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Todays guest entrepreneur is a lady who can admit to being a player-coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and mentor to professionals around the world, helping them grow their businesses and live amazing lives.

She empowers others to dream big and go for what they truly want.

Recently releasing her latest book Vision to Reality: How Short Term Massive Action Equals Long Term Maximum Results she has quite simply driven her way to an empowering future, by taking frequent and consistent action, not least moving eleven times to eleven differnet states in the USA.

But now from her base in Austin Texas, she is creating the wordwide approach to providing value to single moms, dads and businesses, and with programmes, coaching and not least podcast interviews she is offering a lot.

So lets find out what made this lady jump from the corporate world and go it alone!

Why she was a single mom for over 6 years, and of course when she isn't being hands on to so many people, not least her own family, how does she ensure that she too gets that dream life that she provides others.

Well lets find out, as we start joining up the dots of her life, with the one and only Honoree Corder.

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