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Most of the time on Join Up Dots I write the intros to the show, by researching many different resources to get a flavour of what the guest is all about.

And then every once in a while a guest comes along who basically writes their own intro, and this is what happened today

I checked her "about page" and saw the following, and thought wow how can I top that.....so in her own words

"In the past twelve years I have had to deal with more than a healthy helping  of “are you kidding me?” moments.

In 2002, I hit rock bottom. It was so bad I  lovingly refer to it as a year of “shock and awfulness.” That year my father died,  my mother was in the hospital, semi-comatose from grief, and my husband of  22 years lost every penny of our money BEFORE running off to Arizona with  his girlfriend, who just happened to be a former stripper.

That was just the beginning.

I spent the next decade struggling with loss and challenges on every  front, from finances and family to health and career.

While there were many bounces up and down over the years, I have finally  bounced back and it was well worth the effort. I’m now happily remarried,  employed and have published my second book. I even have children on three  continents and a granddaughter far too far away!!"

Now that is a movie in the making if I ever saw one.

So what is it about todays guest that has managed to find the strength and desire to pull herself back in such a spectacular way?

And why is her book called "My Pineapples Went To Houston"??  I can't wait for the reason behind that.

So let's not wait any longer, and start joining up dots with the one and only Lee Gaitan

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Todays show is going to be different from the majority of the Join Up Dots shows that have been delivered to the world so far.

But in many ways it has the same traits too.

Strength, courage, openness, persistence, creativity and love are in abundance on this show.

Todays guest has experienced something that so many people have endured in their desire to start their own families....miscarriage.

Along with his wife, Kristine and his three children Elise, Charis and Clare, he made the bold decision to instead of pretending it never happened, and to speak about it in hushed tones, he would embrace the fact. He would keep the children that he had lost alive within the fabric of his family.

He wrote the amazingly powerful book "Letters To My Unborn Children" where he not only writes letters to the children he lost, but explains from the heart how he felt from hearing the words "You are going to be a dad" to walking away from another terrible heartache.

Three times he has dealt with something so personal and heart-breaking that you wouldn't wish it on anyone, anywhere

This is a moving book, that shows that fathers are as much a part of the process of grieving and healing, and need the same support as mothers, but for some reason do not get the same aftercare.

So how did he manage to write something, that even in the first few chapters that I read I struggled to go on with feeling the upset and distress that he has been through?

And was the book well received by everyone, or does the world need to hide away from these things?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start Joining Up Dots with the one and only Shawn Collins.

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Todays guest entrepreneur is quite remarkable, and its not just me that says that, but also thousands of people who he has presented to over the last few years.

He is a professional speaker, and record breaking businessman, author and someone who focuses in on Business mastery and also has the "come on guys you can do the impossible you just have to start taking action" vibe nailed down too.

He can help us all get the champion mind-set and build the strength and courage to tackle the "impossible" head on.

We can build lives that give us the freedom to experience what we could only dream about.

But his life didn't start in such a positive way, as at fourteen years old he was hit head-on by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle.

The neurosurgeon said, “If he survives the night, he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life.”

And certainly the diagnosis looked accurate, as he was in a coma for four days, in casts and rehabilitation for a year, and suffered problematic effects lasting many years.

After the accident, life was a cycle of ups-and-downs until he learned the tools and strategies he teaches today.

He started his professional career as a carpenter and exceled with woodcraft, and then created his first business at age 24, when he entered into the residential contracting and real estate investment business.

But it wasn't until after a divorce whilst still a young man, did his life really start to find traction and he began to fire sparks across the world.

In 2011, he decided he wanted to do something amazing.

He wanted to make a difference.

He wanted to leave his mark.

He wanted success.

So from a casual runner, in just nine months he went to running 2,621 miles across America joining the ranks of the most elite ultra-runners in the world.

For 100 consecutive days, he ran a marathon distance, and then gave an inspirational keynote speech to at-risk groups and donated 10,000 of his books "Dream Big Act Big" to the audiences he met.

He ran into New York city waving a huge American flag, surrounded by hundreds of runners, and entered the record books.

And since then he has continued to provide inspiration to everyone that he meets, undertaking many challenges that so many people would look at as daunting and undoable.

So what is it about the world today that sees the challenge too big to even start taking action on?

And was there a moment when he realised that he had the mental strength to tackle anything?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only freedom fighting, america running Croix Sather.

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Todays guest has been on a path for over 45 years, which so many people across the world will be able to resonate with.

She was a binge eater.

