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So many people in life, feel that what they do, is what they will do for the rest of their lives.

They go into jobs that might inspire at the beginning, but over time, little by little start to become a drag.

Every minute feels like an hour, everyday feels like a month.

But they put up with it until its time for retirement, when they are free to mow the lawn, walk the dog, and have nice little naps in the afternoon.

Well today's guest joining us on Join Up Dots is a former senior Derby police officer, who since 1985 when he joined the force "saw the darkest side of humanity" as he says, while dealing with horrific murders and acts of violence.

He retired at the rank of Superintendent on New Year's Eve and, just the following day, picked up his first client after taking courses on hypnotherapy and life-coaching skills.

Yes he went through the life coach shool and has come out the other side with his own life coaching business

In just short of a year, he has expanded his fledgling business and now has clients across the globe, who he helps via Skype.

He says "In less than a year I have built up a client base that stretches to Australia, the USA, Europe and the Middle East and I have helped all ranges of people including chocoholics, nail biters and alcoholics.

One of my earliest clients was a man who had suffered with a stutter for more than 30 years.

Through hypnotherapy and life skills I have learned, we stripped back his problem to when he first started stuttering as a ten-year-old and within a short space of time I have helped him stop.

He has since thanked me as it has given him a huge amount of confidence and enabled him to get a promotion at work.

I am loving what I am doing, and my confidence has never been higher."

And this is a key part to what makes a business begin to flourish, its not the skills, its not the global reach, but it is certainly the personal confidence.

The moment you truly begin to believe in yourself is when the world says "Right we think you can handle what we are going to give you, so make this into a success"

So did he struggle with the "Oh god, this is my first client, I'm not ready for this" mentality after quitting the police force?"

And now seeing the future forming in front him, would he have stayed in full-time employment as long if he had the chance to go back and change things?"

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. Kul Mahay

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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up dots podcast interview is a remarkable lady who has battled so much in her life, not least at a stage when most people are footloose and fancy free.

Yes, back in in 2010, when just a young lady she was diagnosed with a recurrence of malignant melanoma that first appeared back in 2007.

When she got a professional to take a look at a mole that appeared on her right temple it was discovered that she had cancer.

Having 45 lymph nodes removed she hoped that he can nipped it all in the bud, and could look forward to a long and healthy life.

But sometimes life has other plans, and in 2010 she was back under the knife having some bone from her skull and the lower half of her ear removed.

But of course the fascinating thing as we see everyday on the show, is that more often than not the worse times of life can show us the way to a life is really great.

And now she has built a whole business in regards to others to take control of their health as she did when faced with 7 tumors as a college student-athlete.

As she says "With nothing to lose I put my trust in complementary and alternative treatments and has been in remission for 5 years. Since that life-changing experience, I have encouraged and empowered others to do their own research to find their own pathway to healing with courage, faith and perseverance. "

So of course a stupid question in many ways, but is she glad that the issues that she had to deal with first came into her life?

And is life in her view one of taking your own personal responsibility, not just in regards to health, but also in the day to day writing of your own personal story?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Bailey O'Brien 


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Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat.

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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired powerhouse podcast Join Up Dots, is a man who started his life in the UK and now calls the world his home.

Or at least Portland Oregon, USA is where he lays his head.

Starting his journey in Slough, Berkshire….think Ricky Gervais’s creation David Brent, or Sacha Baron Cohens Ali Gi and you are getting the idea of his roots.

But there is no doubt that unlike the character Brent, who thinks he is a great communicator but often fails miserably with comic effect, our guy has created a very different professional persona for himself.

Instead of tripping over his own tongue, our guys opens his mouth and finds the gold everytime.

He is a born communicator, and loves using the spoken word as a laser targeted weapon towards success.

Although, a friend of his’s 11-year-old son Aaron asked, “What does your Dad do?” Aaron thought for a minute, then said, “He teaches people how not to say ‘um.’”

Which I guess is a simple summary, but nails it too.

In the past 10+ years our guest has coached CEOs, professional athletes, tech startup founders, engineers, creative designers and pretty much everyone in between in what makes a wonderful presentation.

Could this be switching off power-point, and actually talking to people directly?

Or perhaps, embracing the world of storytelling to inspire the attendees listening to you speak?

Well we will find our during the show.

But this former newspaper reporter and columnist, now speaks regularly to groups about how to use clear, concise, compelling language as a strategic weapon when dealing with reporters, employees, sales prospects, shareholders, and consumers.

You use the right words that change your situation, empower you and…well stops the “Umms”

So why did he want to leave this amazing country that we call the UK, and depart the natural oasis of beauty that we call Slough, Berkshire?

And when he is standing up, and presenting, does he think “Man, this is easy, I am so in my sweet-spot” or does he have to work hard for every “Umm and Ahh” he stops in its tracks ?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Dave Yewman.

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It’s not often that I say, I love today’s guest, but in this case I most certainly do.

I love what she is doing. I love the way she is doing it. And I love that our paths cross more times than anyone else I think I know online today.

Back in 2007, she began her journey to where she is today by working in the position as Field Manager for Clean Water Action, where she directed, managed and trained a staff of up to 25 canvassers. and supervised the office manager in all administrative tasks.

And quite honestly as well as I know her, I can totally see her doing this kind of thing, as she is doing a similar thing today although totally in a different environment.

After that, her organisation skills were taken to the next level, whilst her communication skills went up several notches too, by stepping into one of the hardest environments of all.

Knocking on doors and cold calling, canvassing political opinions and fund raising for the political wannabes campaign.

So you can see that she can talk, can organise data, and likes nothing more than leading a high performing team that delivers big time for her clients.

And now she is the leader of a team of amazing ladies at Interview Connections, the premier agency for booking guests onto podcasts across the world.

She has taken all those dots gained over the last nine years, and created a company that has filled a need for podcasters across the world, which is the way to build huge success.

Podcasters struggle to find guests, she has the connections, put the two together and job done.

But of course there is so much more to it than that.

So when did the idea come to her, and was it an epiphany angels singing moment in her life, or did she just stumble into something?

And how did she feel when competition started springing up online, with others seeing her success and modelling the service that she was providing so successfully?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only, Interview Connections legend, Jessica Rhodes.

For more information on Jessica Rhodes Podcasts go to:

Podcast: Rhodes To Success With Jessica Rhodes


Rhodes to Success is a weekly podcast that will teach you how to #ROCKTHEPODCAST from both sides of the mic! Host Jessica Rhodes is the founder and CEO of, the premier guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts. In this podcast, Jessica teaches listeners how to get booked on podcasts as a guest, how to be a great podcast host and leverage the power of podcast interviews to grow your business.

Podcast: The Podcast Producers


The Podcast Producers is a seasonal show that focuses on subjects related to the art and business of podcasting. Hosts Jessica Rhodes and Corey Coates bring a polished, journalistic, audio experience to present a multifaceted insight into the world of podcasting and the personalities who produce them. Each season presents conversations with podcasters who have experience and expertise in areas such as podcasting for hobby or business, statistics and demographics of listeners, advertising models, podcast networks, the psychology of podcasting, production, broadcast radio and more.

Podcast Interview Connections TV (Video Podcast)

A weekly web TV show that shows you how to #RockThePodcast from both sides of the mic! Interview Connections TV is hosted by Jessica Rhodes, founder of Interview Connections - The Premier Source for Booking Outstanding Podcast Guests. Learn more at


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Todays episode of Join Up Dots brings to you a story of entrepreneurial success and persistence.

Pop star Rick Astley has returned to the top of the UK album chart after a gap of 29 years.

The singer's comeback album, 50, beat new releases by Tom Odell and Paul McCartney to reach number one.

"It's amazing, it's incredible," said Astley. "It's been a very, very, very long time."

The star first found fame in the 1980s as part of the Stock, Aitken, Waterman hit factory - but his new material presents a more mature, soulful sound.

He was engaged in a battle for the number one slot over the last week, changing places with Tom Odell on several occasions. In the end, he outsold the Chichester-born singer by just 3,700 copies.

According to the Official Chart Company, Astley sold more physical CDs, while Odell secured more digital sales and streams.

"I like Tom Odell," Astley said. "I bought his last album, and I'm going to buy this one as well, but I've held off from buying it this week!"

Astley last topped the chart in 1987, three years before Odell was born, with his debut album Never Gonna Give You Up.

The star said he'd enjoyed the support of pop royalty in his quest for the top slot this week.

"Elton John's sent a few texts over the last couple of days and just called me now to celebrate and said 'just make sure you enjoy it.'

"He's one of those people I've always respected... so it was a nice moment to get that congratulations."

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Fancy some motivation packed chat?

Well, every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat with more than a splash of motivation.

motivation, motivation, motivation all the way!!!!!!


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If you listen to Join Up Dots on a daily basis then you will hear me wax lyrical when introducing a guest as I certainly like to do my research, but todays show is different.

When my guest connected with us to request a place on the show, he hit me with this little tale and I didn't think i could out do this little lot.

So in his own words "On the day I turned 30 years old I looked around me and I knew things had to change.

I looked up at the barbed wire toped concrete walls of the maximum security prison I had called home for the last 2 years and I wondered where everything had gone so wrong.

Only a few years earlier life had been about fast cars, women and parties. I was born in England but schooled and grew up in Johannesburg in South Africa.

I had a career in television that put me in peoples living rooms on a daily basis. I was a household name and people would ask me for my autograph when they saw me out and about.

The choices I made led me to class A drug addiction and the results pulled the carpet from under my feet. Everything was gone within 3 months and I found myself living as a homeless man in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Johannesburg.

Drugs lead to crime and crime leads to prison. After 9 months awaiting trail I escaped from prison. Two weeks later I was re-arrested buying drugs on the street. I was sentenced as a security risk prisoner and given 3 years without parol in a maximum security prison.

