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Every weekend on the Steve Jobs inspired business podcast, we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat.

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Today’s guest entrepreneur following the words of Steve Jobs, on the top rated business podcast Join Up Dots is a man who not only has been on an amazing professional journey over the last 25 years, but also a personal journey equally as inspirational too.

For many years our guest worked for the big food companies and was obese, struggling with binge eating and over eating.

And of course as you can imagine this was not good for his well being, so he knew that he had to do something about it, and so he did.

He wanted a lifestyle of freedom and motivation and inspiration so made a plan.

He conducted research, found the motivation to self-fund a study with over 40,000 participants and made an astonishing transition from obesity and food obsession into a more light hearted relationship with food.

But believe me this isn’t a guy with just one success story that we could tap into, as he has had such an eclectic background, and tackled many different businesses and become a success in them all that we could start anywhere to make a great career show.

As he says “At the risk of being immodest, I probably have more experience in both coaching and business development than the founders of virtually any other coach certification program on the market. Through the International Coach Certification Academy, I would like to pass on my knowledge, experience, teaching and mentoring to you.

Together with my wife and academy co-founder Dr Sharon Livingston, we have sold over $30,000,000 in consulting services to major brands like AT&T, American Express and L’Oreal. I have personally worked with over 1,000 coaching clients and directly supervised many coaches and psychotherapists to”

So where do we start on the joining up of his dots?

What stage of his career is the most inspirational?

With the amazing physical transformation that he went through, losing many many pounds of unneeded weight?

Or right at the beginning, when he was a child and couldn’t have believed where he was going to end up?

Who knows, but let’s start like we always do, by bringing onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only super entrepreneur himself Dr Glenn Livingston.

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Today’s guest following the words of Steve Jobs, is a remarkable woman, business lady, and entrepreneur who believes in something profound, and has created a career around that something too.

Something that I buy into wholeheartedly.

She believes that life should be built on finding your key strengths and leading the way with them.

Not focusing on the things that you cant do very well, but finding the super talent that you do naturally well to then blaze a path across the world.

Starting her career as a Sales Executive for Business To Business back in 1998, it appears that the path best trodden for her actually started when moving into staff development.

Like myself she has spent most of her working life, building the strengths of individuals in corporations to make better, higher functioning teams.

Getting people to feel inspired by the working day instead of dreading that ringing sound by the side of the bed.

But what interests me is what personally was driving her back in the day.

As with a career strewn with employment lasting a couple of years at each time, it is clear to me that her ambition, was equally matched with a desire to find her thing too.

And now as a podcaster herself, or as she calls herself the Chief Strengths Sleuth: Host of the “Lead Through Strengths”​ Podcast: she helps people find and leverage their strengths at work.

Complimenting her workshops, keynote speaking and by performing a role of StrengthsFinder Performance Coach, which as you know is a publication that I have recommended many times on the show she is busier than ever..

So what is it about keynote strengths that lights her up inside and makes her want to build a business around it?

And is the inner talent something that is easy for someone to find themselves, or do they need a coach or mentor to point it out?

And what is the fascination with moonwalking in offices, or leaping dramatically from exploding vans?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, with the one and only entrepreneur Lisa Cummings.

To hear more from Lisa Cummings go to:

Podcast: Lead Through Strengths with Lisa Cummings | building engaged teams & stronger leadership w/ StrengthsFinder & natural talents
By Lisa Cummings answers your career questions with the fun & irreverence of Pamela Slim & the practicality of Careerealism, using Gallup Strengths Finder to discover and apply your unique strengths

Description: The Lead Through Strengths podcast was created for you if you're ready to stop taking the "path of most resistance" at work. It sounds silly, yet it happens all the time when people get focused on fixing their weaknesses. It doesn't have to be so hard. Stop focusing on what's broken about you. In Career Q&A, I'll show you how to find your strengths and put them to work. In the Manager Minute, you'll hear ideas for leading your team so they can come to work feeling more energized and engaged. If you're ready to get your career mojo back, Lisa Cummings delivers it with straight talk and a fun-loving approach. Listener career questions are answered in less than 15 minutes per episode. Strengths evangelists and effective leaders also guest host to offer more ideas you can put to use with your team at work. Here are some hot topic areas covered by audience questions so far: Getting promoted; discovering your strengths; getting energized and engaged with your work (yup, it's possible); differentiating yourself in an interview; career transition; marketing, branding, and promoting yourself; getting unstuck; connecting and networking; job search; personal leadership; side hustles; politics and perceptions at the office; getting viewed as an A player; building trust and influence at work or in your industry; money and happiness; how to get your creative mojo back; understanding how your EQ (emotional intelligence) is more important than your IQ at work; stuff you didn't learn in business school that's hurting your career; getting unstuck and un-trapped; and being a better leader Wanna be on the show? If you're a leader with stories about Strengths-Based Development, you'd be a cool co-host. If you have a question for the Q&A portion of the show, we'd love to feature it.

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On a show like the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast interview, its true to say that I have so many guest entrepreneurs who have interesting back stories, but not many that start with “Before I was seven years old I had lived in a house truck, on a commune, in France, in New Zealand, in Ireland, and several homes in England. I had been bathed in a sink, had a pet goose called Lucy, and I think it would be fair to say that my parents gifted me with a curiosity for the world.”

So upon hearing this I knew that I had to invite this lady onto the show, but wow what part of her career history do I tell you about in the introduction because without a doubt as she says “Life has been a bit of rollercoaster!”

Starting her career after gaining a BA in Theatre Practice and Scenic Art from the Central School of Speech and Drama, she went on to have a successful and (eventually) well paid career as a Freelance TV & Film Production Buyer, Stylist, and Project / Event Manager.

She worked hard and played harder.

She had motivation by the bucket load.

However her energies could only last so long and she would suffer from burn out at the end of every job.

She had money, and so she would take herself off to Thailand and engulf herself in fasting and raw food, or go off to Egypt for a yoga retreat.

Recharge the batteries to blaze even brighter in the entrepreneurial world.

And this was certainly the case, as upon returning she started one of the forerunners in the VA sphere and early adapters to Location Independent Business.

As she says “It was a wonderfully brave and stupid thing to do. I was homeless and sofa surfing, massively in debt and knew nothing about running a business. Which meant I had nothing to lose and gave it everything I had. Bootstrapping a business when you are desperate and resourceful can be a wonderful thing, and I was given opportunities to learn from many wildly inspirational Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Private Clients.”

But of course this was just the beginning of everything that would lead her through some seriously dark moments, even contemplating suicide.

Her life was a roller coaster of working till she collapsed and then ‘retreating’ around the world.

And so the time came when she had her first pangs of “Is this it?!”

She wasn’t satisfied, there was a huge void in her life, she felt empty and in the midst of the impending recession she set up My Girl Friday Ltd, providing Freelance Personal and Virtual Assistance to Creative Businesses & Private Individuals in the UK and across the globe.

And that is where we will start today’s episode as now life is very different, but how has she made it the life that she wanted?

How did she take the entrepreneurial venture, and willingness to put the effort into a new business, but structure it that it didn’t bring her to her knees too?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start in the words of Steve Jobs, joining up dots, with the one and only misfit entrepreneur herself Ebonie Allard.

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Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat.

Podcast Intro

My guest today is the entrepreneur and publisher Mr Tom Morkes who joins us on the very first episode of “Join Up Dots” with the title of a man who quite simply changed my life

I don’t think that there are many people alive that I could say that about.

But strangely enough until today I have never met him or spoke to him live either.

Tom spent the beginning of his childhood in the Chicagoland and West Michigan areas, and then with all his Morkes siblings…three brothers and three sisters gained his education at the United States Military Academy at West Point NY.

Upon graduating he decided that there was a further step to go in his military life and was deployed to Iraq as a gun truck platoon leader.

You might have thought after so many years in an organised, structured environment such as the military, he would cling to a safe, organised future.

But our guest thought otherwise and set off on entrepreneurial path that has seen him write three books, become the president of his own publishing company, and generally having a kick ass life.

He travels the world with his lovely wife Courtney, his trusty laptop, and now on today’s podcast interview shares with us, the fears, achievements and success that has made up his life.

I would like to welcome to show the one and only In The Trenches Tom Morkes


For more information on Tom's podcast go to:


In The Trenches With Tom Morkes


In The Trenches with Tom Morkes tells the story of entrepreneurs, writers, artists, inventors, warriors, and leaders who are building disruptive, innovative businesses, who are doing hard, creative work each and every day, and who are impacting the people who matter (their customers, readers, supporters, and fans). These no-bulls*** interviews cut through the fluff and go right into the mindset of what it takes to be a creator, battle scars and all. Listen to In The Trenches and youll hear from best-selling authors, startup founders, people who turned their art into full-fledged businesses, self-made millionaires, and much more. Just some of the subjects weve covered in the past: how to start a business from scratch, permission marketing, how to create and deploy effective design, business development, how to turn your hobby into a business, product launches, copywriting that converts, and much more. A message from Tom: All interviews are unscripted and unedited because I believe conversations are better when they're natural. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do creating it.

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Today’s guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is the founder of Tilted Pixel, a web design and development agency, which he has been running for more than a decade.

Which sounds great.

A successful business that is on-line too.

A lifestyle of motivation an freedom.

But actually the truth was anything but, as we will find out creating a business is easy enough in principle.

But creating a monster that takes up every second of your time is even easier.

And after more than ten years of running his agency, he knew that he had do some serious changing of procedures so that he could free himself from the business and start living life.

He went from being a slave to his business wallowing in “misery and despair” to creating a business that is very profitable and gives him free time to travel and to do the things he loves.

But of course a business is not just built on hustle and effort, but also experience gained over many years.

And this was certainly the case with today’s guest, as he started his career back in 2005 by exhibiting at tradeshows, working on marketing campaigns and preparing demo software for potential investors and clients.

Before working for three years at the Wilfrid Laurier University teaching students business labs part-time, whilst he worked on creating the monster.

So what did he do wrong which he knew that he had to change to create the freedom that he is living today?

And can he now point the way for everyone, or is every situation individual to the creator?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only born to be an entrepreneur Mr Matt Inglot

To hear more from Matt Inglot go to:


Freelance Transformation: Find higher-paying projects, work less, and get rid of the stress
By Matt Inglot | Helping freelancers, consultants, creatives, and agency owners to build an amazing business and life.


Freelance Transformation is a podcast all about building a freelance business that creates the lifestyle that you desire, not the other way around. If you are looking to find great clients, do your best work, earn higher rates, and enjoy getting out of bed in the morning, this podcast is for you, the freelancer, the consultant, the agency owner, the creative. Matt Inglot, your host, delivers a new episode every Monday. Visit for show notes and the Freelance Transformation newsletter.

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Today’s guest joining us on Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free business podcast interview is a man who has a great mantra for life that really touches into what the show is all about

He believes that “Life is Soul, Simplicity and Security”

He believes that we should have a life that is not struggle, hustle

In fact he when he is asked what he does for a living, he typically replies with – “As little as possible.”

But what he actually means by that is he has found his sweet-spot that brings great value to his clients, and that he enjoys so much that it doesn’t feel like work.

He has a lifestyle of freedom and success.

And how many of us have jobs like that?

As founder and CEO of Platinum PLM, he creates campaigns for his clients, to regularly achieve six and seven figure results in just a few days.

He also helps his clients to improve all aspects of their online activities including: strategic positioning, product development, building database lists, forming JV relationships, creating evergreen business models, automating sales and marketing systems and diversifying income streams.

But at his core being of service to others and living with integrity are his key values.

So when you work with him you can trust him to care as much about your success as you do.

So how did he pull all these areas of expertise together to build a life for himself that is fun, playful and even allows him to jump on his surfboard as often as he can.

And is this something that starts with belief, or should we all just start doing anything and build the belief as we go?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only beach loving entrepreneur Mr James Klobasa.

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Today’s guest joining us the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free business podcast interview is a man who has quite obviously got the entrepreneurial gene running through his body.

His career has been an eclectic mix of sales, coaching and inspirational content production which has lead him to where he is today.

He is the founder of Handshakin, a series of video based interviews with the successful and the movers and shakers across the word, and also the author of Handshakin Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success: How to Network and Become One of the World’s Leading Handshakers

But the interesting thing to me, is where he started on the path to where he is today.

Back in 2010 he worked for the Groove Automotive company in the greater Denver Area, where he knew right at the very beginning that the ability to make leads and turn them into sales, is never about the hard push.

Instead he knew that the key skill was connecting in the right way, and negotiating to the highest level he could.

Which was why he made sure that he attended all of the optional professional development seminars on effective negotiation and sales.

Greet with a smile, and of course a good handshake.

And so throughout his career, starting several companies, working in the real estate business, until he got to where he is today you can see the hustle, the drive and of course the ambition to do something different and make his mark.

So does he look back at the early days attending company courses as the true flag that shows where it all started?

Or is the idea of meeting with a good old fashioned handshake something that he can trace even further back in time?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Matt Holmes.

To hear more from Matt Holmes go to:

Podcast: Handshakin by Matt "Handshakin" Holmes

Description: Matt Holmes host short interviews (less than 10 min) with entrepreneurs with1 ACTIONABLE PERSONAL BRANDING TIP you can implement right after listening. Keep up the hustle entrepreneurs

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Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

Giving the interview freedom to be heard once more.

And today is with the travel master Nial Doherty, who is travelling around the world without once stepping foot onto a plane.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, who has taken the old leap of faith and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat.

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When we last met our guest on today’s episode of the Steve Jobs inspiring Join Up Dots free podcast interview, she was in the middle of experiencing some massive growth in her entrepreneurship.

Yes, in both her business life and her personal life she was smashing through the barriers.

Kicking over her self limiting doubts

And creating an amazing future for herself.

And she has taken her talents to the next level with the launch of the Art of Abundance with Leisa Peterson

This is a story that is long past the old leap of faith stage (although if you want to hear that episode then check back in the archive shows)

She has done this by asking great questions to her clients that flock to her like moths to a flame.

She asks “Are you someone who is burned out from working hard for many years yet afraid to step back out of fear of losing all you’ve gained?

Are your work obligations keeping you from having deeply meaningful relationships with your family and friends?

Do you feel stuck in a situation that takes everything you’ve got yet know there has to be more to life…an ultimate state of joy, satisfaction, and fulfilment.”

Now the interesting thing about her and what I want to discuss in this show, is whether she truly believed it when she first said it?

Did she fully embrace the power that an individual possesses in their day to day lives to create one that is remarkable.

Was it by doing the work, and seeing the results in her clients that she fully embraced the possibilities that she could create?

You see she has had three stages of success from working 22+ years n the world of finance, pouring herself into earning a high salary, collecting great bonuses and moving up the ladder.

Then after facing a major life crisis followed by several tragedies, she moved towards answering the question of could She ever have both inner fulfilment and outer wealth.”

And now after creating a successful coaching business, she has sold her long time home,moved to Hawaii, and now come back to Arizona and starting something new.

So with all this movement and action taking, how does she know that she is travelling the right course in her life?

How does she find the motivation to get up everyday and go through those dark days?

And does she get excited by the road she is travelling all the time, or are there still “Wow, I am so unsure of this” moments, lets just sit on the sofa and do nothing today times?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only super entrepreneur Leisa Peterson

To hear more from Leisa Peterson go to:

Podcast: Art of Abundance with Leisa Peterson: Business Coaching | Belief Transformation | Wealth | Self-Realization | Self-Love
By Leisa Peterson: Life Coach for Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Warrior, Mindfulness Teacher

Description: Do you long for the day when you’re living a life of abundance? When you can be confident that nothing can get in the way of creating the future you want? Then join business and money coach, Leisa Peterson as she discusses the art of creating more abundance in your business and personal life including interviews with inspiring leaders about wealth, business, relationships and health. Leisa brings her personal experiences of self-realization combined with a 23+ year career in personal finance to help you move beyond limitations, recognize your powerful self and step into your fullest expression of who you are created to be. Use this podcast as a mentoring program to transform your relationship with money, improve your overall well-being and create a life of joyful abundance. To obtain a complementary copy of Leisa's Wealth Flower Exercise, go to: or connect with her on Twitter @leislooski

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Today’s guest joining us Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business lady who is content to wear many different hats everyday.

But unlike the rest of us entrepreneurs who also wear multiple hats, and can’t wait to get rid of them at the end of the day, she seems to thrive on pure entrepreneurship.

She is has many jobs, as she is a physician, surgeon, yoga health coach, author and overall health & wellness expert, today’s guest is known as The Holistic Podiatrist of Southern California and has been interviewed and quoted in many prominent publications.

One of her greatest strengths is her ability to combine the best of Eastern and Western medicine to treat the whole patient and create individualized treatment plans, yoga sequences, and meal plans for her clients and patients.

She believes that food is medicine and that yoga, and meditation are the keys to perfect health.

And I suppose being based in Los Angeles she is at the epicentre of what we consider the home of healthy lifestyles and celebrity glamour.

So does she find that the pressure to look and feel like a million dollars actually causes people to go about it the wrong way?