Finding huge comfort and them ultimate distress in her relationship with food.

For 45 years, she went through the yo-yo dieting/binge cycle time after time.

Her weight would balloon 40 or 50 pounds, and then she would diet to try recapture her body, depriving herself of all the foods she enjoyed.

She was trapped and didn't know how to escape from the lifestyle that was anything but a happy one.

She suffered the shame, guilt and embarrassment of feeling out of control that every binge eater feels, wondering what was wrong with her and what others must think of her as they watched her gain the weight back over and over.

But now as the creator of the "magic zone" system where she teaches people how to eat what they want in moderation, never feeling deprived and never feeling compelled to binge, she hasn't binged once.

And with her online platform Peaceful Eater and her best selling book  Stop Binge Eating and Start Living Again she seems to have found her place in life.

So was she always a lady that even a child had a relationship with food that wasn't conducive to peace of mind and healthy living?

And does she find that people struggle more and more with eating disorders as the media increase their focus on beauty and gorgeous celebrities?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Julie Latz.

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Todays guest is a lady who can call herself a true lady of the globe.

Coming originally from Denmark, she grew up in the Scandinavian countryside clambering around the hills and fjords happily, until moving to Paris for three years to live in the capital of romance and culture.

But now she calls the UK home and has been living in London since 1996.

Yep, we have adopted her as one our own.

And she has appeared to flourish whilst living in London, as her career went from strength to strength, as she worked hard on a career in Human Resources for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Shell.

But it is ok to have a career that is on the ascendency , well actually it's a great thing, but when you have a career that is going well, but you want to do your own thing, then it can feel quite differently.

And our guest knew that her path was going to change

She had always wanted to start her own career change consultancy, so in 2005 did just that, and quit her well paid job to go it alone.

She walked away from the consistent monthly salary, and started flexing her hustle muscle on a daily basis.

And now as she says on her business site "I have a knack for quickly connecting with people and drawing them out thereby helping them understand how they can translate their unique personality, skills and interests into a career or business on their terms.

Combining my experience of career coaching over 500 clients, 8 years+ of owning my own business and a background in HR, I can offer you the practical know-how, motivation and confidence to actually make your career change or business idea happen!"

So lets find out how this Scandinavian lady came to leave the glorious Danish countryside, to live in the English Capital?

And does she see a need for more and more assistance to be offered to wannabe entrepreneurs nowadays, than compared to when she started back in 2005?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Rikke Hansen.


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Todays guest is a lady who has been on a journey of success, failure, struggles and self discovery

For years, she suffered from a long list of physical, emotional, and financial problems.

After giving away all her possessions, an extended spiritual journey connected her to the deeper parts of herself that led her to everything she needed to find health, well-being, and peace of mind.

In the 1980s, she thought she was on the way to financial security as she rapidly built a wholesale, retail, and mail order business to the point where she was grossing over $30,000 a month.

 Sounds good doesn't it, but her lack of business and financial skills led to her downfall—and bankruptcy.

But although a dark period of her life, she knew that she lacked the knowledge to prevent this happening, so studied everything she could to ensure it would happen again

She set out on the path of learning everything she could about business and financial management.

This knowledge allowed her to flourish as an entrepreneur while sharing what she had learned with others.

But there is so much more to her story, than we can cover in a short introduction like this.

So how did she create this online success, when quite openly admitting that she didn't have the knowledge to be a business success?

And where does she see the common issues that others encounter as they start there entrepreneurial leaps?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Joan Sotkin.

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Todays guest is a lady who from her home in Ellensburg, Washington, is driving the wannabe entrepreneurs and the ones who have already taken the leap to greatness.

She will help us find our paths, focus in on our perfect avatars, and create businesses that are perfect for ourselves.

She knows what to do and can share the gold, to ease the way for others.

But don’t think for a moment that this show is about a lady who was born to do the right things at the right time.

This is a lady who has hustled her way to success, by taking on many roles, seemingly unrelated to do the thing she loves.

She has been a proper cowgirl working on a ranch, been a seller of sex toys (don’t put those on your Xmas lists Kids), started her own cleaning company, even though she hates cleaning, and taught Irish Dancing to children.

The whole vibe is perfect for a show like Join Up Dots, where you look at the list and the only thing you can think from the outsiders view is “Well I guess no experience is wasted”

As she says on her business site “I don’t believe in jumping out of an airplane that works and any water meant for swimming or soaking should be at least 90 degrees. Past that I’m open to trying pretty much anything. This has filled my life with some pretty amazing experiences and I’ve met some incredible people. I feel blessed everyday for everything I have and even for the bumps in the road – I believe those have big lessons for us.”

