson Acquisitions is unlike any business broker you will ever meet. We are tough, we are full of grit and drive. We are serious about selling businesses. We are not for everyone. Our clients are those who are just as serious about selling their business as we are. We come on strong, we keep our foot on the gas, and we don’t stop working until we get the job done. If that sounds like the kind of business broker you need fighting in your corner, schedule a confidential, no obligation discovery call right now." So was this bold and brazen approach born from the very beginning or did it grow over a period of time? And where do people go wrong most, not starting a business or keeping hold of it for too long? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. Chad Peterson. Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Chad Peterson such as: Chad discuses the love of work, and why he is very happy working seven days per week instead of looking for the balance. Why its so important to disconnect from your business and get your juices flowing to build huge growth in to your business. Failure can strike at anytime so why put all your success and income in the hands of someone else. We discuss how the school system is dangerous and can often beat the inspiration out of the mind of our kinds. And lastly................. The reason why you have to make a clear decision as to what your brand stands for and hammer that message home every single day.

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Todays podcast episode is built around an amazing email that we recieved from a listener in the UK.

The guy is called David Campos, and originally from Chile he now resides in the UK with his lovely wife from France. As you will hear in todays show David has found himself a little bit lost as he struggled to transition the skills that he had in his hometown to something that will provide him with a living in the UK.

This shouldnt be a problem, as he simply needs to connect with the right people who need him more than ever. And that is what we are going to show the simple starting steps that he needs to take to bring the rewards into his life.

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Introducing Ryan Baker Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast has had a very interesting story to where he is today. Since late 2017, our guests business Kingly Consulting has helped over 12 Digital Marketing Agency owners find peace of mind around their PPC Services. From helping to design their teams and train their staff to overhauling processes and making sure the train stays on the tracks, he knows there is always something to improve. Kingly Consulting's clients have become Google Partners, raised their rates 500%, increased their setup rates by $2,500, taken 3 weeks off in a single month for the first time in years, and saved many client relationships that were on the brink of collapse. As he says "Kingly Consulting was founded to help SEO Focused Digital Marketing Agencies improve their PPC services. I've had the privilege of working with a lot of agencies and I love the energy and the people in that world. As a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), I bring a unique approach to the SEM side of digital marketing. How The Dots Joined For Ryan I love helping to shift the focus of agencies and their clients from the shorter term numbers games to the long term human-centric approach. I enjoy long-standing relationships with my clients and thrive on under-promising and over-delivering. Outside of work, I have a beautiful wife and two adorable daughters. We enjoy spending time with our church family, travelling and exploring, drinking coffee, playing music, and board games. If you have an Agency that rocks at SEO, but you can't get the same level of client satisfaction from PPC, it's time to reach out and turn thing around. So like most businesses was there a time when he was struggling to get the same level of satisfaction in his own business? And why do people make it so difficult for themselves targeting the wrong people or simply not getting enough interest in their services? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Ryan Baker. Show Highlights During the show we discussed such deep weighty subjects with Ryan Baker such as: Why it is so important to stay true to personal beliefs in business as the more you can make people happy the more money you will earn. We discuss SEO against PPC especially when building it into the early stages of online business success. Why local search is so important to your business and should be looked at before ever attempting to go global. and lastly…… Ryan shares that moment when he saw behind the curtain of a successful company and realised their pain was his win.

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Introducing Zach Thomas Today's guest first joining us on the Join Up Dots show is Zach Thomas, he is an entrepreneur, published author, coach and speaker. He was Eagle Scout of the Nation in 1995, graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served his country as an Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer. He has started multiple companies and been featured in Newsweek Magazine and on Good Morning America. He married his high school sweetheart and they home school their seven children on their family farm where he grew up. His varied interests include studying leadership and entrepreneurship, farming, riding his Harley, working on old cars with his sons and dad, camping and spending time with his family. Today, he is the owner/operator of a Chick-fil-A franchise in Rockmart, Georgia. His Leader Farming strategy - Growing Leaders to Grow your Business - has resulted in top 20% performance metrics and the development of multiple Chick-fil-A franchisees from his restaurant. As a Lean 6 Ninja, he has cultivated a culture of continuous improvement in his organization. How The Dots Joined For Zach His pioneering efforts have led him to serve on the Lean Operator panel for Chick-fil-A, Inc. and co-create the Lean365 program that helps other franchisees build a culture of empowerment, engagement, and excellence. He’s been featured in Newsweek and on Good Morning America, and is here today to share what he’s learned along his journey. As he says "As a lifelong student of leadership and entrepreneurship, I consider my Chick-fil-A franchise with over 90 team members a laboratory for innovation and cultivating next generation leaders. My company, Locum Restitution LLC, Latin for “a place of restoration” is a leadership development company that just happens to sell chicken!” So is this a business model that leads to a healthy work life balance, or tips it all into the work zone? And where would he go if he was to take his learnings and implement them into a new business? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. Zach Thomas Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weight subjects with Zach Thomas such as: Zach shares how he loves to bring an entrepreneurship schooling for his children, to create a mindset that they wouldn't get a school. We talk about the movie "The Founder" and how Ray Kroc went about redefining what his business is all about. Zach discusses how he found his leadership style by hearing his team pondering "What Zach are we going to get today?"  and not liking that discussion. And lastly................. Zach reveals the time when a good day for him was making a person cry out for his mother. Very different from today.

