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Todays guest is someone who is a confidence coach,philosopher and passionate explorer of life.As he says on his blog he wants to be the best that he can be in all aspects of his life and hopes to inspire us to do the same.Well im sure he is going to do just that today.So how does he do it?How does he strive to the best in all aspects of his life?Well quite simply he studies the most successful men in the world to look for the commonalities that they all share Martin Luther King,Richard Branson,Elon Musk,Albert Einstein,Bruce Lee,to name just a few.You see ever since his upbringing (in Oakland, CA), especially after puberty, he always felt like he was a step behind his peers and had to put in extra work to catch up.He was quite shy and fearful and his insecurities showed up most clearly in social situations, especially with attractive girls.So being in the dating world after years of analyzing,observing,studying and experiencing the dynamics of attraction,he started to write about his learnings.And now he considers himself a highly conscious man, and is there to teach this information to the world.So lets get him on, so we can all learn from him, and of course as always lets start joining up dots to see how he got here…the one and only Jack Peterson.

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