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Todays guest is an entrepreneur with a passion for the outdoors, travel, adventure, business strategy and podcasting.

He is currently based in Thailand and working to grow Authority Engine, a premium podcast creation and management agency.They specialize in launching highly effective podcasts to help entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth, gain authority in their space and put more padding in their pockets.

But the beauty of finding your passion as we see over and over again, is it can happen at anytime. You see it was only a little while ago that our guest was penned up in an office working the dreaded dead-end job, and had to find something that would help him alleviate that daily feeling of boredom and dread. 

So he resorted to listening to marketing and business podcasts, and as he listened, he started researching, and learning more about podcasting as a personal interest.

This quickly grew into voracious research trying to uncover what made certain podcasts wild successes, and others a flop.

How are podcasters using their online shows to reach and surpass their business objectives?

Well that is something that I am literally salivating to find out more about, so its with a great pleasure that I bring onto the show, to join up some dots the one and only Mr Ben Krueger.

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