And how does she overcome those days that we all have when she just wants to crawl under the duvet and eat a box of chocolates all by herself?

And what was the key thing that made her ultimately take the leap of faith and go it alone?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only super entrepreneur Dr Michele Summers Colon.

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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired top rated Join Up Dots business podcast interview, is a lady who is content to tackle something that so many people would have ignored, or left for someone else to do.

Tackling the worlds water and sanitation issues, and creating a lifestyle that is totally under her own control.

In 2014, her senior design team won the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Competition, the largest undergraduate invention competition in the United States, for their design of an inexpensive mobile toilet, SafiChoo.

And along side her team at WishWash she has taken her specific design passion, and set out to improve women’s health by means of redesigning WASH infrastructure (such as toilets and menstrual hygiene products) in and for the low income communities of the world.

As according to UNICEF, 2.6 billion people lack hygienic sanitation facilities and 768 million people drink unsafe drinking water and, of these people, women and girls are disproportionately burdened by poor sanitation and water inequities.

Big bold movements towards a better way of living for so many people.

Success that is so much more than something personal.

But it wasn’t always plan sailing, and as she says openly “Over the past few years, I have struggled to find my place in the fight for social justice. I have always been angered by unfairness and injustices and, in the back of my mind, I thought that I would evolve into a radical and fearless protesting activist; however, when the time came for me to consciously take strides in defining my role in this space, I was paralyzed by fear and, quite frankly, embarrassment.”

She was trapped by smallness of thinking, and smallness of actions.

But unlike so many people she found her way through the issues and now is becoming more of who she was born to be.

She is an activist, a campaigner, and lady who loves to inspire and be inspired by a world that so many of us ignore on a daily basis.

So how did she first come up with the design, and knew it was good enough to persist with even when the obstacles came her way?

And looking back, was there a key moment that allowed her to stop acting small, and become the biggest version of herself she could be?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only sanitation entrepreneur Jasmine Burton

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Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

A show that demonstrates one persons journey from trapped employee, tortured solopreneur to an entrepreneur living a life of freedom and choices.

100% motivation to savour on a restful Sunday morning.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

What are your best ones?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

To hear the kind of content that nobody does better.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat. 

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Steve Jobs inspired all our guest entrepreneurs, joining us on the top rated Join Up Dots business podcast to look back on their lives.

Well today's entrepreneur ready to do just that is a man who is more than content to dive headfirst into a business and make it Zoom!!

You see he is a great believer that a company only finds true success and becomes the best it can be, by how good its individuals are.

So make the individuals great and guess what you get?

You got it, an amazing company, a fun place to work, and best of all making healthy profits.

A system that brings success to everyone.

As he says i have one simple state to find the motivation to do the work that I love.

I love people, and I love ideas.

But what I love most is helping people take their ideas and make them fly. It’s led me to a 20-year career doing business development in some very different industries. As the CEO of a global coaching business, I led a multi-year transformation of the culture and brand. I co founded a renewable energy company and a non-profit that taught meditation and yoga to at-risk youth.

Those jobs and my personal journey drove me to launch refound—to share the best of what I’ve learned in a way people can use. “

So what is Refound you maybe asking?

Well this is a great platform that shows all companies how to build the kind of culture that offers people a benefit that far exceeds any paycheck—the opportunity to become better at being themselves.

That is the kind of content that produces income like magic.

But of course all our guests do not find their thing straight away, and struggle through countless jobs, and it seems like our entrepreneur today has been exactly the same.

He started his education at New York University School of Law before entering into several different companies over the next twenty years.

So does he feel that he has found his thing, or is he still working on climbing up the right career ladder?

And how does he feel when he enters a business and see room after room of sad, dispirited faces?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only entrepreneur and author, Jonathan Raymond.

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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the top rated Join Up Dots podcast is a man with content to have many plates spinning at once, not least agreeing to be appearing with us today.

He is an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit expert.

And when you hear him talk you can say that is also "Pure Motivation"

He is the CEO at Credit Suite where he created and continues to grow one of the biggest and most credible business coaching operations in the United States.

With a career based around 16+ years of financial experience, he is widely recognized as an authority in business credit building, business credit scoring, and business credit repair.

He has written content that has flown off the bookshelves of the world.

As the author of two popular books, Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded, but that little list tells you just a little bit of the story.

As although knocking it out of the park in conference halls across the world, his working life started in a very different position all together.

Back in 1994 you would found this wannabe entrepreneur starting his working career under the education of Uncle Sam at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, in America helping recovering cardiac patients after open heart surgery.

So how did he transition from that point to being one of the people that business’s ask for when it comes to credit scoring?

Where did he find the motivation to become the best he could be in a totally new environment?

And did Uncle Sam give him the working practices that have allowed him to flourish, or has he got to the top despite of that fact?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Ty Crandall

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Following the words of Steve Jobs today, is a guest entrepreneur that is a special man to have on today’s episode, which is the official 500th interview that I have recorded.

Not of course the 500th show we have released, but the 500th time that I have sat down with a mover and shaker to record an interview for the show.

And what makes it even more special is this guy was the first interviewee that I ever recorded with nearly two years ago.

Yes, the first piece of online content to come from the Join Up Dots conveyor belt.

Yep, when I was nothing more than a man with a dream to become a podcaster, with no profile, confidence, social platform, but a lot of motivation, then if it wasn’t for him agreeing to the podcast interview, then there was a good chance that the show wouldn’t be around today.

So send all your complaints to him as he could have nipped it all in the bud right at the very beginning

Now on that first episode we talked about how he had left the military with a desire to travel the world and create a business for himself on his own terms.

A business that would provide both freedom, motivation and income.

How he would sit on his bed in his baracks and start creating something that he could show to the world and be proud off.

But wow, hasn’t it all changed since we last spoke, as it now seems that not only does he have the belief in what he can achieve, but also the world does too.

As he is creating content, products, podcasts, books and income faster and faster.

Such as the Publishers’​ Empire, a comprehensive publishing training program, community and book launch platform, which holds over 100 HD training videos, a private, 24/7 forum, weekly small group coaching, exclusive expert interviews with today’s top self-publishers, marketers, and more, copy-and-paste book marketing and sales scripts, dozens of book templates, and much, much more.

And those three last words are the key to his increasing success “Much, much more”

He is seeing the world differently.

He is acting differently

And he is playing to his super talents, and where he lacks, finding the super talents of others to deliver much much more.

So when did it really start to speed up and in the words of the comedian Steve Martin “He become so good that he couldn’t be ignored any more”

And when he looks back at the version of himself, sitting on his army bed, was he close to what he wanted to be, or is that now a distant version of what he now wants to become?

has he found the motivation that brings it al together?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots for the second time with the one and only super entrepreneur himself, Mr Tom Morkes.


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Welcome to today’s guest entrepreneur on the top rated show  Join Up Dots, Mr Eric James

Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

The perfect content of pure motivation, to sit back and enjoy on a lazy Sunday.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey towards business succeess, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy today's entrepreneurial business chat.

This is Eric James

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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the top rated Join Up Dots podcast interview is a lady entrepreneur who has a brilliantly chaotic story, which in many ways mirror so many of our lives.

Things being thrown at us left right and centre, with many of these things not being the kind of things that anyone would have chosen, but in todays guest has helped her move forward to online success.

As she says “When Katrina hit, I was a mom of 6 kids under 10, in a dysfunctional, chaotic marriage — my husband is an alcoholic and wasn’t admitting that or dealing with it. Because I had lived down in that area for a long while and had been evacuated before (when it wasn’t necessary)  I opted to ride out the storm, until I was forced at the last minute, to leave. My husband was out of town at the time, so I and the kids literally left the house with only the clothes on our backs and a sack of dirty laundry I grabbed at the last minute.  No papers, birth certificates, SSN, toys, school books, NOTHING. From that disaster, I slowly began to rebuild my life, discovering peace through yoga. As I began to rebuild my self esteem I ended up getting certified, and am now a yogi. I dissolved my marriage when my husband refused to get help for his alcoholism, and I and the children are now living in a small West Tennessee town, happy and peaceful.”

Which is a life that could have derailed her, and had her playing the victim card.

Blaming her husband, her situation, or her kids for the life that she was living.

But she didn’t, and instead of playing the victim, she set out on a path of pure motivation, where she made choice after choice, decision after decision to change her future.

She did the tough stuff, the rough stuff, and the things that probably she wouldn’t have believed that she could have done.

She is now passionate about writing, yoga, travelling, public speaking and being a fabulous single mum to six super kids.

She has found the motivation to build a career around appearing on TV, on podcasts, and radio, and producing great content, showing the world how to be fabulous.

Her life is a sort of organized chaos, and she loves every minute of the craziness and is grateful for all she’s learned along the way.

So when did she make the decision to start making decisions and taking responsibility for her future and happiness?

Creating the success in her life that she deserves.

And is it something that she only managed, because she was used to dealing with hardship and obstacles?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Jennifer Williams-Fields.

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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the top rated Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast interview is a lady who is a complete rockstar.

Not in the get up on stage and grind it like Tina Turner type of rockstar or perhaps she does that in her spare-time.

But the kind of rockstar that can make your marketing, jump out of the page, like Mick Jagger on speed.

As she says “I can take you from “I don’t know” or “This doesn’t work” or even “I’m not having any FUN with this!” to “My Marketing ROCKS!”

Which is of course a very confident statement to make, and one that works on every level.

So who is she?

She is the former Marketing Manager for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle – whose first sales-letter generated nearly $9,000.00 in less than 3 days to a list barely over 200 people.

Her copy and marketing strategy contributed to a campaign that generated over $1 MILLION at an international event attended by more than 1,000 people.

And that is the kind of online content that anyone would want to know about.

As she says “When I began working for Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer in 2007, a whole new world was opened up to me in terms of marketing. I’d always paid attention to advertising, and I always had a strange addiction to infomercials, but I never could have imagined that my life would begin revolving around all things marketing, all the time.

I studied Psychology, English and Creative Writing in college – never once suspecting that perhaps I was setting myself up for a career in marketing. I always just loved the English language and the way words could be used to accomplish so many things… and in my Psychology classes, I was learning what made people tick.

Now I have the great pleasure of taking the things that I love and doing them for money! I am very content to figure out new ways to make people buy things and it’s quite rewarding to know that my words helped someone increase their bottom line and benefit their bank accounts.

I really do have the best job in the world.”

So what is the difference between creative writing, and great marketing copy?

And does she see that this was something she learnt, or was always in here in some degree?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only copywriting entrepreneur Alyson Lex.

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Steve Jobs created the format of the show and today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a man who has a fascinating story that isn’t very often talked about.

But fits perfectly into the words of Steve Jobs.

It is so common in the world that there should be herds of similar guys connecting with each other and supporting each other, but I’m not sure that they do.

Let’s tell you how it all began……

“In The Beginning: All throughout his early teens he suffered from social anxiety. Going out and doing normal, everyday things such as going to the shopping centre or travelling on a busy train felt like a huge stress.

He remembers being around large groups of people feeling really nervous and anxious and just wanting to run away and be alone.

But he knew that this was not something that he could just ignore as it really affected his entire life.”

So he started to take action and the manner that he confronted his fears and then built a whole business around it was remarkable.

Instead of sitting in his room allowing life to pass him by, he found a mentor who seemed to just make relationships happen like magic.

But of course there is no such thing as magic, and little by little he started to realise, especially in regards to talking to women what he was doing wrong.

As he says “I decided that I would no longer hit the nightclubs and would drop all the pickup lines and routines. It was time to return to the streets to find a girlfriend and just work on being myself and allow my conversations to freely flow in whatever direction they would naturally go.”

Gaining confidence in his new found skills he started going out on the streets of London, filming his interactions for fun and posting them on Youtube.

He began his journey towards amazing online content creation.

Not just his successes, as he also added the process of filming, monitoring, and allowing all the mistakes he was making shown to the world, slowly fine-tuning them for better results.

His channel started growing slowly and his video content caused stirrings within the London dating world as many believed that being ‘a natural’ was not the way to go.

Be he had found the type of dating advice that works so ignoring this, he stayed strong and continued to push his beliefs which eventually led to inspiring a large platform of guys to take action.

So how has he taken this momentum and built a business around it?

And is this something that has truly tapped into who he is, or is that nervous anxious individual still lurking under the surface?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only UK dating entrepreneur Johnny Berba.

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Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

The true motivation gems, that we all need in our lives

And why do we do this?

Why do we particulary looks for motivation packed episodes instead of entrepreneurial type shows>

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat. 

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Today’s guest entrepreneur, following the words of Steve Jobs on the top rated Join Up Dots podcast interview, is a business author, consultant and speaker, who is out there on the coalface, helping companies become better and better.

He's whole career is based on one word and one word only "Best" and i guess we can expand that to "How To Be The Best"

His client list reads like an international Who’s Who in business, ranging from companies like Proctor & Gamble and Coca Cola to Cadillac and American Express.

Joe also works extensively with small to mid-sized business groups including franchisees, medical practices, law firms, and a range of professional services groups.

Now what I love about this guys is his motivation and personal belief that we should all aim to WOW every day.

He has an audacious business strategy that leads to amazing success: Be The Best At What Matters Most:

As he says “In a tough market it’s tempting to look for shortcuts.

Reality check: there aren’t any shortcuts.

The one business strategy that creates and sustains success is to be the best at what matters most. What an audacious idea – to outperform the competition on those things that create real value for the customer.

There’s a lot of talk about surprising the customer with “wow” factors.

That’s all well and good, but the ultimate and most powerful “wow” factor is to deliver on your promise every time, with every customer, with amazing consistency.

And in a world of entrepreneurial ventures, over delivering for your customers can take you a long way, but over delivering against what you believe you can personally deliver will take you even further.

So where did he start to have such an amazing mindset, that translates so well in the boardrooms and conferences centres of the world?

And how did he brand himself to start being recognised as an online expert that solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and even business owners all look to to help them push their own businesses higher and higher towards success?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Joe Calloway.

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Steve Jobs was a huge inspiration to all of us on the show, not least todays guest entrepreneur.

Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the top rated Join Up Dots podcast interview is a man who I connected with awhile ago, and quite simply have watched him flourish in a very short time.

He is a man who is taking bold, and some might say unusual action in a very unusual setting leading to astonishing success.

Studying at University, he left with qualifications in Accountancy and a desire to get into a solid, reliable firm and work his way up the corporate ladder.

Haven't we seen those same ideals demonstrated on so many of the Join Up Dots interviews over he years?

Well, it wasn't too long into his career when a life crisis led him from a professional life within an international auditing firm to the Peruvian Amazon jungle to work with shamans in a quest for healing.

Yes, amazingly he no longer commutes with a briefcase and a suit, he now takes groups of people down into the rainforest for trips with the Shamans, to gain enlightened spirituality and healing.

Now, I have spoken to him before hand and advised that Join Up Dots is not about woo woo, but it is about the average person living an amazing life.

So no stories that are too out there (although he did tell me a brief story, which was sooo out there, that we will have to try to bring it onto the show)

But he has built an amazing life by learning first-hand how to overcome fears, how to tackle huge challenges, and how to up-skill quickly to ensure his rapid progress.

So what was it about the accountancy world that didn't light his fire once becoming part of the number crunching game?

And did his friends show concern, when he said "I'm quitting this job to go to the Amazon and find myself?"

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, and start discussing creating perfect jobs, with the one and only entrepreneur Mr Pol Cousineau.

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Today’s guest entrepreneur following the words of Steve Jobs, on the top rated Join Up Dots podcast interview is a man who has been on a terrible journey to get to where he is today.

At least in my perspective it looks that way, but perhaps in classic Join Up Dots fashion perhaps it was all these things that were needed to be experienced to make him who he is now.

To build his current level of business success from nothing to amazing.

As he says in his own words ” As a small boy I had been violently and repeatedly raped from the age of three to around eight years old.

Which left me feeling completely empty.

So full of shame, it was incredibly difficult for me to feel safe or trust anybody at all.

In fact, to deal with this trauma, my brain almost split into multiple personalities so that I could detach and protect myself when I was being seriously abused.

As you might imagine, I turned to drugs and alcohol to mask the pain, trying drugs as early as seven years old.”

By his late teens and early 20’s, it had gotten so bad that he was in and out of jails, institutions, halfway houses and he ended up homeless, and living on the streets.

He was failing at everything, his entire life was a mess and after all he’d been through, he had every reason to hate the world.

But he finally realized if he didn’t change, he was going to die.

This is when he developed a simple mindset shift that changed everything.

He realized that for a long time it was his mindset that had been the biggest problem he faced.

In that one moment, he changed his very identity, and what happened next was incredible.

And that is where we will begin today’s episode, and this is going to be a great one, as today’s guy has since seen incredible success, and is literally changing the world everyday.

So does he see that the things he spends his days doing were always in him, or was it because of his history that he found the skills that he loves sharing?

And does he feel that the mindset people have is the number one reason why so many keep themselves small?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Rob Scott.

