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Oct 15, 2021

Over the last ten years of Join Up Dots, we have answered many thousands of questions either via the podcast or directly by email response.

We love to do this, as without a doubt the connection with the audience is the key to everything we do.

So this week we received several questions highlighted below that our host David Ralph answers in his own style.

So lets start with the first question that talks about the connection with burnout and an anti-hustle stance.

As the listener asked isn't a contradiction when you leap from talking about dealing with burnout and then working harder than anyone else. 

Listener Question One

Dear David, i have been listening to your show for the last couple of years and have heard you talk often about burnout and overwhelm.

I have also heard you talk a lot about not hustling and taking things easy.

Isn't this a contradiction?

Isn't success simply about working harder than anyone else until you dont have to? I would love to know your answer to this question. AR, South Africa

Listener Question Two

Hi David, what is the hardest part in your view to getting an online business going? JM, Iowa

Listener Question Three

Hi David and the team, when you are not running the show and doing your coaching what do you also do?

I have a successful business myself and i find its all i have in my life.

When im not doing it, im thinking about it and getting twitchy. Any suggestions to a different life CC, Sussex.