Well I also believe in not jumping out of an airplane, so we have got something in common already.

But how does this business lady find something in all these seemingly unconnected roles that have lit the fuel for greatness.

And if she could go back to one of these roles, leaving the position where she is today, would she?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start Joining Up Dots with the one and only Tara Truax

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Todays guest is a man who kindly had me on his amazing show “The Business Of Marriage”  back in November 2014, and such a good time we had, well I just had to reciprocate to bring him on my own.

He is a man who has so many things going on his life that quite simply he could be classed a man married to his job, but actually his job is to bring work and marriage together.

He looks for the happy point where he can work hard, enjoy himself, but also keep his marriage to his beloved wife Shannon ticking along better than most.

And instead of keeping this secret to himself, and feeling content that he has managed to do something that so many people struggle with he helps others to do the same.

Since January 2006, he has coached mentored and supported individuals and companies across America to work harder than they thought possible to reconnect, communicate at a deeper level, and support their other halves.

And when it comes to the entrepreneurs of  the world, who quite often focus more on their business to create the income that they want than spending quality time with their special ones.

As he says “The fastest way to increase your financial income in your business and your emotional income in your personal life is by strengthening your relationship capitol. “

So did he ever go in an opposing direction to where he is now, and fall into the trap that brings so many couples to their knees.

And what is the key mistakes that people make when they start to build a new life for themselves?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots the one and only Mr Dino Watt.

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Todays guest on Join Up Dots is a lady with a fascinating but harrowing tale that could affect most of us during our lives.

She is a lady who has been forced to deal with an illness that is unseen, hard to diagnose for the majority of people, not least the patient, and one that can bring a family to their knees …..Mental Illness.

When our guest was a young lady at high school, she watched her mother’s dreams disintegrate around her, and unable to cope with the disappointment, her Mother picked up the bottle and descended into alcoholism, whilst she descended into her first bout with depression.

I suppose that is acceptable, and a perfectly reasonable response to seeing a love one in such distress and unable to reach out and help them as much as you would like.

However these feelings got worse and worse, until a few years later things got so bad that she couldn’t see a future and attempted suicide.

Fortunately, it didn’t work, and no matter how hard she battled to get her life back together, but attending and then dropping out of University, it was a battle that looked like she wasn’t going to win.

 It wasn’t until after she married her husband Wade, that her problems escalated to a point where she stopped going out, stopped eating, started throwing out the groceries, and stopped showering.

Danger seemed to lurk everywhere and strangers in the shadows seemed to pose a threat.

Her husband did everything he could to prevent potential break-ins and to ease her fears.

She says in her own words “At that time I didn’t know I was sick. It is a scary thought that I was so sick but I was completely unaware. “

Now as a speaker, author and owner of her own company bringing to the fore the subject of Mental Illness and Recovery, she is a lady on a mission.

And a mission that many fail to grasp they are in need of until hearing her powerful story first hand.

So how did she find a path that is so inspiring, from a position of total despair.

And, did she find the writing of her book Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental iIlness) a challenge or a cathartic experience?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Elizabeth Anderson.

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Todays guest is a man who when it comes to building cash flow and attracting wealth into your life is at the top of his game and has been for over 40 years.

Many people who are experienced with growth techniques will focus in one demographic: individuals, small business, organisations and job done.

What makes our guest sought after to spread his message on TV and Radio across the globe, is that he has been able to change the monetary positions of all those groups and more.

He has the ability to change mind-set, encourage people to believe that they can make money and most importantly enjoy themselves whilst doing it.

He has since 1977 written over 18 books including Business books, manuals and audio programs, include ‘Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu’, ‘Talk & Grow Rich’, ‘Turbo Success’, The Eureka! Enigma and ‘Escape From Where I Am’,

But how has he escaped from where he was, and how has he balanced his love of making money with his love of spending money on the things that light him up inside, such as his passion for fast cars, motorcycles and speedboats.

Even going as far as attempting to smash the motorbike land speed world record back in 2009, which stood at  360mph.

Yep on his super fast motorbike he set out to go over 400mph and become the worlds fastest man on a bike.

This is going to be a fascinating discussion about belief, courage, persistence and I’m sure more than a bit of luck

But where did he come from? Where did life begin for this passionate and inspirational Britain?

And has he seen a trait that holds most people back from belief in a world of financial abundance and enjoyment?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Ron G Holland

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