To hear more from Rob Scott go to:

Podcast: Mastering Mindset

Description: Mastering Mindset Series focuses on the mastery of the individual mind. Bringing awareness to our own evolution of the brain and the pitfalls we face, with the tips to face them.

Podcast: Fundamental Shift

Description: Bringing our awareness to some small things can bring a fundamental shift in awareness and understanding. This shift can deeply transform our maps of the world, and bring deep meaning to our lives.

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Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show with a previous entrepreneur that could well be hidden from your ears.

The perfect content to sit back and savour on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat.

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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the top rated Join Up Dots podcast interview is a man who believes whole heartedly in the power of words.

But not just using words that make us seem big and important.

No, he believes that the words that we should be seeking to use, are as he says in his own ways “The words which hold the most power for you are the ones which move you on an emotional level. If you and another person share the same Powerful Words, you will be connected to that person and they to you, even if they are a stranger. This book is about finding your Powerful Words and using them in whatever you do as you set out to help others in whatever capacity you choose. It is about telling your story, your personal truth. This is where your greatest influence resides.”

Now of course this concept of powerful content is not new to me, or should it be for any podcaster or media person, but what about the man in the street?

What use are these to him?

He has a lifestyle that he has created

Well, we find out during the show but one thing for sure today’s guest has many different occasions, on almost a daily basis where he performs as a a writer, speaker, podcast producer and personal coach for physicians and other professionals who suffer from burnout.

Also, he has enjoyed a career in medicine for the past 22 years as part of an office based family practice in Goldsboro, North Carolina, which has led him to give hundreds of lectures up and down the east coast to physicians, professional groups and the public on various topics such as physician burnout, addiction and recovery issues, hypertension, cholesterol disorders to name just a few.

So what is his passion in life, that is leading him towards bigger and bigger success?

Where does he feel that he ignites his true super talent and brings the most value to the world?

And out of all the powerful words he could choose, which would he say was his favourite?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Clark Gaither MD

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Today's episode of Join Up Dots is not an interview with a successful guest entrepreneur poses the question of how much do you want something? And do you believe in your heart of hearts that you actually deserve the rewards you gain from your efforts?

Well we see it, time and time again that celebrities do very bizarre stuff to ruin their careers, when from the outside it looks like they have it made.

So why do they do this?

The reason is deep down they don't feel that they have put in the work that there success is bringing them.

They cant quite understand why they are earning such amazing riches, when other people are slogging their way through everyday.

So what we need is to get to the point when all our efforts leave us with the mindset of "Yes!! I Deserve everything you send my way"

And when you get to the point, you can then start to really push forward and become the best that you can be.

Which brings us even more success and riches.

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Steve Jobs created the format that our guest entrepreneurs follow on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview, and todays guest is a man who is a top ranked boxing prospect and also Trinidad & Tobago’s boxing ambassador.

He is also is a sought after model who has been photographed around the world since the age of 17.

And when you see the photos ladies (and of course men too) that fact doesn’t come as a surprise.

He is building multiple careers, and has huge motivation to build a platform more than just a boxing career.

What does come as a surprise though, is this guy, with a highly tuned competitive streak was so obviously looking for the non-obvious route that could fulfil his dreams. 

Growing up he was involved in a variety of sports.

He loved soccer, basketball, football, baseball and swimming and at just 10 years old started playing basketball and continued playing throughout college.

At 16 he was already a certified lifeguard and a highly recruited athlete in multiple sports.

In his senior year of high school he was recruited to play basketball for several NCAA Division 1 and 2 schools.

Now this is when one of the big twists occured in his life, or as we say he hit one of his big dots.

College proved to be quite a defining time for him, he started as a Kinesiology major, but after just one single acting course, he found that he had discovered his love and passion for acting and switched his major to Theatre.

It wasn’t long after this revelation that the acting gigs began pouring in.

He landed his first commercial and this was quickly followed by a well-known television ad with Nike.

Now he could have said “This is easy” and coasted a bit, but instead he set out to become the very best that he can be in this new found arena.

He started defining his craft, by studying at The Second City and Groundlings, schools who boast of alumni including Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogan and Steve Carell.

He added to his training by studying at The Ivana Chubbuck Studio that has trained Hollywood’s elite such as Halle Berry, Brad Pitt, Terence Howard and more.

He knew if he was going to be the best he had to surround himself with the best that Hollywood can offer.

And now away from the acting he is training for the Olympics, and once again surrounds himself with the best by fighting out of the world famous Wild Card Boxing Club, home to superstar world champions.

So what has these diverse uses of his time and talents taught him, as he drives forwards with his ambitions?

And is better to become very very good at one thing, or be diverse as he has been up to this point?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only boxing entrepreneur Mr Daniel Hayes.

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My guest entrepreneur joining us on the top rated Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an entrepreneur, writer and business success.

He’s the #1 bestselling author of The Connection Algorithm and Hustle, as well as an original cofounder of PlayQ Inc.

He is a guy who is getting out there and flexing the old hustle muscle everyday.

Which is really impressive as there was a time that his future could have been so very different.

But this guy doesnt lack motivation and is simply inspirational as you will find out in todays podcast.

As he says in his own words “I grew up in a small suburb outside of Washington DC.

After surviving the public schooling system, I attended the University of Michigan, graduating four years later with a heap of debt and a flimsy certificate saying I wasn’t dumb.

Life after college was painfully dull.

Two years after graduation, I was bored to death, working at a consulting firm in New York City. So, I quit my job and cofounded a startup, which went on to generate millions of dollars. I worked there for seven years, but I was eventually fired for being (admittedly) combative and generally useless. Battling intense fear and self-doubt, I picked myself back up again and decided to write a book.

I’ve taken a lot of risks in life, succeeded at a few things, and failed at many―but the world has never let me down.

After each failure, I’m presented with new opportunities.

Along the way, I’ve met some incredible people who repeatedly support my endeavours despite my shortcomings.

I like that point of view.

No actually I love that point of view.

That is pure motivation on every level.

After each failure, I’m presented with new opportunities.

Because that is the truth, when you are developing an entrepreneurial venture, or going for the dreamlife you will fail often.

But through those failings you will learn, you will learn what worked, what didn’t work and where you need to focus your energies.

So what got him started when most people would have settled into the boredom and accepted their place in the scheme of things?

And how do you overcome those huge doubts right at the beginning, when you have no experience to fall back on, or fragile belief that things will work out in the end?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Jesse Tevelow

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Following the words of Steve Jobs, my guest entrepreneur today on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a computer scientist, an electrical engineer, and has been an IT Industry management leader for the past 25 plus years.

Which sounds pretty standard stuff.

But Join Up Dots is not a normal show, and is about giving you guys ideas, and concepts that you can use to create great success in your own life.

Showing you what other people are doing, so that you can think “I could give that a go!”

Leading to careers of freedom and a lifestyle built around success and motivation.

Well today’s guest is bringing his passion for Yoga-principles, to his connections in the academic and corporate world.

He is getting all levels of management to have a go, and sit cross legged, and touch their toes.

He has brought Yoga to the Tennis courts, executive board-rooms, mental health facilities and senior centers.

He has been an ardent student of Yoga since 1984, and has had formal Yoga training from various renowned institutions and teachers in India and the US.

But what I love about this guy is the blending approach.

He isn’t saying this will work, take it or leave it.

But he is saying let’s try this, and see how it goes.

And from his leadership talks, yoga sessions, or even his laughter therapy he is taking his experience of how the corporate world works, and is building something very different.

So was his starting career in Sales and IT the perfect place to begin his journey, or has it actually held him back to where he deserved to be?

And is it getting easier to convince the boardrooms of the world, that a bit of the downward dog is a great thing to bring in for the employees?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only super entrepreneur Prashant Joshi.

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My guest entrepreneur today following the words of Steve Jobs, on the top rated Join Up Dots free podcast interview is the host of the As Told By Nomads podcast, and a man who has been on the show once before, and to be honest he was so good that it is a crime that he hasn’t been on since.

So what can we tell you about him?

Well this guy is pure motivation from the moment he wakes up to the moment he closes his eyes, exhausted at the end of the day.

He doesnt just have one career, but is dealing with so many jobs at one time its amazing.

He has a dream to not just improve his lot, or that of his clients, but he is taking on the world.

He wants to bring the four corners of the globe together to provide the education that will teach people to accept our differences, both physically and culturally.

Growing up in Sweden, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Vietnam and the United States, he considers himself a true citizen of the world.

He wants to celebrate uniqueness and encourage diversity, build global mind-sets, tell stories about culture and most importantly to educate the world about the beauty in all of us and how we can work together to improve our global identities.

And quiet simply when he was first on the show, you could sense the desire to get out there and do it.

But now he is doing it. Really, really doing it. And building greater and greater success in his life.

If you want an hour of inspirational content, to kick start your own career then let's bring this introduction to a halt, and find out since our first chat what has been creating the greatest satisfaction in his life?

And would he change things if he went back in time, or just move like a twig on the mighty stream of life?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots on today's inspiration packed podcast interview with the one and only super entrepreneur himself Mr Tayo Rockson.

To find out more about Tayo Rockson go to:

Podcast: As Told By Nomads

Description: As Told By Nomads features interviews with global nomads, Third Culture Kids, and entrepreneurs discussing what it takes to be global leaders.

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being an entrepreneur and mastering entrepreneurship is one of the hardest things that you can do. Today’s guest joining us on Join Up Dots, walked away from her global marketing strategy role at Microsoft in 2012 after a successful 16-year corporate career spanning many industries to do just that. Become an entrepreneur of not and build a hugely entrepreneurial lifestyle

Now she shows business owners how to stop being the best-kept secret around and instead become a sold-out success.

Combining her proven business-building skill set with her ninja marketing skills, Michelle shows entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners how to build a steady stream of clients and profits for their business.

When she’s not working on her business, you can usually find her in the car taking one of her three kids to some sort of activity or at home cooking with her handsome and talented photographer/systems engineer/baker husband (his chocolate truffles + lava cakes are a-mazing).  

As she says “In short, nothing I do is based on fly-by-night recycled fluff or the new “it” strategy. It’s based on real world experience I’ve gained over the past 18+ years.”  

But of course there is so much more to this story than a lady deciding to go for it, and create an on-line business (not least how does she keep the weight off with chocolate truffles flying around the place).

So why did she leave a corporate gig that would have been seen as a successful one after sixteen years of climbing the corporate ladder?

And was it harder than she imagined to create that success on-line, or a walk in the park everyday?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Michelle L Evans

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When I started the top rated Join Up Dots podcast, it was important for me to bring to you different people, different conversations, and different varied skill sets.

And today’s guest is a man who firmly falls into the different skill set category.

He is a man who found the motivation to build a career as a Professional Name Analyst, which if you are like me, until recently would have meant nothing to me.

But it has lead to a life of freedom, entrepreneurial success and a best selling book.

As he says in his professional bio “There is nothing more important or fascinating to each individual than his or her own personal life. There is not one human being who would not master his own individual life if he could. Your documented names from birth shape and define your character, your personality, both your mental and physical health, for better or worse. More amazing, the second part of this system reveals how letters from each of your names rotate at predetermined years, influencing events and the way you live your life. Incredible, maybe, but true! Name Reality shows you how, why and what you can do. “

And I like that statement “Incredible but true”

And I am sure in this episode you will all start looking at your own names in a very different way.

So how did he discover this stuff, and did he embrace it straight off, or did it take awhile for him to realise that this was something that would change his life?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots with the one and only Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari

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Today was one of those days that when you are working towards something make you sit up and notice.

Yes this morning I looked at our rankings on Itunes in the UK and saw that we had made a clean sweep across the board.

In the "What Hot" section we were at number one in Business, Education, Health and Careers which is remarkable.

And was the first time I had ever achieved something like that.

So without you guys this could never have occurred, as its only thousands of ears listening every day that can make this happen.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who listens to the show.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who tells their friends about the show.

And of course a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who leaves a rating an review of the show at iTunes.

Thanks so much and I will see you again tomorrow......

Ps Please make sure that you go over and support the amazing work of listener and soon to be appearing as a guest Mr Dan Trilk

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Today’s guest joining on the Join Up Dots show is a lady who I first connected with several years ago, but never got a chance to properly say hello to.

Which is a bit of a regret, as not only is she a truly lovely individual but is also based in this little island of ours:

Yep, she is based in rainy Manchester in the United Kingdom and since working for British Telecom as a Call Centre Trainer has been on a mission.

A mission to develop employees everywhere to become the best that they can be, and find happiness whilst they are doing it.

And she certainly seems to now have found her thing, after as much struggle as everyone else

As she says “I’d love to be able to say I’m one of those people who is so super clever, I built a successful coaching business easily. But that would be a big. Fat. Lie.

I spent my first year as a coach taking every course I could get my hands on, which led to massive overwhelm. It became a patchwork quilt of information: a course on blogging, another for WordPress, another on podcasting, then copywriting.

But it wasn’t cohesive. I wanted courses to help me go step-by-step so I could focus on what I loved, coaching.”

And so how has she done it?

How has she managed to blend her years of being an employee into someone who is crushing it, but also being totally themselves…being happy in the process?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the lovely Northern lass herself Jo Casey.

To hear more from Joe Casey go to:

Podcast: The Work Happy Coaching Podcast

Description: The Work Happy Coaching Podcast is the place for Life Coaches, Health Coaches and Holistic practitioners to learn how to build their businesses in a way that's smart, non-icky & filled to the brim with integrity, heart and good humour. Even if you hate marketing, Jo Casey will share step-by-step strategies to get more coaching clients, earn more money and therefore do more good in the world. The show's a mixture of super smart guest expert interviews and Jo Casey's personal guidance to grow your coaching business like a weed. Oh, and she's a massive nerd when it comes to all things coaching - you have been warned!

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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast is a lady who like so many of us decided that she wanted something in life, and then found out that she hated it once it was achieved.

As she says in her own words “My lifelong goal was to be a manager. I hit the corporate fast track and became a manager in record time – and found out I hated it!

The long hours, corporate politics and endless budget meetings drained my energy and enthusiasm for life. What I really wanted, I decided, was a life where I could make my husband and kids my top priority – so I quit the corporate world to run my own business. I built and ran several businesses but something was still missing.”

That statement is so interesting to me on so many levels, which we will discuss on the show.

But our guest worked on living a life with status and prestige, but then changed direction.

So she became an entrepreneur which is the direct opposite to where she was and still it wasn’t right.

These decisions seem to be directed by her head, or her survival instincts, yet once she listened to her heart, and really listened to what the old blood pumper was telling her then it all came together for her.

And now she works with clients all over the world in such wonderful places as Holland, Belgium, Australia, U.K., Hong Kong and more!

She has coached and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them create 6 figure businesses and beyond.

Even achieving six figures in one day.

So does she look back at her career in corporate land and thank the gods that even though she was climbing up the wrong ladder, it still taught her the skills to build her own ladder and start climbing again?

And how does she balance this increased success with also being a Mum and Wife. Could she see a time when once again the ladder turns out to be wrong?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to joining up the dots, with the one and only Val Bullerman.

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Today’s guest joining us on Join Up Dots is a lady who is known as one of North America’s foremost experts on performance success through thought mastery.

An executive coach and popular speaker, she works exclusively with highly driven, accomplished executives, leading entrepreneurs and high level professionals in their respective fields.

Working with high profile individuals who have already achieved success in some areas of their lives, she uses the unique Frame of Mind Coaching process to ignite significant change and life transformation.

What this means in a nutshell, at least the way that I see it, is she makes the successful folk realise that they are only at the point of success that they are allowing themselves to achieve.

Their thought patterns need to be changed or at least re-directed to allow for greater and greater achievement.

She provides a framework, she breaks down the ceiling that they are pressed against, to then build a clear sky to shoot up into.

As her clients say “I found that her coaching has reawakened the person in me that had been dormant for years. I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel alive”

So when did she first grasp this concept and was it like a angels singing, and a yellow brick road appearing like magic in front of her to follow?

And what steps can all of us take to be able to get going with Framing Our Minds for success?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, with the one and only Kim Ades.

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Today’s guest joining me on the top rated Join Up Dots podcast show is a man who has a fascinating story, some might say a heroic story.

With the biggest smile you are likely to see he has found the motivation to overcome one of the most self limiting beliefs that anyone can have “That of self loathing”

As he says “At birth, I created a bit of a ruckus and lost oxygen in the process. As I grew, I developed a one-of-a-kind accent commonly called a speech impediment. Also as a kid, I had substantial coordination difficulties. For instance, in seventh grade, I actually threw a shot put backwards during a track meet!

I spent much of my life strongly disliking not being “normal.” At least I accomplished a good deal while feeling badly about myself, although, I wouldn’t recommend this type of motivation. I graduated college with a double major in English and Social Work. I earned a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry. And, for ten years, I worked for an organization that served people with developmental disabilities. This was an extremely rewarding job. On a daily basis, I was seeing the best in other people. Unfortunately, I was still often seeing the worst in myself.”

But of course, on Join Up Dots we aim to inspire and motivate, not to depress you, and our guest will definitely do that.

