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Todays guest is a lady who believes quite firmly in the words of Steve Jobs that we play on the show everyday.

You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

She calls it intuition, but it's all the same thing really.

Finding the thing that lights you up inside and going for it, even if it takes you off the well worn path and into new unchartered territories.

But why was it that until quite recently, she hadn't followed the path that was true to her.

She had travelled the path that so many of us follow...the expected one.

The one that we are told to.

As a child she was constantly told that it was alright having passions, but they were not a career.

Nursing would be a good job. We always need nurses.

So she become one,  and also became physically ill for an entire year, unhappy and completely lost because she wasn’t living her purpose.

She now runs from her home in Las Vegas the "I Love Intuition" movement, where she helps purpose driven leaders strengthen and trust their intuition and creativity to create soulful and successful lives and businesses. 

Simply put she helps her clients find their strengths and passions and build businesses around them subsequently allowing them to have a kick ass life.

So why was it that the things that she obviously has a talent for, were for so many years put on the back burner?

What was it about her life that really made her fall to pieces and know that she had to change direction?

And as she lives in Las Vegas, can she get me Barry Manilow tickets?

Well let's find out as we bring on to the show to start joining up dots the one and only Christina Ambubuyog

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