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In today's podcast episode we hear from several listeners of the show who are rocking and rolling and doing amazing things. Not least getting the brain juices going to create online success for themselves. We hear from several people bursting with ideas, and one listener who shares her own tip for success as she builds her own coaching business. Dear David loving the show big-time. You certainly have got me buzzing and I am going to make 2020 my big year. What would be the value bomb that you can give me as a xmas gift to make sure this occurs?   Kind regards James Whittaker ps.....left a review on iTunes as I know you love getting them. Hi David....i have started a coaching business and have found clients very easy to get, so I thought i would let you know what I am doing. Everyday I go into A Starbucks or coffee house near me, and sit with my laptop. There are literally thousands of people that come in and sit down for a drink over eight hours. All I do is catch their eye and ask if I can sit with them and then start up a conversation. I'll be honest the idea frightened me, but I heard one of your guests talking about how they simply stood in a road and handed out business cards for an event they were running. So my mind thought out the process. Where are people always coming to? Where do people often sit and kill a bit of time? Where do people do this during work time? I hope that will help someone out there and thank you so much for starting your show as I wouldn't be where I am today without you....big love and kisses Jennifer Millward, Ohio, USA Hi David, quick question for you. Do you think that a business showing people how to clear their garages is a great idea? I keep on driving past open garages full of boxes and nobody can park their cars in them? This has been a light-bulb moment for me, and seems too simple that someone else hasn't done it already. Colin Baxter, Jacksonville, Florida. Mr Ralph, can I ask a question please. How do you know what to do each day in your business. You seem to have everything sorted, but i waste so much time just doing nothing worth while when I get a chance to work on my business. I guess you will say "write a list" or prioritise but I was interested if you do something differently. You are the best  Becky, New York City USA

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