As little by little he found a way through his difficulties, to achieve the greatest breakthrough of all. He learnt to accept who he was, warts and all, and love himself.

And now a coaching business and a flourishing speaking career he is getting out there everyday, and leaving a trail of inspired folks ready to turn their limitations into extraordinary results.

So how did he start turning his life around, and is this a process that we can all follow?

And how is it possible to actually throw a shot backwards anyway?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Jason Freeman.

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Today's episode has been brought to you by the Entrepreneurs And Coffee Podcast hosted by the amazing Brendan Hufford

So looking back, and joining up your dots, you have to ask yourself, were they worth it?  Were all of those dots worth learning from and going through to get you where you are today?  And to be honest, it really only matters if you’re happy where you are today.  If you’re happy in your business and life, then you probably have a really amazing sense of clarity about your dots that have brought you here.  But maybe you aren’t. Maybe you hate your dots and hate some aspect of your life and I know listening to David and I today has inspired you and given you actionable advice because we just finished chatting and *I’m* pumped up and ready to crush my goals and live my dream. *I’m* ready to live a life that I don’t have to take a vacation from.

But David stressed just taking that first step.

And then going one step at a time.

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The Conscious World Foundation Inc is 501(C)3 non-profit headquartered in the United States of America. However, our organization is without boundaries in both our reach and purpose. We are here to support, train, and honor young emerging leaders aged eighteen to twenty-five (18-25) who are located in every country around the globe.

Our purpose is to develop youth around the globe to become the next generation of conscious leaders. In a single generation we can create a significant upward shift in how our leaders and our citizens envision what it means to win in a global world. We promote the Triple WinTM approach – you, others, and society winning together, as pioneered by our Founder, J V Crum III.

Youth Leadership Training and Summit provide the training necessary to become visionary conscious leaders who have the skills necessary to solve world problems and lead to create positive change in every area of human endeavor, including: education, health, business, science, technology, and government.

Through our annual Conscious World Youth Leader Scholarship, Conscious World Day, and Conscious World Podcast, we celebrate emerging youth leaders from all geographic regions of the world. By giving these new conscious leaders a voice on a world stage, we both honor them and, through their individual and collective achievements, inspire others to create positive change that uplifts humanity.

What We Teach
Consistent with our purpose, our mission is to help create the next generation of worldwide conscious leaders. We provide leadership events, podcast, and trainings that focus on developing three qualities in young people:

(1) Understanding and application of the Triple WinTM approach – you, others, and society winning together, as pioneered by our Founder, J V Crum III.

(2) Assuming personal responsibility for acting with integrity, being responsible for one’s own life and family, and becoming the highest expression of yourself and your potential.

(3) Becoming a contributor to our society by caring about others and society in ways that support our becoming a Conscious World.

Eligibility & Diversity Statement
All young adults, aged eighteen (18) to twenty-five (25) as of JUNE 30, 2015 are eligible. Applicants from all countries are eligible to apply and be considered to become a Conscious World Leader honoree.

Conscious World Foundation Inc is an inclusive organization. Youth are invited to seek our annual scholarship, participate in our trainings, be a guest on the Conscious World Youth Leader Podcast, and apply to attend our Conscious World Youth Leadership Summit without regard to their country of origin, geographic region, culture, ethnic background, religion, gender, or sexual-orientation.

Conscious World Youth Leader 2016
Each year we select one “Conscious World Youth Leader” who has founded a project that is contributing in to our world in a way that uplifts and improves our world, such as solving a social problem or creating positive social change, helping others or animals, improving our environment, or in some other manner uplifting humanity. This person will represent Conscious World Foundation Inc for the next year as our exemplary youth leader, will be asked to participate on our “Youth Board”, and will be an example to others of conscious leadership.

There are ten Finalists who each receive prizes and an award certificate. The winner also receives a $5,000US Scholarship and becomes the youth model as our “Conscious World Youth Leader 2015″.

$5,000US Scholarship. The winner will receive a $5,000US scholarship that can be utilized either to pay for college / graduate work or to further their project or cause.

Application deadline is MAY 31, 2015.


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My guest today, on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an a man who is on a mission to help us all.

He has a passion for helping all of us to break free from what he calls "Solo Economic Dependancy"

Now if you have no idea what that means, then Solo Economic Dependency is basically this: If you’re not working, you not making money.

High-paid professionals, doctors, dentists, surgeons, freelance consultants, lawyers, accountants……people from all types of backgrounds find themselves in this predicament.

Lose the job, or be forced to take leave of absence, and you are forced to dip into your savings if you have them.

Well our guest believes that being put into that position is quite simply madness, and works on making money even when he isn't working……in fact, even while his sleeping.

As he says "That’s real financial freedom, and that’s something worth striving for"

So how has he managed to do this?

And are their strategies that all of us can implement that can start helping us break that one job dependancy?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Mark Podolsky

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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is a man who was first introduced to me by Devon Bandison who appeared on the show way back on episode 108.

How told me that "If you wanted success, motivation and hustle on your show then this is the man to have!"

Gaining his education at Ursinus College he left with a Bachelors of Arts, Business & Economics, and set of into the big wide world with a dream.

And it seems to me that this dream at it's core, is about helping people become the best versions of themselves.

Helping them not only discover themselves, but build a business around them that flourishes.

As he says "In the past 4 years I’ve done everything from sell nearly $1m of clothes in a year while coaching CrossFit, to living the dream and build an online business for study abroad students while in Italy, to building the strategy for a 30 day $122k Kickstarter campaign.

It hasn’t all been pretty, but it’s been an incredible education that’s gotten me to where I am today. In my strategy coaching business, I help artists and entrepreneurs like you get started on and move toward their “South Pole Goals” by focusing on the tiny bits of heroism that, when repeated consistently, will make the biggest difference."

And that is the key thing to becoming who you want to be in life.

Taking small steps consistently, and realising that pretty won't come into the equation until much later on the journey.

And now from his hometown base in the Greater New York City Areahe is rocking and rolling and it seems being the version of himself that he was born to be?

So when things were not pretty how did he find the skills or education to change the future into one much more attractive?

And does he believe that anyone can do what he has, or does it take a special kind of person?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Tony Ubertaccio.

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My guest today, on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who for many years suffered with the age old question that we all seem to struggle with “What should I be doing with my life?”

On the outside, it was a question that didn’t seem to be required to answer.

She had a great job, a good-life, friends, a boyfriend…..most of our must have tick boxes were well and truly filled.

However deep down she had a feeling that there must be more to life than what she was experiencing.

This couldn’t be what she had been placed on this earth to experience.

So, within six months she had quit her job, and set about going after the life of her dreams.

She worked out what she most wanted to achieve, she wrote the lists, she worked her butt off, and she ended up doing something that she didn’t like.

As she says “Not every business is meant for you and just because others can make a go of it, doesn’t mean it’s your calling. It was a hard decision to make but I decided, it was time to let it go.

When I did that I felt a sense of relief. While I didn’t like the fact that I had just ‘failed’, I did feel relief that there was nowhere else to go but up.

Plus, my amazing dad had said to me at that time, ‘Jennifer, failure is like a badge of honour to an entrepreneur. What’s next?”

That was a big moment for me. It’s when I learned, and I mean intrinsically learned in all the cells of my being that failure isn’t bad. That failure is a part of growth and it can have a very empowering meaning if we allow it.

So where did this moment of relief and letting go take her?

And could she have to got to where she is now, without going though this period of her life?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Jennifer Trask

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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is a man with many, different achievements, in many different fields.

All of them I supposed linked to taking the kind of risks that push you to the top of your chosen field.

His success is based around doing the things that he love, leading to the freedom of choice that we all want.

You can list that he is the founder of, the leading website for smart risk-takers.

He has run a marathon on every continent. Yep, including Antarctica.

Organized three world records and holds the title of the Adventure Czar for The World Domination Summit.

All good stuff, but when you tie it together with his core mission that he wants to help every person in the world improve their health, work, and adventures by taking smarter risks in their life then you can see he is a big thinker, and a huge problem solver.

He works with people helping them to push themselves out of their comfort zones, and developing greater security in their life, higher income earning possibilities and I guess loving the challenge of life, instead of going though the motions.

He's an independent entrepreneur who has founded 8 businesses, travelled to 25 countries, and ran a marathon on every continent to connect with the the world's greatest risk takers and adventurers and learn their secrets.

As he says "If the time is going to pass anyway, I want to spend it doing fun things with interesting people."

So did he always have that dream to change the big things in life. or did he discover this passion by accident later in life?

And how does he find the majority of people react when he proses an ever increasing risk taking in their lives?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Tyler Tervooren

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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is a lady with not just a cool nickname, but also is someone that everyone in the online world needs to know.

Known as “One Click Lindsay”, today’s guest has become the go to person if you want to know more information about landing pages, email sequences, search engine ranking, newsletters, analytics, social media, pay-per-click ads, websites, blogging to name just a few.

She is a lady who loves to know the nuts and bolts that turns a business into a succesfull and thriving business. 

Which means, she knows how to get customers to your business, and then convert them into super customers.

People who cannot resist your products.

And it seems in classic Join Up Dots style, this was a path that she was always destined.

As she says “Even as a young girl, I loved bringing a business to life and watch it grow.  Other girls wanted to babysit, while I worked out the percentage I could charge for getting them jobs and managing them.  A lemonade stand was not a “fun” way to waste a summer afternoon, it was a very serious business involving customer acquisition and profit margins. I was born an entrepreneur, and I believe you are either born that way or you’re not.  I see an opportunity, and I have no other choice but to create the business capitalize on that opportunity.  My husband, on the other hand, just wants a job (so I made one for him). 

After years of struggling through being an “employee” I started Web Impakt, which over the last 10 years, I perfected (if I do say so myself). I’ve led my team to launching everything from simple web pages to enterprise level systems.  I’ve managed dozens of developers and designers, yet still have had to roll up my sleeves on a Saturday evening (after all, if you want a job done right, eh?).  And most importantly, I’ve gotten very good at generating traffic and leads, not only for my business, but for my client’s businesses as well.”

So being born to be an entrepreneur, does she feel that she had all the talents inherently that makes someone rocking and rolling, or has she still had to learn what makes someone successful?

And did she struggle at the beginning, or was it whooosh straight to the top?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Lindsey Anderson.

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My guest today, on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is the co-founder of Sales Elite and is a sales professional with over 12 years of sales and leadership experience within the technology industry.

Most recently he has 9 years’ experience at Oracle America, Inc.  building a successful Sales and Business Development organization of over 100 sales professionals.

He is a certified sales professional and also President of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Austin Chapter.

Which all sounds very grand, and I suppose less than unusual.

But it seems to me that it was the big decisions in his earlier life which were unusual and formed so much of what he does today and where he does it.

From the decision to move away from home in Belfast as a child and attend school in Scotland, to deciding to work in Japan where her met his now wife, he took on experiences and challenges bold and exciting.

But it wasn’t until attending a leadership development program at George Mason University and participating in his first triathlon that the spark to light his entrepreneurial journey truly began.

And the rest is history.

So why did this boy from Northern Ireland take such big steps as a child?

And has his journey been one, that when reflected upon was perfect and planned to perfection, or one made up of seemingly unconnected dots?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only entrepreneur Mr Gary Smyth

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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast believes in travel, more travel and then when she is finished and wants a bit of rest: Travel.

And this is not the pack your bags for two weeks each year, or for as many weekends as you can get, kind of adventure.

She is a believer that "Your life does not have to fit in a box. You don’t have to live behind the picket fence, slave away at that full-time job that sucks you dry, and the monotonous peak hour traffic runs.

You can have the picket fence and a job you love of course, but, we’re pretty sure you at least want to escape your everyday life for weekend getaways or a three-week vacation every year."

But what is the fascinating thing about today's guest, is how close she came to buying into the status quo that life seems to be lived by.

Settling into the routine or a life lived on other peoples terms.

After meeting each other, falling madly in love and then beginning a five year honeymoon as they travelled the world teaching English, things came to a halt

As she says "We returned home after the honeymoon and hit a major slump. This travel life we loved was over.

That thinking changed everything and before we knew it we were chasing money making schemes all over the world trying to get the riches we needed to keep travelling.

Let’s just say $500,000 and no self-esteem later we woke up."

"Why do we need to wait until we have the money to live what’s in our hearts? Why not just start with what is in the heart today?"

And with that thought, and I'm sure more than a touch of apprehension they set off on what has become their life, travelling, blogging and helping others to buy into the start the dream today mentality with their top ranked blog "Y Travel"

and now with two children in tow, their success, and ability to grab more experiences in a month than most of us have in a lifetime is assured.

So what was it about the nomadic lifestyle that had such a pull on them?

And is it something that they think everyone can do, or does it take a certain type of mindset?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only travelling entrepreneur herself Caroline Makepeace.

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My guest today on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an man who is perfect for a show like this one.

As he made the brave decision a few years ago to leave his successful corporate gig and follow his heart.

He made the decision to set out to discover what would bring him personal satisfaction in life, play to his strengths, and then turn it into income by creating the Trademarked MIKE cartoon sports character.

MIKE is an animated microphone with a sharp wit, humorous turn of phrase, and the go to guy if your TV programme wants a different approach to interviewing live celebrities and sports figures.

But of course he is so much more than just a cartoon character, as within his small body he holds the dream, passions and future for our guest all rolled into one.

But like all guests today’s started his career as far away as is possible from where he is today, surrounded by the green grass, and bright lights of American sports stadiums and TV studios.

Beginning his career as the Corporate Merchandise & Import Manager for CVS & Rite Aid) he spent his time travelling around the Far East importing consumer electronic & personal care appliance merchandise, before later setting up his own company in Sweeney Sales inc.

He hustled, travelled and worked hard in an environment that seems from the outside a strange fit for this creative guy.

But maybe that wasn’t the case and this was the period of key learning that without it, MIKE the character could never have been born.

So was he always entrepreneurial in spirit, but truly needed that thing that played to his own creative side to get going in life?

And of course its great to have a fun and creative idea, but how do you keep the buzz when things don’t go your way?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only entrepreneur himself Mr Jim Sweeney.

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Happy New Year to all of you!

If we could come round to all your houses on the beginning of a new adventure, yep a new year then we would.

Because without you all we wouldn't have achieved what we have personally achieved in 2015.

So what is it that you want to achieve in 2015?

Have you set the goals. Have you decided on which dream you want to go for this year?

Well David Ralph talks in this episode, how setting goals is a great thing to do but you shouldn't go for the big goals.

In many ways these are destined for failure.

Big goals are too much for us to achieve after the new year enthusiasm wears off.

He believes that we should simply start with very small goals, and by achieving them the incremental goals lead to something amazing.

But of course we don't.

We set off going for the gold, and upon the first obstacle we fall by the wayside and slip back into our old returns.

So what type of things should you look for, and where do you find the support you need to become amazing?

Well you will find out all the answers in this episode of Join Up Dots, and you might even get a little bit of Abba too!

Happy New Year to You All

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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast is a man who calls himself a rockstar, and with very good reason too.

No he doesn’t strut around doing the Jon BonJovi return,or perhaps he does.

Instead is he is a rockstar in regards to his methods for money management, and can help us all get out of debt, save money and therefore retire at a young age.

As he says “I grew up in small town America and now live in the big city of Dallas, Texas.

I’m an early retiree who gets to work because I want to, not because I have to. If one of your goals is to do the same, I’m here to help.

My mission is to educate, empower, and entertain people from all walks of life by helping them experience real breakthroughs in their lives through hope and financial freedom.

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can put to work simply and immediately in your personal life. ”

Now that all sounds amazing doesn’t it.

And what makes it even more amazing is this guy wasn’t born with an inherent skill to make money, keep money and grow his stash of cash

This guy was someone who as he says “I went from a money moron at age 22 to self-made millionaire 13 years later”

He has made huge mistakes in his past, but has learnt from them.

He has worked at filling in the gaps in his education to become a master of those mistakes.

And now with his platform, and newly released Podcast “Financial Rockstar” he is rocking and rolling and loving life.

So what was the moment when he realised that things couldn’t keep travelling on a one way journey to broke-ville?

And is this something that can be done easily, or is it a case of sacrificing every bit of comfort and niceties in your life?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Scott Alan Turner

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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is a lady who boldly states.

"If you are a small business owner who is feeling overwhelmed by ALL the different pieces of technology you need to run your small business, you are about to loooove me!"

And certainly I have heard her name mentioned by many of the on-line luminaries of the world, who don't just loooooove her, but really like her too.

She is the founder of LKR Social Media, where she used her expertise to help small businesses with social media and on-line marketing.

She is also the founder of Edgar, which is is a tool that helps with social media scheduling and marketing automation.

But more than that she is big on building a business that supports the lifestyle that she loves.

She believes that social media is part of a new way of running a business – a business that is internet-driven (even if you don’t sell online), flexible, scalable, and provides you with a life, not a grind, which means that she can travel frequently and recently spent 3 weeks in India and 2 weeks in South Africa totally unplugged.

