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Feb 26, 2021

Finding meaning in life is the undercurrent for todays episode of Join Up Dots business podcast.

We will be answering some questions from listeners across the world who have dropped us a line asking for help in their businesses and life.

One thing for sure is nobody can get success in their lives if they do not focus in on personal and business balance.

Now we aren't talking about the classic work life balance myth, whereby everything sits in a neat little area and doesn't over power anything else.

No, believe me when I say that work life balance is a complete myth as at its core it doesn't make sense.

We have one life and have to lead it in a way that by the end of the day everything that we wanted to achieve gets done.

Business is just part of our life, so how can we separate it and make it seem like its something separate - it's own entity.

We cant and its madness.

But what we can do is say that we are going to look after ourselves, physically, spiritually and mentally before we ever start tackling the income production side of things.

But before that lets start looking at some of the questions that we have received this week from listeners and do our best to give them the depth that they need.

And of course you can listen to the show for all the reasons.