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Join Up Dots - Online Business Success Made Easy (With A Bit Of Life Coaching Too)

Welcome To The #1 Global Hit Podcast Join Up Dots

Jul 30, 2021

Introducing Bill Bice Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast is a man who has always been an entrepreneur. Starting his first company at age 14, putting on road races with corporate sponsors. At 18, he started ProLaw Software, the first integrated ERP for law firms. After selling the company to Thomson Reuters, Bill became a VC as a founding partner in the Verge Fund, investing in high tech, high growth companies in the Southwest. One of the core things that Bill has learned in building and investing in companies is that the go-to-market is always the hardest part of growing a business. He got so frustrated in trying to get great marketing for his companies that he decided to tackle the problem. A programmer at heart, Bill founded boom-time, tackling marketing as a technology problem. It turns out that when you follow the data, really good things happen. That’s why boom-time built the world’s first marketing-as-a-service platform: fuse. boom-time's marketing strategists follow the data: they already know what will work. Instead of reinventing the wheel, boom-time applies proven marketing techniques at scale. How The Dots Joined Up For Bill As he says "I am a a programmer at heart. So why am I running a marketing company? Because these days, great marketing is all about the data. We built fuse, the world’s first marketing-as-a-service platform, and used it to recruit our world-class team of Word of Mouth marketing experts along with our network of 300+ subject matter experts. I have created boomtime by teaming up with Mark Canon, previously the CEO of Hibu, the Yellow Pages company in the UK. This seems a partnership made in heaven as Bill has spent his career helping entrepreneurs and business owners figure out how to reach their potential. Mark built a £200M digital marketing business in the U.K. in three years. Together, they’ve created a new approach to marketing, one that fuses technology and expertise together to deliver marketing-as-a-service for B2B and law firms at scale. So was this one of those ideas that grabbed him in the middle of the night, and wouldn't let go? And where were the struggles that he had to overcome to make this success a real life example of entrepreneurial excellence? Well let's find out by bringing him on the show to start joining up those dots, with the one and only Bill Bice Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Bill Bice such as: Why its great to start something new when you are young when you have nothing much to risk in your life. The reasons why finding a mentor in your life is a must. Dont be frightened to reach out and get help, especially at the beginning.  Why they best things that humans have is the ability to project ourselves into the future (but also this could lead to huge problems too) No matter what you think, it will always take longer and cost more than you expect it to take in a business. And lastly...... We discuss the principle of "how do we amplify the power of word of mouth" to get the real value of marketing.