But how is she doing this?

Well she earned a degree in Advertising at The University of Texas, while teaching herself about web and online communications on the side.

However when she graduated at age 20 she moved to Chicago to start her professional career, but unusually didn't then set into a decade of working her way up a ladder, just to find out that it was the wrong ladder.

Instead with limited business knowledge she took the leap started her own company and the rest is history?

So what made her different from so many people who wait with fear and apprehension till their mid forties before going for it?

And does she look back at the hustles, and struggles with fondness, or a "Thank god I don't have to go through that again?"

Well let's find out as we start joining up dots, with the one and only serial entrepreneur herself Laura Roeder.

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Merry Christmas to everyone of you!

Yes, today is that special day that is all about spending it with your loved ones, whilst enjoying and savouring everything that we have in our life.

Being woken up at the crack of dawn by excited children, and watching Nan and Granddad snore loudly on the sofa after the huge meal.

And it will be no different in the world of Join Up Dots, after all that is what its all about.

But in today’s episode your host David Ralph, wants to share with you his plans for 2016 and to hopefully make you realise that the most wonderful time of the year, should in fact be everyday.

We should wake up everyday like those excited children, ready for the wonder that life has to offer.

We should not groan when the alarm clock goes off, but in fact shout “Yayy!” when the ringing starts in the darkness.

So have you set your plans for the coming year?

Have you started to consider what you want to make 2016 be?

Well, we hope that we can be part of your journey and as we started the page with “We wish you and your loved ones the happiest time you could wish for!”

All the best

David Ralph and the whole Join Up Dots team

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My guest entrepreneur today, on Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an amazing lady who has pushed herself to achieve true greatness in her life.

Yes, she is someone who has demostarted true womens Leadership.

Yes, I have never seen this, but I bet many of you will have had this question appear on trivial pursuit at one time or another.

“Who was the first woman to row three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian single handedly?”

Well today’s guest is the answer that you will be looking for, holding four world records for ocean rowing, including first woman to row three oceans, whilst rowing over 15,000 miles, taken around 5 million oar-strokes, and spent cumulatively over 500 days of her life at sea in a 23-foot rowboat.

She uses her success in ocean rowing adventures to inspire action on the top environmental challenges facing the world today.

But the interesting thing to me is that she was not an obvious choice to be awarded as adventurer of the year in 2010.

As we will discuss this during the show, perhaps if she hadn’t attended Oxford University one of the big two rowing universities, then there was a good chance that she wouldn’t have stepped onto the water.

And the second interesting thing, amongst all the interesting things is why she upon leaving university, slipped effortlessly into the corporate environment for six years, where now everything points to big adventures, big dreams, and probably big blisters.

So looking back on her life would she have skipped the corporate gig, and launched straight onto the waves?

Or was this a key part of finding the lady that she is today?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only, entrepreneur and adventurer Roz Savage MBE 

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There’s not many people in the world, or at least those that I have met, who when asked what they are most proud off would say “Keeping my family happy and safe during a massive earthquake and starting again and thriving through it”.

But that is the case with today’s guest on Join Up Dots.

She is a lady from New Zealand who has been on a journey of discovery which lead her from her hometown, into Africa and then back again.

As she says “I’ve always wanted to ‘change the world’ and help people. Ever since I was in high school and in the GAIA and Amnesty International Club. I went to Guyana when I was 19. It was eye opening and wonderful and when I got home the Malaria kicked in. So did the realisation that My degree in International Development gave me great insight but I didn’t have the skills or knowledge to really help. Not in the way that I wanted to.

I turned my attention to helping people by using the Outdoors as a medium for personal development. I returned from Canada to my home country of New Zealand. I competed in (and completed) the famous Southern Traverse 5 day non-stop Multi-sport race. I used the outdoors to facilitate personal development and for me, it wasn’t about the rock climbing or the kayaking… it was about the people. The looks on their faces when they did something that they never thought they could achieve.”

And that was one of those moments when she realised that her talent, passion, skills, and authenticity was linked to making a difference to others.

Helping them to achieve greater and greater things, especially in creating a business was the thing that lit her up inside.

So could she have got to where she was without this detours and seemingly unconnected dots in her life?

And without sounding trite, was experiencing the earthquake a true moment that shook her up and changed her life forever?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only, serial entrepreneur herself Natalie Cutler-Welsh

To hear more from Natalie Cutler-Welsh go to:

Podcast: Go To Girl Social Media & Networking

Description: Go to Girl is all about helping women and mums in business to get savvy with social media and networking. Natalie Cutler-Welsh presents weekly interviews with inspiring and successful women, as well as information and tips on using social media for your business. Get motived by others' stories and connect with other women who understand the joys and challenges of running your own business. Topics include Social Media, Interviews, Reviews, Networking. The stories behind the women. How they got started, their biggest challenges and why they're passionate about running their own business.

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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is Mr Thomas Franks, the owner of the College Info Geek, where he puts a totally different spin on going through the college life.

As he says to the students of the world “You know that just going to class, getting good grades, and graduating with a degree isn’t good enough any-more. You know that being successful in college takes a bit more work.

You’ve got the drive and the ambition. So where do you go from here?”

Which is a fascinating point of view, which is very different from most peoples education experience I would imagine, whereby they base this part of their life as a self contained period.

Get through college, get the grades, and then set about kicking ass in the real world.

But success takes time, so what better way to hit the ground running than fine tuning and developing your hustle muscle before you need them.

By doing things the right way whilst in College.

As he says “This  blog is dedicated to helping you build a remarkable college career, which in turn will lead into an amazing life.

This is not your typical college blog. You won’t find articles with 10 Tips to Win at Beer Pong or 6 Ways to Hack Your Laundry. 

That bite-size, regular, boring content has already been written hundreds of times on other blogs. I’m not interested in it.

This blog is all about winning at college.”

And now he is certainly winning in his own life, and once simply a blog, this is now a lifestyle enthused by passion.

So how did he break free from the college mentality that most people buy into, with parties, hangovers, and late nights crouched over the books? 

And does he look at what he has created as the whole package or just the starting point to what he can now achieve?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Thomas Franks.

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Today’s guest is a wife, mother of three awesome kids, writer, entrepreneur, mentor, yogini and finance executive.

She lives in the mountains outside of Colorado Springs, CO with her domestic cats, dog and mountain lions.

Yeah honestly, these are full fledged mountain lions, the scary ones that you see in films terrorising communities, and making chickens fly into the air!

But if you think that this lady is someone born to be living in the wilderness, then think again.

Growing up in New Orleans then moving to Boston for college and the beginning of her career, she was a “city girl” who never spent much time outdoors.

But after seven years in Corporate America, she wondered if that was what she was supposed to do with the rest of her life.

The intuitive answer was a resounding NO but like so many of us find out, she had no idea what the answer was.

So she dropped out, put all of her things in storage, packed up her Jeep with some essentials and followed the voice in her head that said,

“Go west and do something with horses.”

Her logical mind asked, “Where west and do what with horses?”

And the voice wisely answered, “You go figure it out.”

And so off she went, into the unknown and a future that was less than certain, which I think is the perfect starting point to today’s episode.

How did she overcome the fear that usually holds so many of us back as we start to get that vibe of “There must be more to life than this”?

And what does she think when she looks back at those seven years in Corporate? A waste of time, or a huge stepping stone to where she is today?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only entrepreneur herself Paige Burkes.

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Today, guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is Jeremy Reeves, a man considered one of the worlds leading authorities on building sales funnels.

Which is a very nice statement to be able to make, but it wasn’t always that way.

This guy has been on a journey of discovery started by a simple promise to his wife, where he promised “that no matter how hard I had to work… no matter what it took or what we had to go through… I was going to become successful enough to support her so she could raise our future children.”

But like so many people who make such a bold statement of intent, there was a big problem hanging over him.

He had no idea how he would do it.

They were flat broke.

They could barely afford to put food on the table, let alone have kids and let her stay at home to raise them.

But he made her a promise… and as he says “I keep my promises.”

So he took a look at himself, and thought “What will my skills and education be able to develop for me?”
He had a degree in human psychology, and had always been fascinated by how the mind works and why people make certain decisions.

So wrapping his life around that strength seemed like a good idea.

So became A Direct Response Copywriter, and hustled like mad, working two jobs, log hours and developing his skills until he could class him self as a winner.

But that was just step one, and after analysing his strengths and weaknesses one day – it clicked.

He realized that his strength wasn’t just keeping people glued to his writing, it was combining innovative marketing strategies and positioning tactics (like building a sales funnel) with world-class copy.

While most “copywriters” focus on writing – he focused on the things that made more of an impact.

The big ideas. The positioning. The congruency between products. The back-end. Simple follow-up systems.

So does he look back and think the hustle was the true gift in his life, or could he have got to where he is now quicker?

And is he astonished at how many people keep on making the same mistakes time and time again?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only entrepreneurial Mr Jeremy Reeves.

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When we started Join Up Dots it was a big part of the focus, that we brought you many different types of people doing the kind of things that you perhaps weren’t aware were possible.

Well today’s guest falls firmly into that category, as she is an Image Therapist which until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t even know the term existed.

What that means is, and I’m sure she will correct me if I am wrong (I am a man after all), but each day you slip into clothes that reflect your personal essence.

You don’t just wear clothes that you have worn for the last few years because someone bought them for you for Xmas.

But instead by selecting the right clothes you will discover your authentic self… and reflect this in what you wear.

Effectively you become more of yourself and ready to take on the world with confidence, style and charisma.

And now from her offices in Beverly Hills, California she is taking her clients everyday on a journey of discovery.

They are stepping into the brilliant real of wearing colour to live a more boldly authentic and personalized life!

So where did this concept come from, and was she always someone who looked at clothes as something more than covering up the bits that we shouldn’t show?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Liana Chaouli

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It was a total delight to be interviewed by a man who respect greatly in the podcasting online world....Mr Chuck Wang.

Chuck is one of those guys that is a true giver. He goes out of his way everyday to make a difference to the lives of every person that he meets, and when you get to finally speak to him you realise a profound fact.

He does it quietly and effectively.

He isnt one of these "Look at me people" kind of guys.

Instead he knows what he is good at, prepares as much as he can to be even better at that thing, and swings everytime.

Yeah, he might not always hit it out of the park, but that isnt the point.

He turns up and gives it a go.

So in this episode of Join Up Dots, we share a conversation that it was my privilege to have, where we discussed marketing, podcasting, why the successful can get lazy, and of course what makes an English shandy.

Direct download: 020_David_Ralph-MVP_marketing_podcast.mp3
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Today’s guest following the words of Steve Jobs on the Join Up Dots business podcast interview, is one of those guys that I love speaking to as when you first research them you think “They are a little bit mad”

And then when you see them describe themselves as “An amateur adventurer, digital nomad and travel addict. I like to get muddy, naked and painted.” you think yeah wasn’t far wrong.

But what makes this entrepreneur guy fascinating to me, is how very easily he could have been living the normal, humdrum lifestyle of so many of us if he had listened to the words of others.

But instead he has created a whole lifestyle for himself that is full on motivation and moving everyday towards great success.

As he says in his own words “I first started backpacking when I was eighteen and was instantly hooked by all the inspiring people I met whilst hitching, camping and couch-surfing around Europe. Since then, I have lived in India for a year, worked on bars in Vietnam, herded goats in the Holy Land and conquered the highest navigable pass in the world armed with a poorly drawn map and a packet of ritz crackers. I have survived knife-point robberies in Nepal, guerrilla encounters in Myanmar, motorbike crashes in Vietnam and numerous other mis-adventures.

In 2011, I came back to the UK and settled into a job (much to my parents delight!) working for a travel company;

I hoped I had found my true calling!

Sadly, I spent almost all of my time behind a desk and so I decided to throw it all in, start this blog, and hit the road.

And now with thousands of followers actively consuming the tales of adventure and madness everyday, it seems to me that he has now found his true calling.

So what was it about ritz crackers and the life on the open road that so appealed in the early days?

And by surviving on just $12 dollars a day for over two years, has this been the key to totally immersing yourself into this thing called Planet Earth, that so many of us rarely truly see?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start following the words of Steve Jobs joining up dots, with the one and only entrepreneur Mr Will Hatton

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In today's episode of Join Up Dots David Ralph talks about why it is so important to start thinking of your perfect life before you even take the first step on your journey.

So many entrepreneurs fail to grasp what they want from life and end up creating a life that is a nightmare.

They fail to set up all the correct procedures and structures that leave them able to step away from the business and live the life of their dreams.

So David Ralph asks you in his own unique way to think about two key things.

What Do you Want To Achieve? and Then How Would Your Perfect Day Feel Like?

These simple two exercises will give you the blueprint to go forward into your future with the confidence that things will work out how you want them to be, and not like so many others have found create monster that brings them to their knees.

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Today's guest following the words of Steve Jobs and joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is an entrepreneur who is on a mission to help all the parents of the world.

She is an expert on dealing with the complexities of raising children, and the anxieties and behavioural problems that we as parents may encounter with our adorable offspring.

Well, actually as a father of five children I would say we will definitely encounter these issues, which make them less than adorable sometimes.

For the past 20 years she has worked in a range of settings with families with complex needs who have lived through a range of trauma and as a respite foster carer herself had direct experience of living with traumatised children.

She has now been running her own company training, speaking and writing about the impact of early years trauma children's behaviour and development needs bringing much needed attention to these issues.

And now is also a veteran of TedX, yes she can now add that to her expanding list of talents, as in September 2015 she took to the stage in Bristol England with her speech on "Taming and Tending Your Inner Meerkat brain!!"

So with her writing, TV appearances, speeches and myriad of other activities going on in her life, how does she retain her effectiveness on the key issues she is tackling?

And as an entrepreneur who cares so deeply, is there a chance that she actually ends up caring too deeply and loses the balance in her life?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start following Steve Jobs words, by Joining Up Dots with the one and only entrepreneur Jane Evans 

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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is a lady who believes in the possibilities of life and going for it big-time

She is a firm believer that “There is no such thing as impossible and that hurdles are just part of the journey if you really want something. ”

And this lady is someone who not only is willing to leap the hurdles, but also wants these leaps to become devoid of drama and ethical.

She is the Managing Partner of Britt Banter Public Relations based in New York City.

Which is an an award-winning firm with the perfect blend of nerdy and chic, Britt Banter has developed a modern and determined approach to public relations, creating an emotional connection with a heavy emphasis on creative strategy.

Which all sounds very professional and what you would expect a company to say.

But when you also see that they also state “We know business, but we don’t believe in the daily grind and we certainly don’t know what it’s like to have a case of the Mondays.”

This is a lady who has built something truly remarkable.

A company that is growing fast, growing smart, but still retaining the understanding that the business is made by a group of people with human needs.

She seems to me to be the perfect boss.

But has this always been the case?

Has been a different version of herself in the past that felt like most of us that she should wear the daily grind as a badge of honour?

And where does she see the true power of building connections across the globe, with the powerful and influential or with the group finding their way to greatness?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only entrepreneur Amy Britt.

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Do you want a solopreneur who is not only succesfull, but also totally confident and charge of her inner power?

Well todays motivational content delivers that big time.

But lets start, as I have the inspiration to talk about myself, of letting you into my life as a young man.

When I was a young man, I’m sure that I would have died and gone to heaven if I could have had a sexy boss come into my office.

I may not have got a lot of work done, but still it would have been a nice to have.

So imagine my delight that I get to invite a lady onto today’s episode of the top rated Join Up Dots podcast, who is the Author of…Sexy Boss Inc Manifesto: Transform From Broke, Frustrated and Bored to Living Fearless, Fulfilled and Financially Free, and also The Game of Dating: Just for Men. “The Ultimate Secrets on How to Date Your Dream Woman Today” Buy it Now.

But these movements that she has created with her publications isn’t about the old bumping and grinding.

Its about taking control of your life and going for it

As she says “Let’s Get One Thing Clear…. Girl, you are sexy. Damn sexy, in fact! But being sexy is NOT just about looks, or about sex, for that matter. At the highest level, being sexy is about getting off your butt, stopping the whining and excuses and reclaiming your God-given power.”

And she is certainly doing that, with her business going from strength to strength.

As a serial entrepreneur she is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing, business strategies and marketing, and since 2006 she started, developed and grew an online information marketing publishing company from ground zero to over $1 million in sales in less than 12 months.

Starting without a list, a product, a name or an offer, she has changed her life dramatically.

And as we see time and time again on Join Up Dots, she appears to be loving her life, and playing firmly in the sweet spot.

So when did she realise that sexual power, was something that she could package in a different way to appeal to a new market?

And with all the things that she has on her plate, what would she say is the one thing that she wouldn’t ever stop doing, even if she didn’t get paid for it anymore?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only serial entrepreneur Heather Ann Havenwood.

