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Feb 28, 2020

On today's Business advice Friday podcast we focus in on several questions that have been posed to us by listeners across the world. We get many sent to us at the show, and most we respond directly, whilst others we like to answer on the show. Lets start with todays three emails. and remember you can hear all the answers on the podcasat live. Question One Dear David, I am a listener from Mexico and I'm very much enjoying your conversations. In one of your recent shows i was intrigued as to what you meant when you said "People dont buy what you are selling. My English is not totally amazing, so could you reconfirm Dennis, Mexico CIty Question Two Hi David, John from Albuquerque USA. I wrote to you a few months ago regarding my idea of "Garage Clearance Assistance" Although I was unsure, you lit the fire under me with your enthusiasm and positivity to the idea. I now have a business up and running making a couple of grand a month. I yet to have a website, social media or anything going, and started simply by getting leaflets printed and dropping them through doors with my email address. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me and my family transition to a better life. Sometimes you just need a GO FOR IT from someone, somewhere, and you were the man Beers are on me John Question Three Dear David, From a long term listener of the show, and a lady ready to go for it, i have an idea but need your help. I can see a need for people in my City (Dallas, Texas) to have their dogs looked after whilst they are at work. There are a lot of very wealthy people in this area, and so I know that they would be willing to pay. However, Im not sure how I can scale this business to give me freetime too. I dont want to be spending all my time looking after peoples dogs, even though I think this would be fun. Any ideas would be great. Amanda Knox, Dallas