Today things look very different and I live a happy and peaceful life with my wife Colette and my daughter Kristen.

I run a number of successful online businesses that pay my bills, I have authored a book due for release in June and I am able to enjoy a balance in life through my work as a psychotherapist. "

Wow , what a story, but believe me there is so much more to the guys tale, the we could literally go three or four episodes and still not touch the surface.

So looking back on his life as a famous TV magician, did he find it easier to to get to the top, than he has since getting out of prison and changing direction?

Or was that just the starting point to what he would call his "Sweetspot".....has he now found the path that he would say was truly his to find?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Kenneth Kelly

If you want to hear more from Ken Kelly go to:

Podcast: Counselling Tutor

Description: The Counselling Tutor podcast serves student counsellors and psychotherapists in training. Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly examine the theory and practice of counselling and deliver academic content in an easy to understand and fun podcast. Students of Person Centred counselling, Transactional Analysis and behavioural models such as CBT will find something relevant to their studies on the Counselling Tutor Podcast.

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My guest today on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots entrepreneur podcast interview is a man who has had quite a varied career since starting as a Solutions Specialist for Accenture, before transitioning into a Senior Software Developer a role he fulfilled for over six years.

And it seems to me that he has spent the bulk of his time developing the skills to implement and develop IT systems and platforms, where actually he had a burning desire to develop humans.

And this is the fascinating part of life, and something I talk about often.

That when transitioning to a new life, most of us try to escape for the old one.

But actually most of it isnt too bad, just some of it doesn't fulfill us, or make us believe that we are getting what we should.

But we have skills within those old lives that we can and should be taking with us, to make it easier in the future.

And that is what our guest has done today, as since 2014 he has worked tirelessly to help the world live better lives and develop systems that can make us all dream bigger.

But don't think for a minute that this is a guy who talks the talk, but doesn't have the experience to say "Hey, I've been though some pretty tough times myself, have I told you about overcoming alcohol abuse and the story of my wife's tragic suicide due to bipolar disorder."

So how has he taken this career history and turned it into something profitable, enjoyable and valuable to the world?

And does he feel that we are always on the right path, it just sometimes takes awhile to see how the dots are all joining up ?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Jason MacKenzie.


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Today's guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast is a man who started his career as far away as is possible to where he is today.

Originally from Leeds, England, our guests early passions were rugby and mathematics, and although he was usually one of the smallest players, he loved to lead from the front, surprising his bigger opponents with his technique and tenacity.

Discovering his analytical skills helped other people identify a different and more effective way to do things, and his passion for being part of a winning team, he turned these into a professional purpose.

Now that is a fascinating insight into the psyche of a man who at his heart believed himself.

He believed that with effort, commitment and power of thought he could overcome those individuals perhaps holding themselves back from their true performance.

But what interests me even more is once he started his business career, he took those same athletic characteristics to go for rapid advancement.

And instead of going for the long game, where gradual performance and achievements get recognised by the powers that be, he decided to take on the most difficult challenges available; the tough jobs that no one else wanted to do or that people thought would fail.

He recognized these opportunities as a FAST way to rise through the ranks.

Knowing that nothing succeeds as quickly as success, he believed that triumphing in areas where other people thought it couldn't be done was the best use of his analytical skills and his fierce determination to succeed.

And this approach allowed him to challenge traditional thinking and come up with innovative solutions.

And how with his own consultancy company he is taking these beliefs and sharing them with individuals and companies across the world, to also go for rapid improvements.

So why does he feel that he had this different approach to tackle the hard stuff, instead of going for the easy route like most people?

And does he pull his hair out, at the generation that now feel that you can click a few buttons online and gain the quick route to success?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Gordon Tredgold.

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Todays guests is Mr Michael O'Neal, the podcasting master behind the hit Itunes show "The Solopreneur Hour Podcast". The top ranked business show, or The Solohour as it is known to its friends, teaching online marketing and entrepreneurship skills. 

Michael is a man who quite simply without him, then I wouldn't be on the mic today.

So you know where to send all your complaints too.

He is a born entrepreneur with a fascinating story, of successes, setbacks, leaps of faith, and finding his unique path with the guidance of John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn.

Growing up in Philadelphia, the thought of being the host of his own podcast show was the last thing on his mind. He was a normal type of kid, obsessed with sport, finding trouble at school, and generally being a kid.

But unfortunately that freedom of thought and energy changed when he was moved from his beloved Philly, and taken down to Florida, and it seems to me this was the start of him looking for his path in life.

He didn’t fit in down in the Sunshine State, so as soon as he could, he got himself back up North, and discovered one of the first dots in his life that links him to where he is today…the internet.

He was fascinated by the worldwide web, so developed skills to be a web designer.

And that was his life for fifteen years, until unfortunately his parents both passed away in a very short time, and he found himself sitting with just $14 dollars in his pocket.

He was over 30, with a decision forced upon him. Would he accept the punches that life had dealt him, or would he start fighting back?

And that descision was made and he took the steps that made him “Know too much” and not want to work for anyone else again?

He was going to become a solopreneur and own his own future.

But how did he know he had the skills to be a success in the online arena?

How did he know where his true passions lie?

And does he regret inspiring guys like me to jump into the pool too?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the 100th show to start joining up dots, the man on the mike, the host of the “Solopreneur Hour podcast”, the one and only Mr Michael O’Neal!


For more on the Solohour Podcast go to:

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal - Job Security...for the Unemployable

By Michael O'Neal Chats with Proudly Unemployable Solopreneurs Like Himself


They say successful people put their pants on the same way we all do. This show is about watching them put their pants on. Nominated As "Best New Show of 2013" by Stitcher Radio, Our range of guests takes us from comedy, to acting, to the NFL, to UFC and MMA, to Top Music Stars, to Millionaires, to Business Experts, to Real Estate moguls, and everything in between. Guests like Nicole Arbour, Adam Carolla, Hines Ward, Sam Jones, Tucker Max, Jonathan Fields, Derek Halpern, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas, Chris Ducker, Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, Mike Johnston, Rich Franklin, and many more, these casual conversations contain tons of action-inducing content wrapped up in an entertaining candy shell.


Yes hello. How are we all? Can you believe it. Episode 100. We have been building up to this for well, it seems like a hundred episodes and we are finally here.

We have got a man who who quite simply rose to the top and was going to be the only person who would fit the mantle of being my 100th guest.

And I’ve had people banging down the doors. I had Paul McCartney phone up the other day and say I want to be on the show, I’ve heard it’s a big thing and I said to him, “Paul, unless you can get the other four Beatles to join you, it’s not going to happen” We’ve had  David Bowie crying. It’s been pathetic really.

So today’s man has been nailed on to do this today, and I’m absolutely delighted that he’s on the show because quite simply without him I wouldn’t be on the microphone. So you know where to send all your complaints to!

He’s a man with a fascinating story of successes, setbacks leaps and finding his unique voice. Growing up in Philadelphia he was a normal type of kid obsessed with football at school, and generally being a kid. But unfortunately that freedom of thought and energy changed when he was moved from his beloved Philly and taken down to Florida and it seemed to me this to stop him looking for his path in life.

He didn’t fit in down in the sunshine state so soon as he could he got himself back up north and discovered one of the first dots in his life that links him to where he is today the Internet.

He was fascinated by a World Wide Web so develop skills to be a web designer and as he’s known for 15 years until unfortunately his parents both passed away in a very short time and he found himself sitting with just fourteen dollars in his pocket. It was over thirty with a decision forced upon him.

Would you accept the punches that life had dealt him or would he stop fighting back and that decision was made and he took steps that made him know too much and not want to work for anyone else again. He was going to become a solopreneur and own his own future.

But how did he know he had the skills to be a success in the online arena and how did he know where his true passions lie?

And does he regret inspiring guys want me to jump into the pool too. Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up thoughts the man on the microphone.

The host of the Solohour podcast, the only Mr. Michael O’Neal.

Well how are you Michael?


Michael O’Neal

Oh here is what I can’t even what is happening. I am so flabbergasted by that intro. OK. Two things.

Number one that was the best intro I’ve ever had. And formerly Chris Cerrone had that that title of the best in show to a show I’ve ever had. But it was one of the best I’ve ever heard for anybody which is why you are so the right person for this job. Well we’re all thankful you have a microphone in front of you David.
Trust me on that. Second thing is I would pay to hear Zombie John Lennon if you could figure out a way to get all four Beatles on the show.
That would be cool.

David Ralph

Well I can do Steve Jobs every day. So I might be able to do them as well.

Michael O’Neal

Ah so dude that was incredible. I am . I am flummoxed. David Ralph I’m so excited to be on David Ralph’s show.

David Ralph – Yeah. Go go and do that because I know you have been doing an action of me on a few shows and we’ll show you a few times night.
Yeah you got a little bumper for me on my show. I have these little things that when people ask you me I have a guest on the show that I have them do a little like Hi this is David Ralph and then I get interested in this opener with Mike O’Neill and your voice is so. What’s the first thing I ever said to you. I said you have the ultimate voice for radio. Didn’t I say that you did.

David Ralph

I haven’t got the face for television but I’ve got a voice for Radio

Michael O’Neal

Well as long as you’ve got the radio part worked out and you have taken this thing and you’ve run with it my friend. So I’m honored. I’m honored to be at the 100 episode Mark. Thank you. Thank you.

David Ralph

Absolutely. It is an honor to have you here because it is amazing when you start this thing,because you started your show what was it August 2013.

Michael O’Neal

Eleven month ago.