To hear more from Heather Havenwood go to:

Podcast: The Win With Heather Havenwood

Description: Heather Havenwood, serial entrepreneur, marketing advisor, author of many books including Sexy Boss™ - How to beat the Big Boys in business - explains the Art of Winning, and how it has become lost in our current society. Heather grew an online business to over a million in 2005 in one year - then quickly lost it and went bankrupt. On her journey from Bankruptcy to Sexy Boss™ Entrepreneur she learned the lessons on how to build a real businesses online, with real money and real work. Being a Winner. Once an individual makes a decision to be a business owner, solo entrepreneur, or to be a leader in their company or community - it is in that moment that they must learn how to WIN. How to play the game. How to get hit. A person will either sit in the stands, be a coach on the sidelines, or be a real player getting hit and winning on the field. Heather is a leader by the fact that she is willing to fail and succeed publicly. From Bankruptcy to Sexy Boss™ learn from Heather’s mistakes and wins. She has been known for her million dollar rolodex and leading from behind the curtain - she now comes out from behind the shadows to share her friendships, success and her every day real challenges in marketing, money and mindset.

Direct download: 457-Heather-Ann-Havenwood.mp3
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Ready to think big and live a life that is a wow?

Ready to take consistent action towards living a life that you didnt believe was possible?

Then todays episode is for you.

David Ralph officially pre-launches Join Up Dreams and the members only podcast Dream Starters Academy, where he will show you the steps you need to take to live the life that you deserve.

All you need to do is send an email to and state in the subject line "I WANT THE DREAM" and you have taken the first step forwards.

Welcome to Dream Starters Academy and your bright, exciting and wonderful future

David Ralph

Category:Entrepreneurs -- posted at: 1:22pm UTC

My guest today the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a man who seems to me a person that the world knows and loves.

I have literally lost count of the amount of people that have told me over the last five hundred shows “Have you have had Bob Burg on?” or “There is this guy I know that you have to have on!”

Well, he is here now and with a background ranging from saught after speaker, best selling author, and advisor to businesses across the world, he is a man who has found his thing it seems.

Thriving in the corporate environment as someone with the answers that people are searching for and need.

But how did that thing become fully realised?

As when you dig back into his history it seems that it was there at the beginning, but with the creation of Burg Communications was the true starting point to where he stands today.

But there is never the case, and the path that seems so right is one that is hard earned.

Never being easily found, although it is always there waiting for that first step to be placed upon it.

So we will take him on a journey right back to the beginning before the best-selling books, and speeches in front of thousands of people whilst sharing the stage with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

We will try to find out what makes him who he is?

So without further a do, lets bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Bob Burg.

To hear more from Mr Bob Burg go to:

Podcast: The Go-Giver Podcast

By Bob Burg (Coauthor of The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More, The Go-Giver Leader, and author of Endless Referrals and Adversaries into Allies)

Description: Would you like your business — and your life — to be a lot more fun, a lot less stressful, and a lot more profitable? Do you want to sell more, lead better, be more influential, and live a life of significance? In this show, based around the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from the international bestseller, “The Go-Giver”, you'll learn how to naturally create a life of joy and prosperity. Your host, Bob Burg, coauthor of “The Go-Giver” will share his insights and interview notables including today’s top entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders.

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  1. This episode of Join Up Dots has been brought to you courtesy of Bootstrapping It!

    Episode 21: Podcaster David Ralph “Joins up Dots” along his entrepreneurial journey

    David is the host of Join Up Dots, a daily podcast produced in the UK. The one simple mission of Join Up Dots is to help us all believe that the future can be whatever we want it to be.

    In this episode we talk with David about the transition from employee to podcaster and the monetization plans for his business, including his new podcasting platform, Podcaster’s Mastery.

    Key takeaways

    • David, a believer in the “side hustle” as a way to transition from employee to entrepreneur, had been working on various online platforms 6 years before he finally quit his job. He initially quit his job to become a web developer, but soon became bored with it.
    • David became inspired to podcast after listening to John Lee Dumas and Michael O’Neal.
    • As David has been growing his podcast, at various times he has taken a part-time job and coached/mentored others to compensate for the drop in his income.
    • One key thing that  David has learned since launching his business is that it doesn’t take a large number of customers to make a living from a entrepreneurial venture ($500 product sold to 200 of the 7 billion people on the plant = $100,000).
    • David’s original monetization strategy for his podcast was focused around advertisers, however, he is now concentrating his efforts on creating and launching a platform to teach others how to podcast.
    • David’s tips for bootstrappers:
    1. “Slide”, don’t “Leap” into your entrepreneurial venture. Put up with your job while you “upskill” yourself.
    2. Be selective in terms of who you share your dreams with.


Direct download: Episode21_rec_davidralph.mp3
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My guest today on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is Richard McLemore, a man who in his time has worked for the Man, Uncle Sam, and as a entrepreneur, building three businesses from scratch.

Starting his adult life in the Special Forces, he served his time under the tutorage of Uncle Sam, before entering the corporate world and looking for his thing.

And it’s fair to say that it took some time before things started going in the direction he wanted.

As he says in his own words ” After my first position I moved from Oklahoma to Houston, Texas as credit manager, and within one year got promoted to Zone Credit manager covering four offices.

During that time I kept on going out with the HP sales engineers, and could see that these guys had great technical knowledge but never returned with an order.

Watching this time and time again, I started to believe that I could do the sales role, and after discovering they were paid twice my rate made active moves to transfer across.

However the management were less than keen on this movement, saying no one from finance had ever moved into sales.

After a year, I did, and things started to come together for me.

I trained for 1 year, won 3 President Club awards – 2nd year, sold more than half of the worldwide inventory of HP LaserJets, even though I didn’t know how to actually turn the self-demo on”

And what makes this guy fascinating, and is truly it seems the piece of the puzzle that brings everything together is his understanding that bridges are there to be built.

He can see how the joining up the dots of knowledge is the key to success.

Building bridges between areas of expertise, allowing the big picture to be viewed in the quickest way forward.

And now he has set about building those bridges in the spiritual home of connections LinkedIn, where he has become a recognised expert in how to develop your network for maximum effect.

So is there a piece of the puzzle that people miss as they try to create their own track of success?

And does he look back and see his dots joining up, or has it been an eclectic group of stumbles and falls?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only entrepreneur himself Mr Richard McLemore

Direct download: 453-Richard-McLemore.mp3
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My guest today on Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a man who has been in his game for many many years, and seems to enjoy it more today than he has ever done.

Starting back in sales in the 1970’s he has now been selling for over 44 years…

And he has tried the lot, from selling all sorts of products and services, from financial services to advertising, to gym memberships to alarm systems to milk.

He learned to sell the hard way – by making loads of mistakes, learning from them and picking up bits and pieces from a variety of people along the way.

As he says “I don’t think there was any such thing as a sales coach when I started selling in the ‘70s.

So now I’m THE Sales Wizard because I never did quit, even when the going was tough.”

And that is such a hugely profound statement that we could almost just say that for an hour and all go home “I’m THE Sales Wizard because I never did quit, even when the going was tough.”

And now he reaches a huge audience of wannabe sales people, or those who want to get better in sales by his books, or speaker, and radio talk show host.

So was he always a salesman at heart, or like most of us just fall into something and then discovered after awhile that he had found his thing?

And where did he find his positive attitude that helped him so much to push through when times got tough?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start Joining Up Dots with the one and only Mr serial entrepreneur himself, Hugh Liddle

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Today's guest joining us on Join Up Dots is a man who unusually for most of the guests who we interview appears to have a nice neat journey to where he is today.

In fact it almost appears a game of two halves, with the first half finding his true self, by working for the man as a Fund Manager, and the second becoming the on-line Financial Mentor at

But this probably would be a bit simplistic.

But it is true that at his core he had an entrepreneurial spirit running through him.

He knew what he wanted from his life and worked constantly towards that, allowing him to retire at the age of 35.

And this is the fascinating part of his life.

From effectively saying job done, that's me finished he now appear busier than ever, with coaching, on-line courses, training and a myriad of other forms helping his clients achieve the same standard of life that he has.

He is doing the fun stuff, that he is very very good at and loving his life

He has become a millionaire by providing massive value to the world, and now has the life that he wants.

As he says in his own words "The reason I choose an ordinary but comfortable lifestyle is because I prefer to build net worth instead of overhead so I can enjoy freedom instead of flash. I didn’t pursue wealth so that I could buy everything I wanted: I pursued wealth so I could do whatever I desired, and be whatever I was capable of being. I value experience over stuff.

I’ve never wanted the mansions, private jets, flashy sports cars, and other encumbrances that the get-rich-quick gurus try to sell you on. I’m too environmentally conscious to consume at such a wasteful level. Besides, that is the mistaken pursuit of material wealth as a substitute for happiness. It doesn't work."

So do the dots in his life join up as neatly as they appear or are there many trials and tribulations leading to where he is today?

And does he see now that the quickest route to success is not through the bank account, but in fact a deeper understanding of one's self?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Todd Tressider

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My guest entrepreneur following the words of Steve Jobs today on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who has a myriad of careers since heading out into the big wide world back in 1980.

Ranging from Project Manager for a Research Company to Owner (code for as she says "everything that people don't want to do") and Manager (code for "how to get people to do what they don't want to do") of a salon spa, through to her current position as author, speaker and owner of several self development companies that she runs concurrently.

In fact since leaving academia she has created over ten different companies, which has given her the kind of schooling in what works and what doesn't, most people would take a lifetime to gain.

And what makes this knowledge even more remarkable is at its core it seems to me that this lady isn't too focused on business.

She has huge motivation to build success and a lifestyle for her clients, by working with business as simply a home for ideas, relationships, action taking and belief.

A home containing everything that the humans in it can dream and start building

There is a distinct vibe of knowing that the only thing that can hold anyone back is themselves, and this passion has been sought after by companies individuals and audiences across the world, who listen to her speeches, by her books and enter her courses.

So was she always a people person, or has she developed those skills through the rough and tumble of business?

And does she see the entrepreneurial mood growing stronger in the world, as more and people like her tell it as it is "The safest way is by taking action. Consistent action based on personal beliefs?"

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the late Steve Jobs, with the one and only super entrepreneur Wendy Lipton-Dibner


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It's with great delight that I get to speak to Candace Rose Rardon, a lady, who was first introduced me to a guest who appeared way back on episode 15 of the show Mike Sowden.

After the show without hesitation he told me, you have to get this lady on the show "as she is having an affair!"

Well actually, I don't know if he did say that, but they are the first words that you see on her website "The Great Affair"

But what does this mean?

Well let's tell you more about her, as you will see this lady is seriously in love with life, travel and her art, and experiencing life not just living it.

She is an writer, sketch artist, and illustrator, and now calls the world her muse.

She travels with a passion to capture not just the images, and architecture of the world, but also the flavour and emotions too.

This makes her unique in my view.

She is someone that shows us through her words and also her amazing sketches how she sees the world.

Her character and personality shines out through her work, like no photograph can ever capture.

So how did this all start, well we find out during the show.

But like my own life has been changed by the Steve Jobs "Join Up Dots" speech, it there to see that hers was changed by the words of Joseph Campbell who once said "We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

And now in her own words, "Seven years ago, I hesitantly took Campbell’s advice. I let go of the life I had planned and opened myself to the myriad possibilities the world has to offer. While stepping off the edge of my safe existence into the unknown was a terrifying prospect, I also had a feeling that something incredible awaited me if I could take that initial leap of faith.

Life has been a crazy adventure ever since."

So what is it about travel that lights her up, and is it all plain sailing or are their times that she longs for a cubicle in a grey office somewhere?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only entrepreneur and artist, Candace Rose Rardon.

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Entrepreneurs like today's guest, joining us on Join Up Dots podcast interview have quite simply trod a path to freedom, that so many of us tread at first when going after the dream.

She found the motivation to start working on building her dream, she slowly began instead to build a nightmare in its place.

Unreasonably long hours, hunched over her laptop, she worked 3 jobs, saying goodbye to her friends and weekends and quite simply wondered "What was the point in doing this?

But at the point of darkness, when things cant get any darker you have two choices

Number one sit down and stay in the dark, or number two push on until the dark is replaced by light and you come blazing out into your sun filled future.

Well that is what out guest did, and instead of remaining in the dark she realised that it was time to learn from the best.

She looked at the dream careers of others and went after it.

So she studied the best entrepreneurs, thought leaders and guys and ladies who looked like they were having a blast. And little by little she turned her life around and now this former PR and marketing strategist and Music editor inspires people across the world to consume passion like its going out of fashion.

Become a passion junkie she literally shouts across the world, and live a life so great that others will wonder how you did it.

Leave them wondering she says and in her own words "When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it."

So how did this lady from Italy, find herself inspiring the world?

And do you need to be inspire yourself first and foremost, or is it others that light your own personal spark?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only super entrepreneur Fab Giovanetti.

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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on he Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who has the answers to many of the problems that afflict us in the working world.

The aches and pains that we just put down to our jobs and our lifestyles.

The creaks and groans we make when we roll out of bed each morning, seem to be something that this lady has well….I guess put firmly to bed.

But this wasn’t always the case and like most of us she put up with chronic shoulder pain for over ten years, as she sat in front of the pc and bashed away for hour upon hour.

Now she believes that we all have a right to movement, and by focusing in on the way we move everyday we will put ourselves in a far better position to achieve, good health, good wealth and a pretty great life everyday.

She is lives in Singapore, and is the owner, investor and director of several businesses in the fitness industry, the author of Born to Move: 5 Steps to Achieve Mobility Fitness & Say Goodbye to Aches and Pains and now the owner of the Bodytree Asia’s first ever Adult Gymnastic Strength Building Studio.

As she says “Success can’t be sweet when your body is tired and in pain”.

So does she now look back at those ten years in pain, and think “What was I doing? Why did I let it go on for so long?”

And is the world getting in a worse shape than ever before, or does she see a realisation that “Yep, we need to start moving people”?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only inspiration, Lay Yong Ooi

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Today's bonus episode of Join Up Dots poses a big question.

The type of question that every single listener of Join Up Dots needs to ask themselves at least once a week.

How much do you want it?

When you are sitting on your sofa, half watching the television wishing you were somewhere else in your life?

When you are at a  job that leaves you flat, and the money isn't what you want it to be?

How much do you want to change it?

Do you really want the dream-life that we show time and time again.

Because today your host David Ralph said goodbye to two high level coaching clients, who over a period of a few weeks were unable to put in the effort to change their situation.

They were willing to put in all the effort to find a series of excuses, but not the time to change the obstacles into opportunities.

And that is the killer.

Why is it that people are willing to make all the time in the world for things that on the surface aren't important.

They will find the time to have a drink with their friends.

They will find the time to watch the last few episodes of that box-set of TV programmes that a friend lent them.

But finding the time to change their own lives and make their future

So this episode of Join Up Dots asked the simple question "How much do you want it?"

Are you willing to do the hard stuff to savour the sweet taste of success?

If you are then contact us at Join Up Dots, or connect with us on Facebook and tell us "Yes I am ready!!!"

And we will meet you halfway!

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Today's show is another departure from the standard Join Up Dots format.

In this show your host discusses and answers a question by a Join Up Dots listener who asks....
"Hi David, hope you are well.
Could you advise me do you think that a podcast is a great way of beginning in business or do you think I should create the business first?
All the best
Linny Bartholomew
And if you have time, what would be the best bit of advice that you have received from any of your guests?"
David answers this question, in his normal contagious manner, adding a few laughs into the mix.
And the answer may not be what you would expect a podcaster to deliver.
So sit back and enjoy, and if you would like to drop him a line and get your own message or question presented on a future episode of Join Up Dots then
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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview is a man who since 2006 has performed the role of Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) in the United Kingdom.

Now if that’s doesn’t mean anything to you, then let’s give you an understanding of the mission, and of course the size of the task that he has taken on.

The RSA Boldly state this as “creating the conditions for the enlightened thinking and collaborative action needed to address today’s most pressing social challenges.

We serve this mission by acting as a global hub, by enabling millions of people to access the most creative ideas, by nurturing networks of innovators, and through researching, testing and sharing practical interventions.”

So if you are sitting at your desk, thinking big dreams, and craving the individual freedom to make your own decisions then you have already tapped into this mission.

You are our guests target audience.

You are someone who is eager to live a creative life.

But how do you do it?

How do you go against the status quo and the conditioning of life.

How do you start moving towards something that seems at the start too big for you to create?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Matthew Taylor.

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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a woman who loves nothing more than ensuring high performing teams in organisations across the world.

She believes that all teams should be well oiled engines, lubricated by honest and meaningful communication between its members.

This is the mission of her San Francisco based company Double Forte, which over the last few years has positioned itself as one of the key companies to turn to in the event of a company needing to find ways to up its game.

What is interesting with this lady is although she has created this company, and so is in effect an employee, at her core she is quite obviously an entrepreneur with hustle muscle running through her big time.

Starting her working life back in 1988 as the Account Executive to the Account Supervisor for The Weber Group, she moved through quite a few positions quickly, as her ambitions forced her to find her true calling.

And it seems now that she has found it, and with her acclaimed book "Millennials & Management: The Essential Guide to Making it Work at Work", where she shares what's she's learned from leading big, medium and small teams and companies over the last 20 years selling well, her history seems to be connecting nicely.