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Today's show is based around several emails that we have received over the last few weeks at Join Up Dots. We love receiving emails from people, as it shows us that you are ready to take action. You are starting to think things through, and that is where the real fun starts to occur Question Number One This message has been percolating in the back of my head for several weeks so I decided to send it off as an early Christmas present to myself. I shall try to be brief but want to explain where we are and how we got there ... I listen to , learn from and am motivated by your podcast, usually once or twice each week. My business partner (and husband) and I did what you advised against: started by creating a product we felt would be useful to an audience. The product has evolved from an online skills quiz game (failed), through a Flash phase (technology advanced) to its current state - an online product to help anyone involved in sales to close more deals as well as coaching. We have been working on getting this to the right market for several years (yes, years). To be honest, we have worked diligently and at times less diligently ... when our resolve weakened. Starting fall 2018, we resolved to correct our product's flaws (outdated website, Flash-filled content). Getting that all corrected took until this fall 2019. We focused on LinkedIn and, secondarily, YouTube to generate interest and get viewers to our site. It hasn't worked yet and we're now trying to figure out how to get to our unique bit of the market. LinkedIn has change quite a bit from what it used to be and no longer seems as business oriented as it did. Its business focus is what made it our choice, given that we are not fans of social media. Final information: we are considerably older than you so online needs to be our methodology. Now that I've blathered on, not sure if you can help. Guess I was hoping for some outside thoughts from you ... as well as finally connecting with you personally so you know I'm a fan. Our site is We transitioned from instructor led custom business skills seminars to our online product once we were no longer marketable. If you can offer any suggestions, terrific. If not, at least we've had a chat, albeit a rather one sided one, and that's fine, too. Regardless, have a wonderful Christmas and a successful, enjoyable 2020, whether you're in the back of your garden or travelling!! Best wishes, Linda Question Number Two Dear David, just wanted to drop you a line to say i'm loving that little extra story you share at the beginning of the show. It really shows the journey that you've been on, which i guess is why you have done it. Can i ask how different is your life now compared to when you worked in a corporate job? I guess the reason that I am asking is whether it is truly worth going after in the long term. Thank you for the honest answer I know that you will give me Art from Seattle Question Number Three Hi David, what social media platform would be best for my new business. I am aiming to start selling tennis equipment across the world and so many choices out there - JK from Brighton, America Question Number Four Hi David, I am a long term listener of the show and I want to say something that I have realised recently. I believe in you and what you tell me. I think in my heart of heart although i listened to your show religiously I felt that you were selling a dream that wasn't for me. Something clicked in one of your previous episodes when the guest said "it doesn't have to be right, it just has to be something moving you forward". That stopped me in my tracks, and made me realise the genius of your dots branding. I wish that i could go back in time and listen to all the shows now to see if I feel differently and grasp what you have been telling us for years. I still dont know what I am wanting to do, but I do now believe. That is my starter gun. Thank you so so much for what you do Gerald Banks, Dayton Ohio

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Introducing Jay Seeney

Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots show is Jay Seeney. He is the founder of media company Blacklist Productions. A company started to create cinematic videos and beautiful imagery.

In just two short years since inception, Jay Seeney has filmed with the best in the Australian Country Music business, directing clips for Lee Kernaghan, the Wolfe Brothers, Andrew Swift, Troy Kemp, Drew McAlister, Benn Gunn, Matt Cornell, Mike Carr and countless other artists. Jay’s video style revolves around highlighting Australia’s best artists in some of the most desirable locations around the country. Credits include: #1 Music Video on CMC Backroad Nation – Lee Kernaghan, #1 – Storm Rollin’ In – The Wolfe Brothers, over 30 music videos on the Country Music Channel Videos have received over one millions views online.

Jay is a talented musician, passionate artist and photographer and a highly skilled film maker. So how did he take his passion music and build a business which has transformed his life to where it is today? And if he could give one big piece of advice to every listener of Join Up Dots what would it be? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. Jay Seeney Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Jay Seeney such as: Jay shares how he got the idea for Blacklist Productions due to the cost of making his own videos. He found his own pain point and took action. We talk about the process of trawling through YouTube to find good the stuff that can push you on. It can work, but be very very selective.  Jay talks about the method of finding the right clients for his business that can push his business forward. Scale by using their profile to build your own. And lastly................. Why gaining time in your life is so important especially at the beginning of starting your business. A day per week can be such a huge win.

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Happy New Year everybody, and thanks for listening to Join Up Dots.

So 2019 has come and gone, and now the new decade is rolling into place. Is it going to be a good one, or is it simply going to be more of the same for you? Well. i can promise you that for me, the passion has never been higher to make a difference in your lives. You have been listening to Join Up Dots for six years now, and many of you have started your own businesses and are living very different lives because of us. But not enough for my liking. In fact i would say that this has been the biggest disappointment to what I have achieved through the show. Yes, my life is amazing and stress-free, but I haven't quite got you guys to see how easy it is to start building online income and create your dream-life. I think at its core, people cant see the opportunities that are all around them. They cant see that they dont actually have to create a huge business that seems daunting from the outset. But i believe now (and i didn't for many years) on creating a business that is the smallest possible, whilst providing the most the value and income back to you. I call it "Anti-scale" - having the ability to make the most of the customers you already have in your life, and all around you. How do you make them come to you in every increasing numbers in the easiest way possible? How do you make a business that doesnt drive you into the ground due to effort that it takes to make that money? Does that sound good for you? Well it should do, as there isn't any better way to get that work life balance that people want. So lets make this the best New Year you have possibly had and will ever have.... Until next year which will be even better again. Thanks for listening to the show and all the best David Ralph Join Up Dots 

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