David Ralph

Yeah,11 months ago and now you are rocking and rolling with the best of them you surround yourself with, with the Internet movers and shakers the ziggers and zagers and you know you’re going to be humbled by this. So maybe you won’t. You are an online celebrity of note. When I was saying to people is my show a lot of people sort of touch on the shows of said to me I know who you’re going to have. And I said no you don’t.
And I go Yes I know who you’re going to have and ego going and going to no one. And I when Martin O’Neill and I went oh term term how did I know. Really I know.
Yes yeah I did it because I had pain you know I don’t want to suck up to you Michael but the early days I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.
So I just kept on saying your name over and over again or some kind of benchmark of what I was trying to achieve because you like that you’d come out the gates really and say look like a rocket ship. It’s unbelievable. But you’ve only been around so long because it seems like you’ve been here ever in a day.
Does it seems like that to you?

Michael O’Neal

It is weird. It does feel like it was yesterday that I launched the show. It feels really really recent to me that it happened. So but then at the same time I look at the memories that I’ve had over the last 11 months and all the cool benchmarks and you know different things that have happened and, but it’s packed full of stuff right. So I think if there’s any celebrity it’s sort of a z list celebrity and only at certain conferences. But yeah it’s been it’s been an incredible journey.
I couldn’t be happier with how it’s gone. And I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 365. You know I’m really excited about that.

David Ralph

Is there a plan to the next 365 because you seem to me somebody who is very much stimulated by the now and then. Are you somebody who knows what you’re aiming to achieve?

Michael O’Neal

No I’m a notorious non planner. Much to the chagrin of my girlfriend who is a total planner and if I didn’t have the you know a calendar app on my phone I would be I would be completely floating out there now because I I wake up and I look at I go OK what do I have to do today. And then I see what’s going on for the day. And sometimes that doesn’t work out for me like in a social situation because people actually make plans to go out and do things.
But and I’m not one of them. And all of a sudden it’s Friday I’m like I probably should have planned to do something. Yes I watch movies tonight.
But yeah I I’m in an interesting spot right now because I have had this kind of five year run of as you mentioned in the intro bringing myself in this very circuitous path from $14 and not having a clear direction to now.
When someone says What do you do. I say I’m a podcast host. And that’s a thing like I. That’s what I do.
So I sort of a couple of weeks ago had an occasion to kind of put the cap on that five year journey and now I’m going to be looking ahead but I haven’t quite formulated what that ahead looks like yet.

David Ralph

And how did you do that? How did you put a cap on that. How did you say that is five years, finished boxed up?

Michael O’Neal

Well it was as i say I’m I’m a notorious non-celibrator. I’m a guy that usually gets to an achievement and then continues to go without acknowledging it.
And I have what is probably a weird story that you’re asking for but hey here comes.

So I’ve been a Porsche fan for my whole life.
And you may already know where you’re heading with this but I was a Porsche fan my whole life and I don’t know why particularly. I was I had a Volkswagen in high school and I think that maybe planted to see a little bit and I was a car guy and so you know those Porsche ads from the 80s with like the big fender flares and the big wing.
I think I was attracted to that and I eventually in 2003 I bought my first vintage Porsche so I bought a 1972 11 and it was a piece of crap.
I bought it in New York. I didn’t know better.
I drove across country midway across the USA and midway across the country the engine blew up.
So that’s how badly.
Where were you when this happened. I was in the dead heart middle of Nebraska when it happened in Nebraska I suppose.
You it’s nothing. It is hundreds and millions of acres of wide open like cornfields and nothing else.
I mean we are I was I have a picture of my car sitting looking like it’s a panther wading in the grass.
Waiting to you know to prowl and it’s just sitting there with with like a hundred miles in each direction of grass. There was no middle of nowhere when it happened and I ended up finding a Volkswagen place 60 miles away that towed me in. And the guy dropped the oil pan in the car and just giant chunks of metal came out and I’m like I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to be.
So I ended up getting a tow truck driving it from Denver where I was living at the time and picking it up.
Neither here nor there.
So I eventually traded that piece of crap on and got a nicer one. Not when I bought it but in 2005 and I restored this car it took me four years and 2000 hours to restore this car back to better than factory condition when I still have it now.
And as part of the dynamic this one in 1969 9/11 and the 69 through 73 nine elevens are very very sought after. They are the iconic 9/11. So when you would see Steve McQueen and a picture of him in the 60s you know you know in LA MA or something driving a 9/11 he was driving one of these sort of 69 to 73 virgins.
And one of the sponsors of Porsche in the 60s was a company called Hoyer which was tag Hoyer before Tagg was involved in the mid-80s.
So just Hoyer and it’s a guy named Jack Hoyer and he made these beautiful tiny pieces chronographs based on race timers.
So you’d have a co-driver with you as a race car and there was a race in Mexico called the career of PanAmericana and the first Porsche Carrera was named after this particular race.
So Hoyer as a sponsor of Porsche created a watch based on the chronographs that they used for the race cars and they called it the Hoyer Kura.
So this was a very utilitarian type watch you could use it as a race time or you could just click one of the buttons and it had this chronograph on it.
It was beautiful automatic beautiful timepiece.
And as I’ve been going through this journey for five years this has been on my vision board because these are about three grand and above to get one of these watches.
But that was so superfluous for me because I had no i like zero money.
And for me to spend three grand on something as excessive as a watch wasn’t even on my radar.
So about a month and a half ago now I was in this position where I was like this could be the time. And I scoured the world. I ended up buying a 1972 Hoyer Carrera from a guy in France and it came to my house and it was more beautiful in person than I.
I’d never seen one in person is more beautiful than I even thought it could be.
And I remember at the mid midday I’d gone to this little swimming pool by my house I belong to this little pool club which is where I work out and I was swimming in the middle of the day two o’clock in the afternoon like Tony Soprano in the middle of a work day and thinking I just did this like this just happened.
This 5 year journey comes stops right now like this is where my new journey begins.
I’ve gone through this trial by fire. I’ve come out hopefully like a phoenix.
I’m in a position where I can buy this watch now which is insane to think about and I’m peaceful and grateful for the life that I’ve built.
And so that for me was the cap of a five year struggle. I mean a real struggle to get to where I am today.

David Ralph

Mr. O’Neill is a perfect story. It started and it made me think if I’m ever in a pub quiz and a question about Portia comes up you’re my man that does it to Luli you are obsessed by that and you. The amount that you were quoting then.

Michael O’Neal

Ah. I mean I think. I think it’s kind of a lifetime obsession for people that become afflicted by it. In fact there’s a great ad I will send it to you on YouTube and there’s an ad for the new Porsche about the time the new Porsche Carrera ad and it was there it’s a little boy. And he’s a little kid in his classroom and he’s daydreaming and on 9/11 drives by him and you just see him like looking out the window and his pencil drops and you know then he he gets in trouble.
And then he runs to the you know was on his BMX bike to the Porsche dealer after school and and he you know he ends up sitting in this car and the steering wheel is bigger than he is and you see Mike raised his head he’s 12 or something and that he goes to the dealer or the guy goes you have a card and the guy goes yeah here you go and he goes I’ll see in 20 years.
And then there’s this great voice over that says something like there’s a there’s a there’s a particular moment that happens with you know a Porsche fan. There’s that time you want one.
Then there’s the time you get one and for the truly affected afflicted there’s the 20 years in between.
And it just like it gives you the chills and my buddies sent it. I sense my body goes man. Pass the Kleenex.
So I guess there is a real passion there for this.
It’s a very visceral feeling that is so different because of the way they build their cars and because the engines in the rear and it’s a totally different experience than you have with with any other vehicle that yeah there becomes a real passion a real obsession with him.
Did you read that because this shows about joining up dots, but do you remember as a young kid having the same kind of obsessive compulsive in both words and things when when you was a little kid running around the streets of Philly pretending you Rocky did most will keep you alive without paying him for the

Michael O’Neal

No no no. I was a BMX kid. Now I was I was in a suburb. I was the only gentile I was in a super Jewish town north of Philadelphia. And I was a BMX or I rode my BMX bike. I mean I was from 1984 until I mean I was racing bikes from 84 until 2000.

David Ralph

So Rocky wasn’t on your radar at all?

Michael O’Neal

No not at all. Tony Hawk and Dave you know Dave Voelker and Matt Hoffman and you know BMX guys Bob horo. They were all on my radar.
I’ll tell you here’s here’s a little here’s a join up dot that is current. I rode an entire daywith real wow I just blanked on his name. That’s embarrassing really.
I’m killing myself right now this is bad radio.

David Ralph

What  does he look like?

Michael O’Neal

He’s a big famous director now and he will watch films John Malkovich. Being John Malkovich won a friggin Oscar. We’re ready. Come on. With it and it might seem seamless Spike Jones for crying out loud.

David Ralph

Spike Jones

Michael O’Neal

Yeah Spike Jones the director was a dude I rode with at a place called Rockville BMX and we were just BMX or dudes riding around. And then he he became a photographer for one of the BMX magazines and then started doing filming because he did Beastie Boys first video I forget which one and then started doing independent films then did Being John Malkovich and now he is like an international you know massive director like one of the best most well-reputed directors in the world. And it was kind of cool. I mean so he did adaptation he did Being John Malkovich Where the Wild Things Are You know just just done amazing stuff. So the Academy Awards. And so a pretty pretty bad ass. He did her you know the movie Her most recent Yeah that’s Spike Jones.

David Ralph

So is there any similarity between the young kid in Philly and now, because from what I see across the pond and I listen into the conversations that you have with your internet guys and it does seem from this side of the pond that you’ve got a gang of friends and followers and whatever that basically control the Internet. I had Rick Mulready on the show. And I said “Do you ever feel like slipping something into Pat Flynns drink, so that the next morning you turn on your screen and see if there’s a black hole on the Internet because he’s not functioning at this time because it kind of seems not” But he wouldn’t be pushed in to slipping a Mickey into his drink in any shape or form. But you seem a little bit edgy to most of them.

Michael O’Neal


David Ralph

Is that because you’re from Philly. Is it because he’s a very sort of industrial Con. Its a real city you know. Its like a working class city when you’re there.