Or said in another way it appears that she is well and truly joining up her dots.

So when she joined the work force back in 1988, did she have a plan to lead her to where she is today, or has it occurred organically over the years?

And are there common themes that she finds time and time again with non-producing teams?

Well lets find out as we start joining up dots with the lady that says "I'm a straight talker who doesn't hold too many punches, although I try to be pleasant about it." the one and only Lee Caraher


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Today's guest is a lady who has been on a bit of a journey in her professional life, to find the thing that she loves doing.

Now known as a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent writer to the Harvard Business Review, TIME, Entrepreneur, and the World Economic Forum blog, it seems from the outside that she had a master plan from an early age.

A step by step blueprint to success and the life that she is living today.

But then you read in her words this interesting section detailing the life before it all came together and you can see that this is far from the truth.

As she say "I grew up in a very small town in North Carolina – pre-Internet era – and felt incredibly frustrated with the lack of opportunities and like-minded people. I left home early to head to college, so I could get a jump-start on doing the things I cared about, like getting a masters degree in theology and becoming a political reporter, presidential campaign spokesperson, nonprofit executive director, and documentary film-maker.

In 2006, I launched my marketing strategy consulting business, and eventually started writing, speaking professionally, and teaching for business schools. I’m passionate about helping others take control of their professional lives and make an impact on the world, and have written two books – Reinventing You and the Stand Out – to help make that a reality."

And the key word being "eventually"

She took action, worked hard, undoubtedly hustled until eventually it all come together and she became being who she is today.

So looking back to her younger days, would she still leave home early or would she take a different road to where she is today?

And what would be the biggest learning that he has gained over the last few years?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up the dots with the one and only Dorie Clark.

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My guest today on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is Mr Ken Dunn, a man who seems to be able to juggle more things at once than a juggling octopus.

He is a husband, Father and serial entrepreneur with a history of taking start-ups to huge success in a very short time.

But like so many of our guests, his career didn't start where you would expect it to start.

He started as far away as is possible to where he is today, helping the world change the way people write, read and experience books, with his company Readers Legacy.

Instead, he started on the path to where he is, by working as a police officer in Halifax Nova Scotia, performing Patrol duties, undercover drug enforcement , surveillance ops, industrial fraud and theft investigations.

Whilst moving through the ranks, he was learning the kind of skills that you wouldn't think would help him shoot to such entrepreneurial success, but were in fact the stepping stones to building companies of his own that flourished.

Organisational skills, leadership skills, an eye for detail all were honed, and in 2001 he started KPLJ that competed in the mortgage business in Canada, and it's rapid financial success, coupled with a start in direct selling, forced his exit from Law Enforcement and he has never looked back.

So if he knew then what he knows know would he still start his career in the Police force?

And does he know what the true super talent that he has always possessed is, and could he have used only this and still made it to the top?

And did he take the handcuffs with him....and you know what those kind of things are used for?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start to joining up dots with the one and only Mr Ken Dunn.

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On the 21st October 2015, it was a delight to be interviewed on the astonishingly successful OpenWorld Mag by its founder Danny Flood.

From my base just outside London, and Mr Floods base in a hostel in Malaysia we overcame technical barriers to create show 56 in the OpenWorld Mag podcast series

It was an inspiring conversation covering entrepreneurial activities, podcasting, overcoming self-limiting doubts and how to carve out the dream life.

This content has been authorised to share by Danny Flood, courtesy of OpenWorld Mag

Podcasting is really hot right now… it seems that everyone and their auntie is starting a podcast. But most people give up after 7 episodes. And of the ones who persist, far too many of them become “me too” also-rans… not able to become unique enough, drive enough downloads, or monetize their show.

Interview with David Ralph, Join Up Dots

Why is it most people fail at podcasting while a few standouts crush it and kill it – and how can we avoid the fatal mistakes so many smart, well-meaning podcasters are making?

I invited David Ralph, the host of Join Up Dots, a daily podcast with nearly 500 episodes, on to the show to discuss this and a whole lot more. Join Up Dots is a best of iTunes podcast, receiving 1 million downloads within the first 4 months! It’s fair to say that David is crushing it right now.

He’s also created a training program called “Podcaster’s Mastery” which helps people create successful podcasts with real tactics, build an audience, and establish connections.


David is a true master at making human connections, and a veteran speaker and presenter. He shared some deep and profound insights in this episode. We discuss topics such as how to create a brand that’s uniquely you, how to engage with your content, and create a successful business in general.

If you’re ever curious about doing podcasting, or want to learn about how it can boost your business, then you’ll want to listen to this interview! David lays it all out on the line and drops a ton of knowledge bombs.

David’s story of his former life in the UK
The secret to becoming the best at what you do
How to bring FUN into your business – and why it’s critical to success
How to immediately engage with people, break the ice, and build rapport – so they feel comfortable opening up to you
How to perform at your best – even when you’re feeling low
How to create premium package products and support high pricing – whether you’re a consultant, freelancer, etc (hint: this is the key to creating a “lifestyle business”)
How David created a unique daily show and carved out a success story by differentiating himself (even in the market presence of other daily podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire)
How to monetize a podcast and build your audience (David went from zero to 1 million downloads in just 4 months)

Direct download: david-ralph-interview.mp3
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Today's guest joining us on Join Up Dots is one of those names that has turned up time and time again in the Join Up Dots history, so it's with delight that we finally get them on to the show.

He is a man who quite openly states "I'm good at many things, but I know what my sweet spot is, and so focus in on this as much as possible"

And that sweet spot?

Helping people discover their purpose and passion for life.

As he says "When I’m coaching people to put the “extra” in their ordinary life and turn it into the extraordinary life they want and are capable of living, I am where I should be. Actually most of my writing is on this topic because it is my passion!"

And that my listeners is the true mark of building success into your life.

Finding that one thing that you find fulfilling and enjoyable, and subsequently will find so much easier to do to become better and better until becoming the recognised expert in that thing.

But this isn't just another episode of a life coach that loves helping people as this guy is an entrepreneur juggling many plates at once.

And since 2003 he has also been the co-founder of CompanyBE a cloud based software which was designed and built in direct response to the challenge of running a small business more efficiently and effectively.

So with his talents listed as Author, Life Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Personal Development, Runner, Dad, and Business Owner he is a man who is in demand.

So when did he realise his sweet spot, and grasp the fact that he could make a living out of doing what he loves?

And is he at the point now where he spends all his time only doing things he loves, outsourcing the things that he doesn't?

Well lets find out, as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Bruce Van Horn

To hear more from Bruce Van Horn go to:


Life Is A Marathon: Life Coaching | Self-Esteem | Personal Development | Personal Branding | Positive Thinking

By Bruce Van Horn: Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Thought Leader, Author, Blogger, and Runner

Description: The Life is a Marathon show gives you inspiration, motivation, and resources to empower you to thrive and win in the marathon we call “life!” Bruce Van Horn is a Transformational Life Coach, Mentor, Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author, Empowering and Motivational Speaker, Dad, and Marathon runner who loves you too much to let you live an ordinary life. His personal motto is "Life is a Marathon, so let's train for it!" He brings his respected insight, wisdom, perspective, thought leadership, and storytelling abilities to this podcast to share with you information, life training tips, entertaining and heart-warming stories with the goal of helping you to transform your life, change your ordinary life into Extraordinary, build your self-esteem, recognize your value to the world, and live as the fullest expression of who you were created to be. Your thinking defines who you are in every way. Your mindset, how you think about yourself, others, and the world around you, effects your self-esteem, self-image and self-worth and personal branding. It also controls the way you perceive the world and how you interact with others. You can change your life by changing your thoughts. Use this podcast as your personal mentoring program as you transform your life by the renewing of your mind. When you find peace within yourself, know your life's purpose, and have a clear vision of what you want in life, you will have the emotional endurance to go the distance in life!

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Kavit Hara is todays guest on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an entrepreneur grounded in the age-old marketing principles, but using the latest technology advances to help small businesses thrive online.

I know that this sounds very impressive, but in a nutshell today's guest is a master at helping people finding their passions and creating thriving businesses based on those passions.

That's the dream really isn't it.

But the fascinating thing about this guy is although he now provides the fast-track to business success, he has been on an amazing journey to find those skills himself.

Over a decade ago, he was determined to become the worlds best tabla player.

Now if you don't know what this is, imagine an Indian musician kneeling before two, what I would call bongos, then that gives you an understanding of what he played.

And he played them very well, even performing with legends such Sir Paul McCartney,  Jimmy Page, and Donovan to name just three.

But this is a very niche instrument to play, and as a tabla player, he went through the ups and downs of the typical struggling musicians life.

For years he faced struggles to find opportunities to perform, create a band, record, gig and tour.

And as he says "Not only was this an outer battle, it was an inner battle too. Struggling with self-confidence and a lack of marketing know-how, things never looked up."

And this is the key thing to everything. You can have the greatest product in the world, but if nobody finds out about it then you are dead in the water.

So how did he decide that there was a gap in his knowledge, that probably wasn't the most obvious gap for a table player to realise he needed to fill?

And is there a common problem that he now sees time and time again with wannabe entrepreneurs?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Kavit Hara

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My guest today, on the very first episode of the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lovely lady who has gone out on a limb to do things her own way.

In fact when you read her linkedin page and see under her achievements and awards section a statement as bold and determined as this

"I live in Thailand! That is my "award" for having the guts to get away from the big city and live the life of my dreams. I am thankful for the people who have supported me to have the guts to run away and live on an island. I stand on the shoulders of people braver than myself. I am so grateful!"

And this one statement seems to say so much about a lady whose path started at the age of four and now has turned her vision for a wellness retreat into reality.

She believes that it was a desire with which she was born and in fact she was training for her whole life.

And that is something that is so powerful.

The ability to train over a long period of time to get your dream.

Or said in another way, she is the perfect candidate to demonstrate to all of us the power of the compound effect which we are so big on at Join Up Dots.

You do one thing, and then another, and then another, and then another until you find that you have developed the muscles, talents and skills to take adavnatge of the opprtunities that start forming around you.

Takes awhile, but the effort gets rewarded.

And so from her base in Thailand she is now living her dream, or perhaps the beginning of her dream everyday, and helping others to detox, relax and move their lives onto the next level.

So did she have the total vision right at the beginning, or was it just a feeling of what she wanted to do?

And does she see her success as just the beginning, or does she now fancy a life of relaxing and detoxing everyday?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Melanie Proctor.

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Over a hundred years ago, a young man from the Midwest had a dream to become a partner of the greatest inventor on Earth, Thomas A. Edison. So strong was his desire to form this partnership, Barnes made up his mind that he would relentlessly pursue his goal of becoming a business associate of the famed inventor until he met success. There would be no retreat, and nothing was going to stop him from reaching his goal, the young man pledged to himself.

Barnes could not afford to purchase a train ticket for passenger fare, and he had no special technical skills. Furthermore, he had only meager clothes to wear. But, these obstacles could not stop this determined man from visiting Edison's famous laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey and pursuing his dream.

On a fateful day in 1905, and driven by a desire which transcended poverty and a lack of know-how, Barnes rolled into West Orange on a freight train. He then, poorly dressed and looking more like an outcast than a man of achievement, walked into the famous Edison Laboratory and told the great inventor that he had come to form a partnership with him. Nearby members of Edison's staff were amused by the boldness of the poor-looking man, and they laughed at him hysterically. But, Edison did not laugh. For, what he saw was a determined young man who was prepared to do whatever it would take to help bring new growth to his company.

Thomas Edison sharing a funny story with Edwin C. Barnes (center) and Nelson Durand (right).

Impressed with Barnes' ambition and internal drive, Edison decided to give the poor man a chance of realizing his dream — not as a partner, but rather as a floor sweeper. Barnes wisely accepted Edison's offer, not dejected in the slightest by the job his mentor had in mind for him. The new arrival understood that he was given a chance of a lifetime to show Edison what he could do for him. And, he knew that accepting the inventor's humbling offer would open the door for him to observe how the brilliant man thought. Barnes also understood that Thomas Edison was extending to him a tremendous opportunity to meet his friends and associates, some of the most influential and most powerful people in the world.

Starting with a broom in his hands, Edwin C. Barnes did the best work he possibly could for Edison, and he never once backed down from his goal of establishing a partnership with the world's leader of practical technology. Months went by, and, to the unobserved, nothing special seemed to happen. But, Barnes was learning what made Edison tick, and he was setting the stage to attract opportunities his way.

After working for Edison for nearly two years, Barnes “saw” a golden opportunity, and he seized it with full force. Following many years of preparation, the inventor was ready to commercialize the Edison Dictating Machine, a recorder specifically designed to capture the human voice. Edison's machine, later renamed the Ediphone, recorded “voice letters” on a wax cylinder, and its inventor thought very highly of it. However, when members of Edison's sales force looked over his new machine, most of them doubted that the invention would prove successful commercially, and they expressed little interest in trying to sell it.

Edwin C. Barnes listens intently as Thomas Edison explains the transophone, a new device from the master inventor that features a dictating machine that can be controlled electrically from a typewriter keyboard.

Barnes, in contrast, recognized that Edison's new machine could help thousands of executives across the country by allowing them to dictate at any time, day or night, for later playback. No longer would the executive need to have at his side a stenographer to record his thoughts, Edison's enthusiastic employee envisioned. Barnes also realized that the dictation machine could help business executives save time, accomplish more, and increase profits as a result.

After working out a marketing plan, Barnes approached Edison and urged him to let him sell his dictation machine. Edison, impressed with his employee's desire to sell the new machine and thoroughness of preparation for doing so, readily agreed to his proposition. And, within months Barnes had sold thousands of Edison dictating machines. He also gained a lucrative contract to market and distribute the recording device across America.

So successful was Barnes at selling Edison's dictating machine, he became a multimillionaire at a relatively young age. But, more importantly, Barnes became a man who helped thousands of people across the country benefit from Edison's device. And, it is probable that the true potential of Edison's machine would not have been realized had it not been for the uncanny insight that Barnes fostered during his working years at the famous laboratory complex in West Orange.

Edwin C. Barnes dressed not only to look successful, but to feel successful.

There were many factors, both tangible and intangible, that transcended Edwin C. Barnes from a young man with little money and a rather lame portfolio to one of the most capable and accomplished salespersons Thomas Edison ever knew. However, the remarkable success that Barnes enjoyed can be attributed largely to 12 key habits that he consistently exhibited with full force. They were:

  1. He knew what he wanted to accomplish;
  2. He used the power of imagination to circumvent poverty and other difficulties;
  3. He was willing to start at the “bottom” in order to gain know how and exposure;
  4. He created and seized opportunity;
  5. He maintained a dogged determination to bring his goal to reality;
  6. He worked long hours with concentrated focus for many years to get what he wanted;
  7. He talked relatively little and produced big;
  8. He was not deterred by ridicule, criticism, setback, or obstacles;
  9. He created ideas and made them happen;
  10. In alignment with his goals, he found a way to help other people become more successful;
  11. He made himself invaluable in his work;
  12. He was committed to providing his customers with excellent service.
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Today's guest is a man who when you start researching him you can't get a firm steer on what the man is all about.

He has chosen many different paths in his life, and tried many different things that for whatever reason turned out to be the wrong ones.

At the moment as he says in his own words " I primarily write and consult with authors, entrepreneurs and CEO's about how to find clarity and confidence in their businesses, expand their marketing through thought leadership and scale their internal business systems."

Well that sounds very professional doesn't it.

But let's tell you that this guy first wanted to be a Lawyer and changed his mind, to become a freelance Spanish Interpreter, then an English teacher in Brazil, before playing semi-pro football.

And then he built a profitable business selling advertising to kitchen furniture manufactures.

And job done he had found his thing!

No, actually he was just fine tuning his talents, developing his skills and finding out what doesn't work in his life.

So what you can see is this guy at his core was and is an entrepreneur, a man who needs to be challenged by tackling bigger and bolder projects.

Its the uncertainty of life that stimulates him and makes him come alive.

So when did he decide that he wasn't going to be an employee sitting in a cubicle making calls for eight hours a day?

And does he see that his dots have well and truly lined up, or is he simply just getting started to what he now believes he can truly achieve?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Taylor Pearson.

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My guest today, on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a guy who is a serial entrepreneur, successful business strategist and a marketing expert who before laying the foundation of his various successful entrepreneurial ventures, served organizations ranked among the top 10 of Fortune 500 companies.

The founder and president of GMR Web Team - a leading Orange County digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses maximize revenue from the Internet - Ajay also owns and operates GMR Transcription, a seven-figure web-based business and award-winning transcription and translation company which he founded in 2004 to fill a void in affordable and accurate transcription and translation services for writers, students, professors and businesses.

In the short span of a decade, the company has expanded its reach to include government institutions and non-profit organizations and has become a trusted partner to more than 9,000 clients across the globe.

So the key question to ask is, why does he feel that the entrepreneurial bug first bit him, or was it always an integral part of his character?

