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Today guest is the go to man if you have a band, are interested in creating music, but dont know the first thing about getting it out there.Being in the music industry and the online world since way back in 1982, our guest at first had the desire to be the main man himself.Strutting the stage like….well a John Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen, but as we find time and time again on Join Up Dots life had other ideas for him.Six months ago,he released a book called Six-Figure Musician – How to Sell More Music, Get More People to Your Shows,and Make More Money in the Music Business. As the title suggests,it was written for musicians and the people who work with them — managers, record labels, etc.During the first few years, he was able to work on promotions by several big acts… No Doubt, Bush, Run-DMC, Ratt, and others, and the names have got bigger from there. But working with the established is not what excites our man.As he says “I’d rather build something than add on to it. In my opinion, helping somebody go from zero to 10,000 records sold is much more life-changing than helping somebody go from 100,000 to 1,000,000. Plus, going from zero to 10,000 records requires more skill…and I love a challenge.”Well, lets give him a challenge as we start joining up the dots of his life with the one and only Mr David Hooper


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