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Since attending University at South Florida our guest today has literally been capturing the world from in front and now behind the lens of his camera.And although it might have seemed like a hobby, or just something to do at first, it has lead to a career in TV news, video production, broadcast PR, and even teaching.And that is the beauty of joining up the dots, although you can see the path clearly when you look back, at the time its just grabbing opportunities, making connections, and hopefully enjoying yourself.And it seems that our guest who originated from California, has been enjoying himself as he has traveled the  length and breadth of the country doing the very thing that he loves.And now with a handful of awards to his name and appearances on NPR, and Forbes.com, he has developed his own resource center at webvideochefs where he teaches us all how to get the best from our cameras.So lets start looking at his life through a lens as we join up dots with the one and only Amani Channel.

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