Michael O’Neal

Yeah I think the the edginess is something that I’m kind of a known for. I don’t know if you curse on your show but I’m kind of a no B.S. kind of guy and I’ve never been one to straddle the fence very very much. And I think what happened with Irwin what happens with a lot of these sort of Internet type celebrities is that they’re so concerned about getting the broadest audience that they sometimes come off as being a little bit milktoast or a little bit vanilla.
And I come from a totally different perspective where when you think about media you think about New York Philadelphia Boston. These are like the media centers of the world.
It’s where you know you go to Boston College that’s one of the broadcasting school that’s where Howard Stern went. That’s where many very famous broadcasters come from those places I went to Temple University which has an incredible media department.
And when you look at the people that are iconic in history they’re not people that are vanilla.
There are people that have strong opinions one way or the other and people either love them or they hate them but they’re definitely them.
So they definitely have a presence. They definitely have a voice that’s unique to them.
And I think I always think it took me a little while to settle into that on my show but it is ultimately as you as I developed the show and I developed my own voice I realized hey I’m not in the interest of pleasing everybody. Like that’s not my job.
My job is to talk from my perspective on certain issues and try to extract really good business advice from people without them or my audience really seeing what I’m doing.
And one of my favorite quotes to that is and you probably heard me say before but which just never let him see your work.
You know that’s from Bill Cosby also from my alma mater Temple University in Philly and that basically means that go through your process ask your questions you know have questions written down but you don’t have to be so blatant about it. You can you can ease through you know great standup comedians do this like Louis C.K. talks you know he’ll be sputtering and angry and going through all this process on stage and you think that that’s just how he is. You laugh at his angry energy but he knows all the beats within that he knows exactly what he’s doing within that realm and that is that is him not letting you see him work on him.

David Ralph

When your on the mike then how much is you now being absolutely authentic and how much is it creating a mood creating an atmosphere on the show.

Michael O’Neal

Well it can’t. Can’t you have both?

David Ralph

Oh I don’t know CAN you?

Michael O’Neal

What are you asking? Are you asking how much is sort of pre-written and how much is off the cuff?

David Ralph

Well on this show for example some of the things I say I only say to get a reaction from the guest. You know do I really mean it kind of. Do I think that they will go against it. Yes. So I will say it. How much do you actually say that you believe 100 percent.

Michael O’Neal

Well first of all you do that because you understand this and you’re a pro. I mean this is a very natural place for you to end up.
So I think that that I do very similar things to you, as you do just because yeah sometimes you want to extract some stuff from a guest that is being difficult.
But yeah I mean I’m pretty authentic dude. I there’s not a lot there’s people that have met me in real life and go Oh you’re exactly like you are on the show. Yeah Im exactly like I’m in the show. I turn it on and I talk so I don’t have this, I’m not affected in any way.
I just go.

David Ralph

So you’re not like you haven’t got a human graphic equalizer when you press record you just kind of increase certain parts of your personality.

Michael O’Neal

Not really. No. This is pretty much how I am. Yeah I’ll speak like I speak. I’m probably slightly dirtier in real life.

David Ralph

Well you don’t know where the words will land do you!

Michael O’Neal

I probably curse a little more which is fine. I’ve done a few podcasts now where I was allowed to do that and it did make it really nice.

David Ralph

Are you in the same situation as me because I used to listen to your show all the time and it was a staple diet during my transition at that time and now I’m doing this. One of the failures of me is that I don’t get time to listen to other people’s shows. I listen to your one  the other day because I just suddenly realized I had a gap but you almost become an island of your own success where before I used to listen to shows and I used to think oh I’ll take a bit of it and I’ll take a bit of it and become like a magpie. And now I don’t know what vibe is out there and I don’t know whether I’m being edgy or whatever. It just seems to be you. Speaking to the mic and I throw it out to the world and hopefully it goes well. It seems to be a fault of mine, and so do you have the same thing?

Michael O’Neal

No I’m exactly the same way. I’d say partially by choice and partially by by time. So when I when I do have time to consume podcasts I don’t tend to go business. I tend to go comedy. And lately I tend to go NFL football. I listen to podcasts related to that because I want to be able to clock out a little bit when I do want real inspiration. I’ve been listening to here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin it’s WNYC. I’ve not heard a better intro or production or interview style than that show. It’s his in his intros are nothing short of brilliant. I mean they’re amazing how he brings a guest on an and then how he interviews and his questions are very in-depth and he’s such a pro that it makes it really easy for me to like look at that bar and go OK that’s where the soul open for hours going.
That’s what I do. I actually honestly David I find now the more that I get into this show the more I almost can’t stand other people’s shows like there so few that can capture my attention and that I feel like are being done well even with really good friends of mine that do shows I just go and that is almost unlistenable. You know it’s so. So I just don’t I definitely look far above the kind of Internet Marketing slash business world for inspiration on how I want to run mine.

David Ralph

because the only two that I listen to now is yours.
And I went on started. I wanted to listen to every single one. And but the nerdiest and there the only two reasons.
Yeah great and Nerdist is good for a number of reasons.

David Ralph

Yeah I just like the way it kind of flows and you don’t even know it started and it just kind of teases right.

Michael O’Neal

That’s right. Yeah they just start it. We kind of did that today didn’t we.

David Ralph

Yeah absolutely and that was the good stuff.

Michael O’Neal

And we talked for a while before we started recording. You know me I mean it just felt like yeah hit it. Go for it. We’ll start like Nerdist. But yeah no I think that there’s a sense there’s such a glutton of new shows out there and I don’t. but if I’m being opinionated I don’t. There’s a lot of places where people are learning quote on quote how to podcast. And I think they’re feeding them crap information.So often a big problem.

David Ralph

And I know he’s a mate of yours and I wish him all the success in the world, but the problem is so many people are trying to duplicate John Lee Dumas and that’s not right. He came first and he created the structure of his show, and whether you like that format or whatever that is he’s and he’s made in his own by being him.
And I hear these shows and after about three minutes I think oh my god it’s the same thing again. Now I will listen to your shows and I will go all the way through. But people miss a trick don’t lay up coming back to my all the time is finding your authentic self playing to your streams.
And and if you do that you create a bigger loyalty. You know if you are totally yourself people either hate you or like you but the ones that like you will love you. And that’s where these people are missing out because they’re not even being authentic to themselves they’re just kind of a middle ground.

Michael O’Neal

Yeah. And John would tell you and I’ve said this a million times in front of him and said do you the success of your show or his show has nothing to do with his format. And it has nothing do with him as a podcast for that all.
It has everything to do with the fact that he has a financial background writes great marketing copy and has a schedule and a rigidity too. He has a military rigidity because he was in the military to his to his business.
And unless you come with that exact kind of background you will not have success in that way.
People think that because of the way he does his show because it’s structured and because he has these set questions and does it seven days a week that that’s why he’s successful and is completely irrelevant to that.
So the problem is is like you said so many people listen to that or they go to podcasters paradise and they learn a certain way to do things. And I’m almost diametrically opposed to every single thing that they’re learning.
So it’s like it’s like man I it’s it’s frustrating for me in that way.
And I shouldn’t say that like I want to rephrase that I’m not time actually oppose everything they’re learning what I’m what I’m worried about is that the things that I think make podcasting successful aren’t emphasized in a lot of training courses.
And like you just said finding your own voice is a number one you have to be successful.
You have to find your own voice and you have to have a great brand and it’s not something that people speak about a lot. Like I took a lot of cliff Ravenscroft stuff. I’ve taken all the stuff.
I’ve seen a number of course is out there a lot of them don’t pay a lot of attention to that piece and I worry that with this next phase of podcasting and what’s you know since everyone’s starting a show they’re going to find it a lot harder to sustain it unless they’ve found their own voice on their voice.
And and it’s within this brand that they’ve really created. So we’ll see.
But that’s the jury’s out on that.

David Ralph

Did you really have to love doing this because I’m going to play a speech in my Jim Carrey and I’m actually I’m going to play now and we’re going to talk afterwards. This is Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey Sound Clip

My father could have been a great comedian but he didn’t believe that that was possible for him. And so he made a conservative choice.
Instead he got a safe job as an accountant. And when I was 12 years old. He was let go from that safe job. And our family had to do whatever we could to survive. I learned many great lessons from my father. Not the least of which was that you can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.

David Ralph

Is that the true message that we should be getting across?