And does he see a path that others can duplicate, or is it simply the case of making it up as you go along?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Ajay Prasad.

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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots show is a lady with a really eclectic career.

In fact it's more like a group of careers, which has lead her to where she is today.

She has worked as a radio and TV script-writer and a children's author for approaching 30 years.

Her CV includes penning 2 series of an original prime-time BBC 1 sitcom The Crouches, a 10-year stint as a core writer for Eastenders and various engagements as a film Dialogue Coach and even raising from a child the current Moneypenny in the latest James Bond series.

Yes, she is the mother of Hollywood actress Naomi Harris too.

If that is not a enough she is also an intuitive and certified healing practitioner.

Now the interesting thing for me, is how she confesses that since a small child she cold see that she was always looking for the thing that was uniquely her.

A thing that lit her up inside and made her feel that she was on a path that is hers and hers alone.

And this path, unexpectedly appeared when she visited a terminally ill young woman who rose out of a coma after she placed her hand on the woman's abdomen.

She had joined up her dots, and now with her writing, and focus on wellbeing she is connecting all the elements of the last thirty years.

So how did this lady born in Jamaica, find herself developing characters for such an English establishment as "Eastenders"?

And does she see a change in the attitudes of the world, are we getting more open minded as we look for a different way of healing and looking after ourselves?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Carmen Harris.

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It's with great delight that I get to bring on to the Join Up Dots show a man from the UK, who in many ways had a background similar to myself.

A few years back he was working in London on a string of meaningless freelance jobs doing picture research, typesetting and a little design for various agencies.

He knew that he wasn't stimulating himself, so in 2006 he set up a website to start his own company in an attempt to do some of this boring work at home rather than in a boring office.

And to his delight it worked, and he worked for someone else for the last time in 2008.

By keeping blogging, creating content and doing web and graphic design work for his own clients, his business grew and grew, and then in 2012 he came to a big decision in his life.

His marriage failed in 2012, and being inspired by the words of Tim Ferriss and location independent entrepreneurs asked himself the question "Why am I living in London?"

So since September last year he has been mostly living in Thailand as well as travelling in Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

So does he look back at his life with totally new glasses, and think "Wow, once you start taking consistent action what a life you can create?"

And does he think that anyone can do this, or is their a huge super-talent that he has that no one else does?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Rob Cubbon

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Today's episode is a combination of studio recordings and live presentation brought together as a very special episode of Join Up Dots.


On the evening of the 19th September 2015, your host David Ralph performed a live version of Join Up Dots to the National Speakers Association in Northern California.


Broadcasting from the UK to an airport in San Francisco via Skype, David brought his winning style and personality to the conference as he discussed Podcasting and the power of connecting a business by using a microphone.


But actually this episode is so much more than this presentation.


This episode of Join Up Dots is about taking imperfect action and working out what has worked afterwards.


This is about giving something a go, which could well be a home run and drive you forward to greater success, but could also go badly wrong.


You just don't know.


You see in life more often not we all look at the successes of others, and assume that they had everything worked out before they begain.


They were destined for huge success because they had the all the answers laid out in the perfect order in front of them.


But that is never the case, and all success is built on faith, belief and more than a few mistakes.


It's the mistakes that actually are the true power to success.


These are the moments when you stop for awhile and try to work out what went wrong, aiming to find the true path to the goal.


Do you always achieve your aim?


Of course not, at least not at first, but unless you are willing to take imperfect action and give it a go then you will never even find the first path (be it the wrong one!)


So today I urge everyone of you out there to look at something that you want to do, and move forward with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the worse that will happen is you need to start again and find the better way of operating.


And I am sure that we can all do that.....don't you?

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In today's episode of Join Up Dots, David Ralph shares a little about what has been going on in the show over the last week, and also answers a great email from a listener in New Zealand.

It has been a strange week in the land of Join Up Dots with huge highs and lows.

The week started by hitting the highest of highs by almost getting a clean sweep on Itunes and becoming the number one show in three categories.

Yes, Business, Education, and Health was ours to look down on.

The big boys were trailing in our wake, which was a delight to behold and another step forward for the show.

But then he was hit by sickness and literally crawled from the microphone to his bed for a few days.

But did he look at this as a huge blow and disappointment or an another situation to find a positive?

Well you will find out during the show

So let's start with today's email.....which is a good one 

Hello David

I'm not sure what I am really writing here, but I just felt drawn to drop you a line to say first of all thank you so much for creating the show Join Up Dots.
I hadn't heard of it until recently, but now I feel like I have a lot to catch up on.
One of the things that I would like to know if you could spare the time, and I can only imagine how busy you are, is do you truly know what you are doing is right?
You seem to have so much going on, that it makes me wonder is it all right for you, or are you doing stuff because you think it should be done?
I don't know if that makes sense at all, so if it doesn't please ignore this email, but I have a feeling that I would like to start breeding miniature ponies as I have always loved them since a kid, but can't convince myself that their is a business there.
So should I just do stuff close to this passion, or dive right in.
Should I just do stuff to earn money so I can leave my job that I hate?
Any advice you can give would be gratefully received.
Claire Mallion
Palmerston North New Zealand
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Today's guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast business interview is a man who quite simply it seems does things his way.

He built an amazing career for himself, and is living life to the full and experiencing in a few hours the kind of stuff that most of us wait until a vacation for.

Amazing inspiration at every turn

Born in Mendoza near the Andes in Argentina, it would seem obvious that his path would have gone the way it has in some ways, but then again we see time and time again on Join Up Dots that the obvious is not the normal.

He was born with asthma, and instead of his parents giving him medicine when he needed it and keeping him away from sport and exertion, they instead encouraged him at the age of four to go skiing.

On the mountain tops, where the air is thinner would seem a strange place to send an asthmatic child, but actually they laid the first dot in his life...the love of doing things differently.

And from that small boy, he has grown into a man who has built a career tackling the land above and below the water to bring the fragile but astonishing beauty of the world to all of us.

Mountain biking down volcanoes, diving the oceans of the world, he is inspiring a generation to take care of what we have all around us

As he said when asked about his desire to be a true adventurer "The notion of being an adventurer is great, the more adventurers we have in the world, the more nature will be respected. By getting closer to the environment – at 3000 metres watching the sunset, or being underwater with a clownfish, seeing the difference between corals that are alive and corals that are dying, we better understand the world around us. We, as humans, need to touch or see things for ourselves otherwise we can’t fully relate to them. If you don’t see something, you don’t feel it. I think that can be extended to everything. The more people that ride bikes around the world, the more people that climb mountains, the more people that get close to nature in any form, the more advocates we have for conservation.”

So is this a message that is getting through to the world, or are we all programmed by the "Well I can't do anything on my own" mentality?

And what would he choose if we only allowed him to keep doing one of his three main passions "Biking, mountain climbing or diving?"

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only exploreer and of course entrepreneur Manuel Bustelo

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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast is a TV Host, published author, speaker, business branding, and video marketing expert.


Her passion is helping entrepreneurs attract their perfect clients and position their brand for higher sales by sharing her branding and marketing expertise.


She is the host of Mimika TV, a web show that inspires entrepreneurs to build a brilliant business brand, and quite simply seems to be having the time of her life.


And why shouldn't she when she is 100% authentic and is quite obviously playing to her strengths everyday.


Strengths that she has built up by throwing herself into the kind of environments that would freak so many people out.


Standing and presenting live in front of the camera for UK TV, working in the modelling industry, being a public speaker.


All of them taking her further and further outside her comfort zone, helping to building a future that is all her and her alone.


So why has she had such an eclectic career and challenged herself in environments as we have already mentioned?


And where does she see it all leading? To a perfectly defined master plan, or a make it up as she goes along type of vibe?


Well lets find out as we bring onto the show , to start joining up dots with the one and only Mimika Cooney

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y guest today Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a fascinating lady who has had more than a bit of life's rubbish thrown in her direction.


In fact the first words you will see when you visit her website are "I smashed myself against the walls of life so often I should have died. I survived, then thrived, and lived to tell the tale."


In fact her words are so much more powerful than I could write, so in her own words. 


"Life threw some pretty nasty curve balls at me as a young woman, sent to boarding school at the age of eleven, never to live at home again and the victim of a serious sexual assault as a teenager; what seemed like an inevitable decline into drugs and alcohol defined most of my 20’s. I lived a double life, one of a successful young woman (having started the first of many profitable businesses at the age of 21). The other, a woman in deep pain, relentlessly trashing my body as the worthless object the rape had taught me it was.


I had a burning desire to live and an inexhaustible appetite for self-harm and self-sabotage. For a decade it was touch and go which side was going to win. I started reaching for self-help books in my late teens and spent hours with counselors, trying to find a way through the torment that seemed to be my life. Each year I would take two steps forward and one back, some years it was three steps back.


I never gave up, I believed it was possible to be happy and whole and have relentlessly pursued this vision for the last thirty years."


And certainly now it appears that she is fighting back in life and encouraging the world to have the belief that life is there to be lived and savoured.


And with her platform "Belief School" going from strength to strength it appears that she has learnt the greatest lesson of all.


The more you give to the world the more you gain yourself.


So does she look back on her life and is glad that those things happened, as it allows her to connect with more people on a deeply personal level?


And is there a big dot in her life that turned her life around and lead her on the path that she is on today?


Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots the one and only Paula Gosney.

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Today’s guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired top rated Join Up Dots podcast is one of those guys that you could find yourself next to in a bar one day, and have the urge to buy him drink after drink.

And why would you have the motivation do this you maybe asking?

Well this is a guy who has achieved what most people yearn for in life, and is willing to let us in on the secret.

He has made a career out of doing something that he loves, and in the process started a business with nothing and made it into a multi million dollar company.

As a veteran, registered nurse, writer, and successful entrepreneur, he brings a wealth of experience that he has gained through the years, welding it all into a tremendous passion for impacting lives.

He is an author of BINK, where he helps us create miracles by recognizing and honoring those life changing moments that open the door to what’s next…which he calls Bink moments

And also it seems, he has an almost unnatural connection to sheep…….the last guy who got him drunk in a bar told me this.

So what is it like to live a life that is pire inspiration and a WOW more often than not?

And is this something that anyone can learn, or do you need a talent or skill that is inbuilt to gain the keys to the kingdom?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start in the words of Steve Jobs, joining up dots podcast with the one and only entrepreneur Mr Rick Martinez

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When you see someone boldly state that they were born to make money, you either think that this guy is very bold, or he is very good at what he does.


Today's guest seems to be both, and from his base in San Diego California is spinning many plates as he literally loves the life he lives (and gets paid very well to live it too!)


He is the New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, the Business Technology Book Of The Year, Internet Prophets: To name just a few of his publications


And he also appeared in the ground-breaking film, The Keeper of the Keys, alongside Jack Canfield and John Gray


But there is no getting away with the fact that at his core, he is a hustler who works incredibly hard, has passion by the bucket load, and has honed his talents from opening his first nightclub back in 1989,  through to starting a wine business with his Mum.


And I guess the question is now with a real estate business, wine business, keynote speaker does he know What is his WHAT?


And do you find your what naturally, or do you have to take action and try many many different things to get there?


Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Steve Olsher.

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Todays guest joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is Robert Mallon, a man driven to make a difference to the men of the world.


Alongside his business partner, Bill Watkins, he is the founder of RustyLion Academy, where they work with men between the ages of 30 and 49 to help them make huge steps forwards in their entrepreneurial ventures.


He knows better than most, that no man is an island, and by connecting with mentors and other like minded individuals across the globe their students make bolder and bolder decisions and believe in themselves to achieve greatness.


But it hasn’t always been a road full of such positivity.


As a child, he struggled with the absence of his father he left the family when he was in the third grade.


His mother suddenly losing the partner in her life, and the income provider had to take three jobs to survive.


He knew that he had to do something and as he says in his own words “I started working at thirteen to help out at home. I took jobs in restaurants and waited tables at a dinner theatre. I did paper routes and yard work around the neighbourhood. I was a hardware store clerk, a roughneck, and I’m sure other things I can’t remember. In one sense, I was very lucky because I went from elementary school through high school with the same group of people, so I had a lot of friends, but I was unlucky in the same sense. Divorce wasn’t as usual as it is today. I was ashamed my parents had gotten divorced, so I made people believe my dad just travelled a lot. That was tough. I felt really alone because no one knew what was actually going on.”


But through that darkness a man came into his life, who showed such kindness and wisdom, that life was changed for ever


He had discovered his first mentor, and realised how life changing and powerful having someone to bounce of ideas with, or just converse with one to one could be.


And this seems to me to be one of the first big dots, on his Join Up Dots timeline.


But perhaps he would say otherwise, and point to other moments that have led him to where he is today?


Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Robert Mallon

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Hello there and welcome to a bonus edition of Join Up Dots.

Have you ever looked at things that you can do in your lives easily, and think what's the point in taking time to do them?

Such small insignificant actions that appears to not make any difference at all to the big picture?

Well most people think that way, which is why they are reluctantly content to stay in their current situations.

Unless they get instant gratification for their actions, then they fail to grasp the simple fact, that all these small actions add up to something amazing.

Learn to cook over a period of time, by learning about the oven, food, and cutting devices and you never go hungry.

Simply keep throwing  packages into the microwave eating happily, until you get a power cut and then what are you going to do?

It's the small actions that make the difference.

Well in today's episode of Join Up Dots, David Ralph lays down a challenge to all his listeners to take such a small action that on it's own it wont make any difference.

But the compound effect is huge, and best of all everyone of you reading this can do the same and join in.

He was inspired by reading the story of Kyle Macdonald, who went on an epic adventure swapping items to see how much value he could gain each time.

Starting with just a red paper-clip, he travelled the globe until someone was willing to swap a house with him. Amazing.

He was also inspired by the many people who have started with 1 penny, and doubled it in just 28 steps to over £1,000,000....equally amazing.

The true inspiration being that these people believed in the impossible.

They could see that these small steps all add up, unlike the majority of the world who will look at the penny and say...."What's the point it's only 1 penny".

However action takers will say that it's actually 1/28th of a million dollars.

Totally different mindset.

So in today episode he has simply asked everyone of his listeners to go out and tell two people about the show, and ask them to listen.

If they like the show then he would like the two additional listeners to tell two people.

Nothing huge, but the start of a world changing compound effect.

Will they do it, or think what's the point?

Will they head to the instant gratification of a tweet, FB post or other form of social media and fail to tell anyone, as they won't be able to see the results of their actions straight away?

Well, if they do share in twenty eight days it would be possible to have over 1,600,000 new listeners starting from just one pair of ears.

A total movement being created in less than a month. Once again amazing.

So today instead of just doing what needs to be done in your life, have a thought about what would happen if you look for the compound effect in your actions.

Where could you be in 28 days, by working on a series of small actions leading to a big dream?

Well, you could be a millionaire for a start, which would at least make you extremely popular with opposite sex.


And that is a dream worth having I would have thought!

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My guest today, on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is Adam Dicker, a man who is a lifelong entrepreneur and domain expert who at age 18 received a $100,000 job offer while he was just beginning university.

He got online in 1985, right after he got his first Macintosh computer and in 1989, then started running a large computer store in Toronto.

He did this until 1994 when he started his own Internet Service provider, and as you can imagine by that time he was hooked on the internet.

But of course being hooked on something that in many ways was just finding its feet, is both invogiarting and also unpredictable.

This was still four years before Google was formed?

What did we say before we could tell everyone "Oh, just go and Google it?"

He registered his first domain name in 1996 and is one of a small group of individuals to sell a domain name for seven figures.

In 2003 he purchased, which is now the most popular domain name forum on the Internet.

He is considered the domain expert by many in the domain industry.

So looking back did he come along at the right time, when the world wide web, was finding its feet, or has he made smart decisions throughout his adult life?

And what would he be able to do if we didn't have a network of information available to us?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only, yes, domain man himself......Adam Dicker

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My guest today on Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an amazing lady who I first connected with back on episode 66, and I’m proud to say that she has become a great friend too.

Back on episode 66, we talked openly about the journey she had been on to get to the point where everyday she lives at a ten plus.

Yes she was once asked to rate her life happiness and fulfillment between one and ten, and she honestly replied “a ten”plus, which is just one of the reasons she genuinely feels that all of us should be living to our full potential so that we can go off the scale and also live like her

But like all people that achieve great success, its been a long journey starting back when she was 18 years old when she saw the the late great Jim Rhon speak live.

She has been a co-host of the global variety talk show, “Samira’s Show, which airs to over 150 million people in Asia, Europe, Canada, United States, and Iran, she has had her own “Getting Your Life to a Ten +” web series with the Hallmark channel, she is an author, coach, motivational speaker, and a great person to be around.

But quite simply it seems that she has the confidence to be able to tackle most things, and push out of the comfort zone that holds so many of us back

She has the confidence to accept the opportunities first and then work out how to make it happen

So how do you get your talents to the point that people feel that you can do anything?

And how do you stop being dragged away from what you want should truly be doing in life, by accepting these challenges?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Kim Somers Egelsee

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