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Todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free business podcast was for many years one of the key leaders for the Money Advice man Dave Ramsey.

Working closely with Dave, he helped over see a wide range of content and promotional activities not least the Total Money Makeover Live shows, which in many ways were more like arranging a concert than a conference.

Thousands of people would flock to these to gain an insight into how they can make the most of their cash, earn more money, and solve those worrying financial leaks.

Showcasing his own personal business talents and experiences, this amazing entrepreneur has since gone into business on his own and taken all those learnings, and sprinkled them with his own personal beliefs and strategies.

Helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and solopreneur take the next step in their development through Business Coaching, Strategic Planning and LifePlan events he helps his clients see the things that are holding them back from a better life.

He shows them the way to build careers around success practices that work.

And for many these may not be things within the business world, but instead in their personal lives.

So how does he know how to ask the right questions, and find answers where others wouldn't think of looking?

And does he look back on his time with Mr Ramsey with total fondness, or are their things that he wishes that he could have done differently now he has branched out on his own.

And has he ever asked questions of his client and thought "Do you know I think I have that same issue myself?"

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to Join Up Dots the one and only Mr Chris LoCurto

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