Michael O’Neal

Yes it is unfortunately the connecting of the dots joining of those two dots which is I found this thing that I love and now I have to figure out how to get paid for it is difficult.
That’s a difficult journey. And that’s my that was my five year journey. Right. First not even knowing what it was that I loved. I had no idea I was going to podcast five years ago but I had an initial foray into public speaking. I started teaching social media on stage and I ended up traveling and going to 17 cities teaching people how to use social media to grow their business and I found it very like oh this is something I could be good at.
And then that morphed into doing back end production on a podcast for a year and a half and just starting to understand the podcasting industry that finally morphed into me starting my own show and here we are. But it was a five year journey to find that you know like I had indicators of it and if someone in 2009 it said hey do you want to get. You want to make six figures and be a public speaker.
I be like totally that be great. But at the time I had nothing to speak about.
And now I do.
So it’s kind of a I I do feel like you have to find something that will and you’ve probably seen this in your life with your show something that will make you walk into that studio and record an episode even if you’re exhausted or not in the mood or whatever because you truly love it and you’re excited about it. Oh yesterday.
That’s how I am.
Yeah I’ve had times when I’ve recorded 12 shows back to back and now I’ve.
Why just because I knew I was going to do it seven days a week show and that was the hardest time I had.
I had no internet for two weeks he just crashed on me and I suddenly panic but I didn’t have enough to cover. And I was going away as well.
So yes seven days a week he goes out and I needed the boke. And so I did it and I started off at six o’clock in the morning and I just went through through move through and I edited and I did everything in the gap between when I recorded the next one and he just went seamlessly.
And when I pressed record yes I was on I was on. Once I was off it was just like I was you know on drugs or something I was just slump too much.
But it wasn’t until the very last ones that I realized actually about that passion that you’re talking about the ability to actually do it when you’re tired. I’ve gone past by and I was actually feeling ill. And I remember doing this show and the sweat was pouring off me and I listened back to and it doesn’t sound like it but I realized brain actually no you’ve got to look up to yourself as much as you do actually doing something.
Yeah I’m very committed to that.
DAVID It’s I have I have three sort of pillars if you will that I do I think make a good soul a partner or a successful soul a partner. And there’s there’s time freedom there’s financial freedom and there’s location freedom.
And so the first one is really easy time freedom simple you walk into your boss’s office tell him to go screw himself and then you have time freedom. There you go.
Location freedom. You can pretty much just get in a car and go somewhere that we have that kind of freedom in the U.K. and in the United States.
Yeah there’s some complications in between. But technically you can just go do that.
It’s the financial freedom part. That’s the tricky part of the three.
That is a little harder.
But I find that I’m so unwilling to compromise my time freedom.
I’ve turned down so many more so much more money because it would compromise my time freedom like I could have a lot more coaching clients and a lot more people in my my group coaching. It’s called Solo lab.
But with that I would have to commit another couple of days to taking care of them and I’d I’m willing to do that at all. Like i will i love my life the way it is right now and I can be comfortable financially I can go do fun things. And I don’t have to compromise that.
And you know hopefully I can continue to grow and continue to you know make more money maybe have more speaking gigs things like that but I don’t intend on working any harder.
I just want to you know work smarter maybe try to over deliver a little more to my audience and that’s what I’m looking for.
Well was sensible and that’s exactly what I want to do as well because I hate these people and it’s almost like a badge of honor. But I’ve quit in nine to five job. And then you go yes I’m an online marketing do I do this I’m a diva and I cook my time and I’m doing 80 hours a week and I think right. Right. What the hell do you do that. Why don’t you just do two days hard work and have the rest of the time of it.
It seems stupid that I say that.
That’s right. And it’s. It does. It is counter intuitive. The thing is when my parents passed away you mentioned this in the intro when they did that. My perspective on time completely shifted and I just I. Life’s too short. So I am very much a person that says both.
When someone says would you like this or this. I say both.
When I get an opportunity to do something I say yes. Win you know and I just do it like it’s a thing that I have committed to and not mentally like I don’t just go yeah this is what I’m going to do from now on. I just do it now I just say yeah let’s do that. That sounds fun. Let’s just go for that. I’m going to go on a hike. Yeah. Great book a ticket. You know and we just do it.
And I found that that has served me really well because when I do that and I put that as a priority in my life then the the stuff that I’m not so thrilled about I still end up having to do it.
It still fills in the blanks but my priority is to really extract the most that I can out of my life and I’ll tell you not a person that does that well I think as John John Lee Dumas he works probably a little more like the person you were just mentioning. He works a lot but he’s also great at saying yes when when something comes across his desk he goes yeah lets do that. And it’s like on the schedule. And I think that’s that’s part of I think what that’s part of success. To me that’s part of what success feels like is being able to do that.
I remember hearing an interview with Billy Joel and the interviewer said to him Billy you’ve sold X squillion albums and singles and you’ve done these tours and you play Madison Square Garden five straight nights. What has success given you. And he just said time and that was it. He can wake up each morning and if he doesn’t want to do something he doesn’t. And that single word resonated with me hugely especially when I was in my 9 to 5 job and I realized then that things were not right. And why should I be doing a nine to five job when there are options I suppose. I began to know too much. And then once you know too much brain you realize you can’t ever go back.

