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Jan 24, 2020

In todays episode of Join Up Dots we all talk about the big mistake that people make when starting an online business. They fail to understand that its all about the offer. What we mean by this is, you dont create a business and then tell people what you are selling. You define your product based around what people are actually wanting from you, and pivot to make it only available from yourself. You see this was inspired by the following email received at the Join Up Dots headquarters. Its About All The Offer Email Dear David. thanks for your show great stuff. I was listening to you the other day on my boring commute to my boring job and you said "Its all about the offer...unless you get the offer right then everything else is hard" or something like that. I'm sorry i listen to a lot of your shows, but this bit jumped out at me. What does that actually mean, can you explain more? Kind regards and i have left an ITunes review for you Mike Conting Hemel Hemsptead Listen to today's episode to hear David Ralph explain more about this important aspect of online business success, and the simple steps that you can take to make your online dreams come true. As always make sure you book a time to speak to us as we help you get your dreams off the ground too.