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Todays guest entrepreneur is a master of an instrument that until recently I had never heard off, but upon stumbling upon some information on the web, I knew that I wanted to have him on my show.

He got to the top of the Hammered Dulcimer pile, when back in 2010 he won the National Championship, even though this was not an instrument that was on his radar even a few years previously.

As he says "For years I was a musician who played a lot of different instruments. Jack of all, master of none. The hammered dulcimer was just another instrument I could play a little on but not really kill it."

But with a bit of practice he is not only killing it, but actually smashing it to pieces too (which will make sense if you listen to the show)

So what was it about this instrument that really spoke to him, and allowed him to become a musician fulltime, traveling the country performing well known classics, with a unique twist.

Well lets find out, as we bring onto the show to start Joining up Dots, the one and only Ted Yoder.


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