Michael O’Neal

Yeah. It’s really really is a one way street. It also but that carries over as well into my personal life as well. And I think when the there’s ever such a different confidence now just in my life in general and I think Billy Joel would sort sort of anybody that reached a level of success has this this this underlying confidence about them that is very attractive not only to you know the opposite sex but it’s what attracts other successful people to you.
There’s just there’s a subtlety in actions and just how really how you go through life when you’re confident that is very attractive to you know both both people both sexes and that is something that people pick up on pretty easily.
You become a success back humor don’t you.
You know the old Jim rhône thing about you know the average of you know five people to surrender a lot of people I talked to.
Yeah. I mean a crappy job and all these miserable people all the time. How can I surround myself. And one of the things I say to them is you know focus on success because the more success you get and the more competence as you say they end up a successful people get sucked into your world and suddenly you created what he was saying.
It’s not easy to do. But it certainly is a mindset that starts moving in that direction.
That’s right. And you it’s funny you just asked that question of me is how do you now you’re on it you’re on an island so you’re you’re in the UK you’re not.
I’m in San Diego so I get to have a bunch of people around me at all times. I will say though we don’t get together. I mean you know we get together as friends but I’m not in a mastermind with any of these people around me.
We don’t sit there and me out. So you know to answer your question I’m mean answer answered on my show tomorrow.
But you’ve got to join a group you’ve got to join a group mastermind of some sort. And there’s really no other way. If you if you’re not surrounded by those five people that that you feel are motivating you in a way that that is bettering your life and hopefully their lives.
You’ve got to separate from those people and find the people that are doing that and pretty much everyone I know that’s in this you know business Internet Marketing podcasting world has some sort of coaching program.
And my best advice is to get people that you really enjoy like how they speak and like how they deliver and join their group and that’s it.
And you know once you’re a part of that community you’ll be a lot more apt to be motivated you know learn the things you want to learn. It’s part of the reason why I don’t need to listen to podcasts anymore because I have so many people in my group that are doing cool things. I get to learn about all the cool new stuff without having to go listen. They sort of comes to me.
So so do you now feel that you’re ahead of the curve. Because when when you started the show I remember you saying it’s the Wild West and now it seems like every man Dogan whatever has made me a podcast.
So do you think now about you it’s not the Wild West but you actually ahead of the curve.
It’s good. Get a question.
Yes and no I think it’s still the wild west.
I think that people in this environment aren’t necessarily looking in the right direction to advance their business where they should be.
Let me clarify that.
I think inspiration for how someone’s podcast get better gets better doesn’t happen within the new podcasting community.
It happens with old media.
Then you go look at how you all learn how to interview you go study Howard Stern if you want to learn how to produce an an excellent show. You go you know you look at and some an NPR show or something like that like a where a BBC show something that you know pay close attention to how people are introducing guests and what they’re how they do their ads and how they integrate you know clips from this person’s body of work into their intro or into the show itself.
So I think there is really a professional side to this that will ultimately come out.
For me personally what I’ve realized over the last couple of months and this is something that I think you can you can sort of strap on as a badge of honor as well is that I’m a better interviewer than most. Just in general I’m more intuitive and I have more range of knowledge so I can connect those dots. You know I can join those dots.
And that’s what makes for a compelling and entertaining interview no matter who you are it’s the people that have the pre-scripted questions that I think are really going to struggle because that’s that’s very exhausting to an audience.
So on one side I think I’m still really ahead of the curve in that.
I come from this and as do you come from this background this history of paying attention to interviewers and then sort of bringing this natural ability to the microphone that 99 percent of people don’t have.
And that’s the building not only to interview someone in a business sense and extract what they do for a living but actually make an entertaining hour of programming for someone.
And in my opinion they can get the business data from 80000 podcasts that are on iTunes but it’s really hard to get entertainment out of it.
And that’s what I’m trying to bring to the table and I think that’s what you do a really great job bringing to the table as well because because what I’ve realized you know was a complete nobody is basically the very first interview I did was no you weren’t Yes.
Stop it.
Tom Mocha’s was episode your line on the line. Me right now David.
And he was a huge inspiration to me so I wanted him as guest number one. And he was talking to a gentleman called John Lee Dumas and so awful who’s is CHEP never heard of him. And I went over to his show and the very first show I listened to was episode 3 2 2 which was yourself and kidding.
That was I didn’t know that. Yeah that was the very first episode. And the fascinating thing about it was which got me on the show and this is my sort of join up thought was the fact that everything you see in life is normally about benchmarking against success. You see people already Veja and you go I’d like to do that but it worked for him he’s had this skill he’s got that you know he’s a natural that’s for sure.
On that show on 0 5 3 2 2 you hadn’t even lunged and he was saying to you you know when are you going to go and you and I’m going to go on Wednesday or whatever it was.
And I tuned in and I listened or whatever you do you click on it you don’t tune into you. But I heard you speak for the very first time and I found it fascinating because I was seeing but not some bouts of somebody finding their way. And you was saying Yeah and I had 17 downloads and it wasn’t that you were looking at success you were looking at somebody finding their flow finding them. Moving on.
And that’s right. But that’s what really flavored my show was the fact that you were doing something that seemed natural and you were holding your hands up and you going really.
I don’t know if this is going to work but hey if it doesn’t change we’ll move on later on.
And remember you did this show and it was it was some chap I don’t remember who was with them on the on the beach somewhere and calls were whizzing past and your battery ran out half way through. Yes and yes you still put out and I thought that’s interesting because what he’s saying back is not that this show has got to be polished and perfect what he’s saying is is a journey and I’m going to improve from that and that be the last time that my battery runs out halfway through.
That’s right and it was definitely the last time that happened.
Yeah it’s a good way to good insight.
I see.
If I were doing it again yeah I would probably do the same thing again. I was I’ve been always sort of a fan of the let’s just put it out at that at that time.
I was leaning more on my hopeful interview skills than I was like ultimate show quality and since I’d already put out a couple of episodes it wasn’t that bad but I really loved the guys story. So I was like yeah there was Harry. Harry Smith was the guy’s name and. And.
And I thought yeah let me let me throw that on. And why not. What happened. You know and somewhere.
This is what’s so cool about this right.
You heard one single episode I did from Johnny Dumas which was like a random occurrence.
And look how much it’s affected both of us. Yeah. Just that one thing. So if one little episode you put out catches the right person it can literally be life changing.
I will say something.
I want your listeners to go to solo our solo our dotcom and I want you to go back to like three.
I don’t know let’s say pre 70s so anything from episode like I don’t know one until episode 70 and I want you to click on those posts and read how great David’s comments are for the episodes.
They are so insightful and brilliant. And you do such a great job summarizing. I think I even wrote you once and said Do you want to write my show summaries. Remember that you did and it was just that the crux of me doing this and I knew I was just going to stall so cool.
So I am and you still you just did it the other day when you were that episode you listened to. You do such a great job summarizing. You’re going to be such a smash successful podcast. David Yeah I have no doubt whatsoever you are going to I hope you will let us be on your show someday when you do these live broadcasts in front of you know a hundred thousand people at the Wembley Stadium.
Did you know when you start this and I’m really going to open up here so I don’t really have a Chevez. But when you start based you want it to be so good and you want it to be brought in and you kind of.
There were job. You look back on them and you go OK yeah that wasn’t quite where I wanted to be but it was all right.
And then you hit sort milestones and you listened back to some of these shows I don’t know if you listen to yours and I thought oh that was a bit closer to what I had in my head my original vision. And I got to show it E.T. and that’s when I suddenly realize Michael that was the host of a show and it was my responsibility to be the host to even I think he was too grateful for people giving up their time to be on my show.
I it was a complete mind set.
Now I want this to be the biggest show out there. I absolutely do. And it’s all I can focus in on and it’s in many ways it’s killing me or my life is totally out of whack.
But all I want is about is the number one thing upset that on any show because it sounds a bit arrogant really I’m upset. Once we’ve stopped recording them when somebody asked me about it that is where I want to be and I want to be join up not as a brand. Exactly as you say. Right. Because it’s one of those things that you kind of go join up towards. What does it mean. And I’m very aware of if you provide quality and content as quality brand in many ways take care of itself. It’s like we always talk in the early episode the name that was always mentioned was Pat Flynn.
And you know he’s got that classic smart passive income and you forget that’s a premium brand but actually he’s only three words put together and he’s because he’s provided that great content and quality and value.
But it becomes the kind of the trust word where what he’s trying to achieve.
That’s right in he that he can live that now.
But I actually want I want to focus on something you said just before that you will be bigger than him and so will I. And I know I don’t mean that like he doesn’t have the same aspirations as you do.
And I’m saying in terms of podcasts in terms of like Pat wants to speak I’m not speaking for him here but just knowing what I know about him.
He he is sort of the crash test dummy of internet marketers.
So he does all these really cool things on the web.
I want my show to become about like I want to. I want to be interviewing complete legitimate A-listers you know and finding out about their kind of business and so normal journey. That’s where I will see the show going.
And because of that if when and if I get to that point.
The show the podcast itself will be bigger than all of the internet marketing type podcasts.
Does that make sense. Yeah it’ll be way bigger than that. It’ll be more like Nerdist.
You know Chris Hardwick gets killer guests on his show and that’s why his podcast is you know number one number two number three on iTunes overall.
And so it’s it’s one of those things that that I it’s what I aspire to do as well is to get working within this world like real A-list category of people because I think that they’ll appreciate talking about their journey.
And so that’s where I want to head with that.
Also I was very strategic and I changed direction. I realized that when I started I was just throwing out the net to anyone and anyone would jump on the show. I would have them round about sort of thing once again I thought to myself no I can’t do this because when I was looking at other people’s shows I was thinking Oh I’ve been on my show I’ve been on my show and it was just the sort of hybrid of people doing the rounds.
So I went off in a different direction. So if you listen to episode 88 I had Cathy O’Dowd who was the first woman to hit the summit of Everest from both sides.
I’ve got the first civilian astronaut coming on the show. I’ve got a chap over a few years ago was worldwide news because he sold his life on e-bay and he’s just sold his life to Disney and all that kind of stuff. So I realized I had to change direction to become more unique to be more interested by the stories more. Yes. Extract out of them what I wanted to show to the world and that was my original vision but I couldn’t say Eva until later on in the journey.
Yeah and that’s really what you’ve done. That’s the whole point. That’s why you will be successful because you’ve you’ve done this in a sort of a different way in your life when you look back to sort of the Philadelphia kid and you riding around on your BMX and all that kind of stuff.
Well you just sort of wanting to be the classic sports kid was. If you look back and now we all going to send you back in time soon on the Sermon on the mike.
No I was a show off though.
I think I think I was you know a performer of some sort and the PA is I keep is that makes my colonial who he is to play better racquetball with an audience.
Yes. Every single time.
Yeah I think so. I think there’s that’s there that’s in there. It’s in the DNA for sure. I don’t use that a lot but it’s in the DNA.
I work better in a performance environment which is presumably why I kind of screw myself on the show intentionally.
I don’t I I prepare in a way where I I’ve researched my guest as you have. You know you know and you certainly listen to the show but at times you know a little bit about me and you’re able to then naturally structure questions that that dovetail into my history and that’s what a good interviewer does.
I don’t write a lot of questions out sometimes intentionally and that’s because I there’s something about the performance side.
I realize now that I’m I’m doing this the shows this this month I’ve got over 300000 downloads for the first time and this is a and I realize so there’s people listening and I have to perform. You know what I like it.
It makes me it UPS my game. I’m live on the show.
And I think I do that to myself on purpose because because I work better in that environment a lot maybe underpressure a little.
Well we’re very similar. It’s fascinating. I feel like I’m finding out the real Marcantonio here. Where is the person behind the that the presenter. Because I am somebody who has spent my life doing training courses and presentations and that’s my job.
I’ve never done this kind of thing. It was totally BA and I’m somebody very much likes to be on their own likes no one near them.
And then when I suddenly go ping. That’s it. It’s performance time. And I don’t know if it’s showing off or trying to create a different persona for myself because that’s kind of not naturally me.
But I do have the ability to raise my game and present a different side to myself if you know me deep down you would say to me different people that the people who know me from seeing where I allow them to see me they would say yeah you it’s like I’m on the mike as you are when you normally doing those things because I’m letting them see what they want to see.
Yeah I mean I think there’s there’s an element of that and again I want people to understand this is why we and we talked earlier about sort of what John brought to the table. And I’m you know people look at my show and say it’s it’s been it’s it’s been pretty successful in the first 11 months just overall debt is not that’s not a fluke because I didn’t just start in August of 2013 with kind of media.
You know I’ve been a professional drummer my whole life.
I’ve performed I’ve been on I’ve been a racer I’ve been you know a competitive racquetball player for for many many tournaments for many many years now and before that it was tennis.
So I’ve always been performing in some way or the other.
I I coached for five years on teaching people social media in front of huge audiences.
I’ve played Red Rocks in front of 10000 people like me being on a microphone and being natural at it is not something that happened overnight.
It’s a it’s this is something that you walked in with.
You’ve been training for years before you turned a mike on yourself.
So it’s kind of like Yeah right yeah. You were new to podcasting but not nuda trying to translate a concept from one person to an audience like that’s something you’ve been doing for a long time.
So so that’s I think that it’s a bit of a misnomer within our industry that yeah anybody can you know podcast or anybody can start blah blah blah.
That’s kind of cool I get it. Yes technically you can turn on an app you can go to boss jock on your iPhone and upload it to clips and you’ve got a podcast but can you do it. Well can you do it so that when someone switches from morning radio or Howard Stern or the BBC to your podcast that they don’t notice a huge drop off in quality or you know sound quality interview quality production quality that’s that’s what I try to bring the table and I think you do the same thing.
