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Todays guest is an astonishing lady who delivers, positivity and inspiration to the world everyday of her life.

Born with ocular albinism – a condition that has made her legally blind, she managed to hide the issues with her vision until well into her 20’s from her employers, friends and I guess the world.

More amazingly, is the fact that she had been legally blind since a child, but it wasn’t until she was 17 that she actually realised it fully too.

Her parents upon finding out their newborn daughter had been born with the condition decided that they wouldn’t tell her, as they believed that it would result in both her and others placing limits on what she could achieve in life.

And so she lived with the condition, for over ten years, as she graduated and joined an international consultancy firm.

But the time came when her eyes deteriorated so much, that she could no longer hide it anymore, and the time would come to change direction, and with that direction set out to change opinions across the world.

And I love this about her story, but the realisation of what she should do next in her life came on the top of an elephant whilst travelling 1,000 miles across the country raising funds for Sight Savers.

She decided that she would create the non profit organisation Kanchi, named after that very same elephant, that aims to change the attitudes and behaviours towards people with disability by working with business leaders, helping them to see these people as assets to be developed.

And now as her star continues to shine brighter and brighter she is highly sought after as an inspirational speaker the world over.

So how do you manage from the top of an elephant to see a path that is literally life changing and have the courage to tackle it head on?

And where does she feel the most work still needs to be done, as the world accepts and embraces disability in its many forms?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Caroline Casey

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