So is that what you’re saying really and I’m going to play the words of Steve Jobs because he says it very well as well but no experience is wasted. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your life you will pull elements and you extract what you need to create your new path.
Out 100 percent. Absolutely yes. Everything you’ve done up until this point is does training for you for this next phase.
When I have people on their show and we have these episodes called Find your swing I want to find out everything that person has done because it find your swing is like well what do I do. Like what am I naturally gifted at how can I make money off of something that I really enjoy that I’m passionate about that’s what finding your swing is.
And it’s I want to find out like what you did when you were a kid. Were you an athlete did you or you or you a professional knitter you like to knit hats. You know like what is it what do you do. And when people can start accessing those things that they’ve done their whole lives they’re really gifted and I like to find ways that we can use those talents in whatever their next business endeavor is.
We call about connecting our past to build our future and here. And one of the names as come out is if you really want to know your passion really want to know what you’re naturally good at. Don’t think about what you were doing in adult life because very much you would have been taking a responsibility for a wage or whatever.
Look at what you was doing as a kid when you weren’t being paid for it.
And if you was a drama when you was a kid and you loved doing it then try and look at something that would do that. And he says that exactly the same way as you do it and you’ll find your swing episodes.
That’s right. And I and I love those. Again that’s another instance where we totally put ourselves on the spot. I have a co-host. Her name is Dawn Mars. For those episodes and we never read the questions first. Like I only you know sometimes I glance at them to see just a copy and paste them into my Evernote when we’re doing the show. But we were reading them and answering them live and which again has another element of pressure that we’ve got to come up with an answer and these people are literally like I’ve had people that have taken what we’ve said on the show. They’ve made a business from it like the next day they’ve gone and done it.
So it’s it can be a little daunting. And I was going to ask you earlier you know your show’s growing now and this this will be big your show will have a huge audience at some point and I’ve asked this with other people that are in the space.
Have you yet felt this sense of responsibility that comes with that the fact that you’re speaking into a microphone and someone’s actually listening to what you’re saying.
Yeah. With power comes great responsibility. And it’s funny the very first show I released I got two e-mails and they were from people I’d never met and they were saying thank you so much for putting the show out there and I thought oh my God.
And from that moment of being very aware of what I’m saying or being very aware of I don’t know where my words are landing. And of also having a conversation with my wife this afternoon saying if this really takes on.
Just as I want it to really take on I’m a little bit scared but I haven’t got the value to provide the audience but I won’t and I don’t know why that is because you know success is everything you want. But I suddenly felt a pressure because I can see the downloads increasing increasing increasing. I can see the work coming towards me and I’m doing this seven days old on my own. There’s not one person that helps me and I’m also balancing other responsibilities as well. So this isn’t my only so restrained I suddenly freaked this afternoon for the exact reason that you said oh my god this is power this is responsibility. I’ve got to be careful with it.
Yeah. Have you also found it. I agree. I felt that in some I haven’t had yet. Hey buddy come back to me I’m like you ruin my life but I’ll show it. That’s going to have to happen right.
Someone will listen to something you’ve said or I’ve said and they’re going to do it and it’s not going to work for them and we won’t have the details but they’re going to say I listened to you when you were in my life. That’s going to happen.
There’s no way it that doesn’t happen. When you’re when you grow this thing to where it can go there’s no way that doesn’t happen.
Well think shows a slightly different note because you teach nuts and bolts. I think with my show I talk about hope and I told you why leap of both.
Yeah I really think I teach nuts and bolts because that’s that’s I feel like there’s a lot of shows that do that specifically.
And I I feel like I teach more of the journey and then the nuts and bolts sort of fall from there.
Well I think that’s the same thing. I think what you do you you talk about the journey you get the cogs working in your own brain and brain when you throw out the nuts and bolts which you probably don’t think have got value as such.
You’re already using those cokes and you’re thinking yeah I can use that yeah I can tell you that that’s exactly what happened with me.
You know I couldn’t see how to do this because I’ve never done this. But just by you having conversations with people you take the element and you take the element and you take that element and what do you do. He’s been up to you as an individual to put it together.
Yeah I actually find myself pretty.
I can be very socially awkward at the beginning and I sometimes I’ve actually accessed my I’ve switched into interview mode when I’m meeting someone in real life.
I just watch on Mike I like my mentally switch on a podcast microphone in front of me and I found it so much easier to have conversations with people that way.
So that’s kind of interesting to me is bizarre.
I’m getting ready to play Steve Jobs now because I’m fascinated to see your spin on this.
And this is the fulcrum of the whole show so this is a job.
Don’t be free to do that of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward. When I was in college but it was very very clear looking backwards. Ten years later again you can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards.
So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.
You have to trust in something your gut destiny life karma whatever because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path.
And that will make all the difference.
When I’m going to ask a different question because I think you’ve answered it already but you will say yes you believe in it. But why do you think so many people don’t believe in that.
I think that’s a lot. Most people get hung up on the how of something for example I think that we we pick a point be right we pick a point B that’s there’s the dot so I’ve got this I want to I want to do I want to have this show.
And to get this show together I need this this this this this this this and we get stuck in the details of the this this this this this instead of. All right I’m going to sort of flow through this. All I want to do is get to that thing. I’m not sure how I’m going to get there yet but I’m going to I don’t really know. And by the time you get there and you look back and go wow that is not the path that all that I was going to take.
My favorite metaphor.
Or maybe it’s an analogy I forget but for this is if you and I were sitting at a cafe and I there was you know a three story building across the street and I said David there’s a hundred thousand pounds sitting in a bag on the roof of that building across the street. You have 15 minutes to get it.
How fast would you be out the door to go get that money.
I’d be on the right run the window right but you wouldn’t know how you were going to get it.
You had no idea how to get to the roof of that building. You just knew you were getting to the roof.
You don’t know if you’re going to you know helicopter down you know if you’re going to call the fire department to take you up there or you know scale like Spiderman but you’re getting to the roof of that building somehow.
And I think what successful entrepreneurs do is they just keep their eye on that that you know that bag the bag that’s on the roof.
They’re not quite as concerned about the how part. And we very much get concerned about the how part.
And the second piece of that is when someone gives you an opportunity I just said this a little earlier when someone gives you an opportunity.
Our instinctive reaction is to say no because of this this and this versus just instinctive to say yes and I’m going to figure out how to work out this this and this and that is a huge mental shift even though it’s very subtle.
It’s just yes and no.
But if you’ll find that people in your world that are really successful or really look like they’re just having a great time.
They’re the ones that say yes first and then figure out how it’s going to work after and most of the people that are stuck and they don’t get from that one dot to the next dot.
Those are the ones that say no because you know I I can’t live in San Diego because I have kids in school or because I can’t afford the move or because whatever we can come up with 15 different ways. But in reality all that stuff can be worked out.
So I think that’s how I would respond to that and I hope that helps someone.
So what scares you this is probably my final question before I send you on the mike and you can have a one on one with your younger self. As you all know and you’ve got these rocking and rolling show everything’s going well you’ve just bought these the watch you’ve finished off the last five years and everything’s good and you’ve got a lovely new girlfriend.
What scares you. Well when you look at what you need to achieve.
What scares me.
I have to say I look at the bank being intimidated or being excited. I sort of treat the same way.
So I don’t get super excited about everything and I don’t get scared about everything.
I gosh I mean I don’t I I can honestly say I don’t have that for the same reason when someone said you know when I was so literally I was scraping up change so I could take in an airport shuttle for a ticket that was paid for by somebody else to go speak in front of 3000 people and that in which I was going to make $5000 or whatever that weekend. A few years ago I I literally had to scrape $8 up so I could take the shuttle like in change so I could take the shuttle to get to the airport that I had.
I had $18 in my bank account at the time.
And so it wasn’t enough to get the cash out of the machine. So I wasn’t worried about it.
I’ve never been worried about stuff like that and I didn’t even know what success was going to look like for me.
But I had a feeling that I was destined for it.
And that’s the only way I can say is that it was it was very innate and I didn’t know where it was going to come from but I was very patient about it. Now I was also very patient about about you know I knew I was going to meet a great woman at some point and I was able to reach you know like you said read about a year ago but but recently.
So I think that I have that that vibe that that it’s the same reason I don’t plan a lot. I just don’t.
I’m living very much in the moment as I go day by day.
And for better or for worse I don’t plan as much as I probably could or should.
But right now I’m not really you know scared about anything. I mean I could say you know the show doesn’t grow at all. But even if it doesn’t I’m live in a great life right now.
So I guess I’m not even that scared of that.
OK last question before we send you back this time.
Is it easier to move forward when you’ve hit rock bottom and you really did hit rock bottom.
Yes it is. It’s easier for me to keep perspective on it.
I just last weekend went to I went to Napa Valley with my girlfriend’s family and it was a very first class trip like from private private jet from San Diego to Napa Valley which I’ve never done before my life and everything was super exclusive super like Michelin star first class and I was like man I don’t want to be here like this.
No I don’t mean like I didn’t want to be at the weekend. I just I don’t want to live in that universe of that sort of high end world.
And that’s it.
I I remember looking longingly at a train that goes through Napa Valley and it stops at all these different wineries and I’m kind of like Man I wish I would’ve just taken the train and gotten kind of drunk at the third winery and kept going and that would’ve been a really fun day. Instead it was like this you know 12 people serving our table kind of thing and it just wasn’t me.
But my my Philly boy sort of like Kragen pragmatist personality carried me through that whole weekend thinking yeah I would be fine with stopping at a fast food place now and going to another winery. We don’t have to go to a hundred dollar plate dinner you know.
And so I think if anything it’s given me perspective and there’s one more piece of perspective that in my very very lowest time and it was very low.
And I thank you for not like making me go through that again like 40000 other shows have but I had a I remember the current hurricane Katrina had hit the southern United States and it just decimated New Orleans.
And this was literally at my lowest time. And I remember looking on the news and seeing like a little 9 year old little black kid who everybody in his family died.
Right. And he lost everything like lost every piece of memory he ever had including all of his family members.
And he’s this kid who doesn’t have much of an education.
He’s a minority.
He doesn’t have a lot of opportunity that are coming coming to him and I remember thinking all right no matter what happens I’m a white male with a skill set in United States and that’s not and that’s not to be racially insensitive I’m looking. That was a practical. OK.
So no matter what my situation is I can’t complain like I’m starting with these four advantages that a lot of people all over the world don’t have. I will be given opportunities that a lot of people don’t have and that really kept me grounded like that there was this you know that some people had to struggle to get to what I had innately by birth that I had nothing to do with.
So that really kept me grounded and it still keeps me grounded to this day is that I always realize that there’s people out there that do not have the same opportunities that I knew the answer.
Mike are we going to put you on the Sermon on the mike now. This is when we send you back in time lost a young Marty McFly to have a one on one with yourself and if you could go back in time.
What age would you choose and what advice would you say. So I’m going to play the music and when he gets out you’re up. This is the Sermon on the mike.
We go with the speed of this.
This man.
I think that first of all very handsome very very talented man couldn’t congratulate now.
If you could work on harnessing that Philly attitude a little bit just over the next few years if you could take the edge off of that. Not everybody is out to get you and focus on building some relationships that you will sustain forever without having that kind of you know screw you Gene.
Not Eugene. I don’t know anybody named Eugene. I’m not trying to signal that that will serve you in the future.
So to some or to to to bring that and I know that was very short but to bring that in I feel like over the last few years I’ve been able to take this.
There was a bit of filea attitude like where if someone slighted me in any way that was it they were erased like done.
And there was no real going back. It was partially like it was a Scorpio in me that that that’s sort of like had that stinger.
And I you know it’s it’s the it’s the patience I have now which is maybe a little bit of it’s I wouldn’t say less judgment because I think judgment makes for good comedy.
But but it’s just maybe being a little more empathetic to people’s situations and realizing that that people aren’t always in control of their actions and sometimes they’re going through a learning process as well. And to just instantly give them the guillotine and out of one’s life is not the most productive way to go through things. I don’t do that anymore but I did it for a number of years and I think it was just a reaction to losing my parents and it being so so much.
OK Wolf I’m going to lose this anyway I might as well just cut it right off.
And I think that didn’t that didn’t serve me for a long time.
So I’d fix that.
Michael how can our listeners connect with you sir. Well you know this. Oh I know you say you say in an American Xon is better I would say the same thing if you were speaking in a British accent. By the way you going to come on my show some time. I would love to come on your show it oh no great. And Howard Jones I want him to go.
Has he been on your show yet. No he isn’t knocking me back. He said he would and not me but I’ve called a few of them that sign up for it. And then you just come down and that’s a drag.
Anyway the show is called the Solar Perner hour.
The Web site because no one can spell pre-New or is solo our dotcom.
And if you’d like some coaching give a coaching program yet.
I’ve only been focused on building you audience.
That’s good. Well so if anybody needs coaching including you my friend I can’t believe you’re not in solo lab. I want solo lab dotcom and we’d love to have you in our really cool community.
Mancow thank you so much for spending time with us tonight joining up those dots on the 100th episode and it’s quite the world’s longest episode of ever done as well. Please come listen. Is. Yeah we were about seven minutes past what we normally do. So come back again when you have more dots to join up because I do believe that by joining up the dots and connecting up pasts is the best way to build a future.
Mr. Michael O’Neill thank you so much. And thank you.

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Today's guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots Steve jobs inspired podcast, has a fascinating story of struggle, acceptance, madness, love and finding the path to a life that he never dreamt possible.

Following on the from his previous appearance on Join Up Dots on episode 138, our guest has built upon amazing, headline making life changes, whereby he suffered a relationship break up, sold his entire life on Ebay, hit the headlines, sold his life story to Disney, bought a tropical island, found love and tackled a bucket list of amazing experiences all within a a period of a few years.

But it is what he has done since these crazy fun times that inspires me more.

You see so many people will do so much, in a short period of time and then start to settle.

They will find themselves back in a routine, where the images of adventures past, haunt them like a character from a Charles Dickens novel.

Our guest today however has done the opposite.

He has saught out opportunities, conversations and experiences across the world and constructed a life that is on his terms.

As he says "I did my last interview with Join Up Dots while I was in Texas, house sitting for a friend there as part of our US RV adventure.

Since then Vanessa and I studied to become English teachers, then spent a year in China working as teachers in a private business, topping up the travel funds.

Since then we have become full-time nomads, using house sitting as our accommodation, and teaching online for a Chinese company as our primary income source. As our accommodation is basically free we only have to work a few hours per week to make ends meet.

It really is the global semi-retired dream lifestyle. We can live absolutely anywhere as long as we have a decent internet connection.

We have become very well known in the house sitting community, and have been very successful in securing some very sought-after luxurious house sits.

So how has he managed to build something from scratch, when right from the very start he was out of his long established comfort zone?

And could he ever go back to a life that was controlled by the decision making of someone else?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Ian Usher

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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots free business podcast interview, is a man where you think where do I start?

This is a man with three distinct areas of his life, which he calls his key stories.

One being an explorer, one being an adventurer, and one being the start of his entrepreneurial life.

When he was in Berlin back in 2006, he was like all of us, and was in a bit of a funk.

He was studying computer science, but had no idea how to make a living from the subject that he was learning.

And we hear this time and time again from people across the world.

You start in a world of confusion, unsure of anything, even what you are doing at that time, but that is ok.

Even though throughout your life you may have times when you are lost and unsure of your next move you only have to do two things.

Gain as much knowledge whilst you are in that position, as there are gifts in your confusion.

And then secondly say “Yes” to things, to put yourself in new experiences where those learnings start to make sense.

And that is what our guest did, as without a clue to his future, a friend phoned him one day and his life started to change forever

As he says” I got a call from a friend who’s hobby it was to use an old press ID card to sneak into expensive conferences to network and eat free food.

He said: “You need to come to the Hyatt Hotel, there is a Ruby on Rails conference and the food is amazing”.

“Ruby on what??” he replied. It was a fairly new programming language back in 2006. Free food sounded good though, so an hour later he was standing at the buffet and filling my plate with heaps of tasty salmon.

A recruiter standing next to him, who had paid $1000 be there, asked if he wanted a job – working with Ruby on Rails!

He pretended to have some experience and accepted this offer. From that moment on, while studying, he worked 2 days a week programming in various startups as a freelancer, all thanks to his desire to eat fish.”

And that is where we will start today’s episode of Join Up Dots, even though I have no idea myself where this conversation is going to go.

So does he still have episodes of confusion in his life, or is it now a seamless journey of experiences and success, as he travels around the world inspiring others to create a life on their own terms?

And does he look back at his life and now see gifts in the dark times when he didn’t have a clue, which powers the belief to keep moving forward in his life?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Fabian Dittrich.

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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots Steve Jobs inspired podcast is a lovely lady who from her home in Miami Florida is taking huge action to create the life that she wants.

But it wasn’t always the case, as over nine years ago after earning a degree in business administration, with her whole life laying ahead of her she received one of those life epiphany’s that you just cant ignore

As she says” In December 2007 I was at a BBQ my mom put together to celebrate my graduating with a bachelors degree in business administration in finance. It was an evening of fun, laughter and dancing. Graduating was definitely something to celebrate especially because I did it while being a mom and working full-time as an assistant controller. While I was enjoying the evening with family, friends, music and great food I found myself not feeling happy or satisfied. It felt like something was missing. For some reason I thought happiness would take place after a degree. After that night I thought all I needed was to get a different job; so I went from a small business to a corporate job in search of happiness. After a couple of years I found I had a fiery desire to do something else all together. I realized I was just existing.”

And so she started taking action, upskilling herself and working like crazy towards a future that would be under her control and perfect for her.

But how many times do we feel that life is being a bit unfair, when we are working so hard to make it what we want?

And this was certainly the case with our guest, who also found herself as a single mother looking after two young boys, which I think will be the starting point of todays show.

So did she study a subject that was something that friends and family have done, or did she simply choose something that looked good on paper?

And going back over the dots, were there anytimes that she would now erase if she had the chance, or were their gifts in everything she has dealt with?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Virginia Jimenez

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Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat.

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When someone sends me a request to be a guest on the show, and during the email he says

"I am a huge believer in creating and achieving our own definition of success. We are all unique and we all have something incredible to share. We are the authors of our own stories and I get fired up helping and discussing with people about their journeys. I am still on my my journey and I still have a long way to go, but every day is another chance to continue growing and learning! The only shortcut in life is to start now and I try to make every day count."

Then I know that he is a guy worth talking to.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California last May he has been flexing the old hustle muscle big-time.

And this is not the old hustle muscle flexing where the doors are already half open, but the kind of grind it out flexing that takes time to achieve, with no guaranteed success waiting at the end.

He has worked for the Los Angeles Lakers, started a new business, and wrote a book, called Elevate Beyond: A Real World Guide to Standing Out in Any Job Market, Discovering Your Passion and Becoming Your Own Person

But Like most people the entrepreneurial rout was not evident at the beginning of his career, with several short terms roles being held such as Business Assistant for Relativity Sports and Samsung NBA Summer League Intern.

But you could see once he created Straight Curve Marketing, a company that offers a selection of products ranging from t-shirts to shot glasses that his career was only going to go one way.

And now with both this venture, and Fundamental Mindset, a lifestyle, entrepreneurial blog that shares stories, interviews, advice and experiences to help you maximize your potential, achieve success, and have fun doing looks like he is having fun too.

So when did his mindset change to one of creating his own future, or perhaps it was there all along?

And does he see the link between the more fun he has the more success he gains?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Jake Kelfer

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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast interview is a man who has been through so much that you would think that a smile wouldn’t be permanently attached to his face.

But attached it is, and it seems to be getting bigger everyday too.

You see this is a guy who found his path to success, fulfilment and enjoyment in such a dark place that it is testament to the truth “The real gift is waiting within”

As he says “For nearly two decades of my early life, there was always something wrong with me. I was dead tired and suffered from an avalanche of health problems. I endured all of this even though I was an athletic and supposedly fit young man.

I tried to ignore it, tucking it all under a rug, but eventually there came a day when I decided enough was enough. And it was all because of this one fateful event…

It was late one Wednesday night in the middle of March, a few days before my 17th birthday. I had just returned home from soccer practice, but I was even more of a mess than usual…”

You see he had finally come to the acceptance that there was something wrong within, that not only would change his outward appearance dramatically, but also threaten his life dream of becoming professional footballer forever.

He had found his biggest challenge, one that would take him to the brink, before he managed to step onto the first part of the path, that would lead him to where he is today.

A New York Times best selling author and one of the most trusted health experts in the world, appearing on TV and radio across the world.

So how did he beat the physical issues, when he also had to tackle the mental issues that made his teenage years so difficult too?

And does he feel that this is 100% what he should be doing with his life, or is he simply waking towards the bigger path, waiting patiently for him?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Yuri Elkaim.

To hear more from Yuri Elkaim go to:

Podcast: Simple Health Show 

Description: Are you tired of confusing health, fitness, and nutrition advice? Do you feel overwhelmed by the firehose of conflicting health information coming at you from every direction? If so, then you'll love Simple Health Show. Your host, Yuri Elkaim, is one of the most trusted experts in the health industry and a New York Times bestselling author who's superpower is making fit and healthy simple again so you can live a great life in a body you love. Each week, he'll bring you clear, actionable, and science-backed insights and advice that you can trust to get your health back on track or take it to the next level. You'll discover the most effective tips for burning fat, having more energy, creating better habits, and helping your body heal naturally. To get even more of Yuri's goodness, including countless quick and delicious recipes and workouts, head on over to

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