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Following the words of Steve Jobs, my guest entrepreneur today on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a computer scientist, an electrical engineer, and has been an IT Industry management leader for the past 25 plus years.

Which sounds pretty standard stuff.

But Join Up Dots is not a normal show, and is about giving you guys ideas, and concepts that you can use to create great success in your own life.

Showing you what other people are doing, so that you can think “I could give that a go!”

Leading to careers of freedom and a lifestyle built around success and motivation.

Well today’s guest is bringing his passion for Yoga-principles, to his connections in the academic and corporate world.

He is getting all levels of management to have a go, and sit cross legged, and touch their toes.

He has brought Yoga to the Tennis courts, executive board-rooms, mental health facilities and senior centers.

He has been an ardent student of Yoga since 1984, and has had formal Yoga training from various renowned institutions and teachers in India and the US.

But what I love about this guy is the blending approach.

He isn’t saying this will work, take it or leave it.

But he is saying let’s try this, and see how it goes.

And from his leadership talks, yoga sessions, or even his laughter therapy he is taking his experience of how the corporate world works, and is building something very different.

So was his starting career in Sales and IT the perfect place to begin his journey, or has it actually held him back to where he deserved to be?

And is it getting easier to convince the boardrooms of the world, that a bit of the downward dog is a great thing to bring in for the employees?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only super entrepreneur Prashant Joshi.

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My guest entrepreneur today following the words of Steve Jobs, on the top rated Join Up Dots free podcast interview is the host of the As Told By Nomads podcast, and a man who has been on the show once before, and to be honest he was so good that it is a crime that he hasn’t been on since.

So what can we tell you about him?

Well this guy is pure motivation from the moment he wakes up to the moment he closes his eyes, exhausted at the end of the day.

He doesnt just have one career, but is dealing with so many jobs at one time its amazing.

He has a dream to not just improve his lot, or that of his clients, but he is taking on the world.

He wants to bring the four corners of the globe together to provide the education that will teach people to accept our differences, both physically and culturally.

Growing up in Sweden, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Vietnam and the United States, he considers himself a true citizen of the world.

He wants to celebrate uniqueness and encourage diversity, build global mind-sets, tell stories about culture and most importantly to educate the world about the beauty in all of us and how we can work together to improve our global identities.

And quiet simply when he was first on the show, you could sense the desire to get out there and do it.

But now he is doing it. Really, really doing it. And building greater and greater success in his life.

If you want an hour of inspirational content, to kick start your own career then let's bring this introduction to a halt, and find out since our first chat what has been creating the greatest satisfaction in his life?

And would he change things if he went back in time, or just move like a twig on the mighty stream of life?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots on today's inspiration packed podcast interview with the one and only super entrepreneur himself Mr Tayo Rockson.

To find out more about Tayo Rockson go to:

Podcast: As Told By Nomads

Description: As Told By Nomads features interviews with global nomads, Third Culture Kids, and entrepreneurs discussing what it takes to be global leaders.

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being an entrepreneur and mastering entrepreneurship is one of the hardest things that you can do. Today’s guest joining us on Join Up Dots, walked away from her global marketing strategy role at Microsoft in 2012 after a successful 16-year corporate career spanning many industries to do just that. Become an entrepreneur of not and build a hugely entrepreneurial lifestyle

Now she shows business owners how to stop being the best-kept secret around and instead become a sold-out success.

Combining her proven business-building skill set with her ninja marketing skills, Michelle shows entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners how to build a steady stream of clients and profits for their business.

When she’s not working on her business, you can usually find her in the car taking one of her three kids to some sort of activity or at home cooking with her handsome and talented photographer/systems engineer/baker husband (his chocolate truffles + lava cakes are a-mazing).  

As she says “In short, nothing I do is based on fly-by-night recycled fluff or the new “it” strategy. It’s based on real world experience I’ve gained over the past 18+ years.”  

But of course there is so much more to this story than a lady deciding to go for it, and create an on-line business (not least how does she keep the weight off with chocolate truffles flying around the place).

So why did she leave a corporate gig that would have been seen as a successful one after sixteen years of climbing the corporate ladder?

And was it harder than she imagined to create that success on-line, or a walk in the park everyday?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Michelle L Evans


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When I started the top rated Join Up Dots podcast, it was important for me to bring to you different people, different conversations, and different varied skill sets.

And today’s guest is a man who firmly falls into the different skill set category.

He is a man who found the motivation to build a career as a Professional Name Analyst, which if you are like me, until recently would have meant nothing to me.

But it has lead to a life of freedom, entrepreneurial success and a best selling book.

As he says in his professional bio “There is nothing more important or fascinating to each individual than his or her own personal life. There is not one human being who would not master his own individual life if he could. Your documented names from birth shape and define your character, your personality, both your mental and physical health, for better or worse. More amazing, the second part of this system reveals how letters from each of your names rotate at predetermined years, influencing events and the way you live your life. Incredible, maybe, but true! Name Reality shows you how, why and what you can do. “

And I like that statement “Incredible but true”

And I am sure in this episode you will all start looking at your own names in a very different way.

So how did he discover this stuff, and did he embrace it straight off, or did it take awhile for him to realise that this was something that would change his life?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots with the one and only Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari

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Today was one of those days that when you are working towards something make you sit up and notice.

Yes this morning I looked at our rankings on Itunes in the UK and saw that we had made a clean sweep across the board.

In the "What Hot" section we were at number one in Business, Education, Health and Careers which is remarkable.

And was the first time I had ever achieved something like that.

So without you guys this could never have occurred, as its only thousands of ears listening every day that can make this happen.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who listens to the show.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who tells their friends about the show.

And of course a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who leaves a rating an review of the show at iTunes.

Thanks so much and I will see you again tomorrow......

Ps Please make sure that you go over and support the amazing work of listener and soon to be appearing as a guest Mr Dan Trilk

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Today’s guest joining on the Join Up Dots show is a lady who I first connected with several years ago, but never got a chance to properly say hello to.

Which is a bit of a regret, as not only is she a truly lovely individual but is also based in this little island of ours:

Yep, she is based in rainy Manchester in the United Kingdom and since working for British Telecom as a Call Centre Trainer has been on a mission.

A mission to develop employees everywhere to become the best that they can be, and find happiness whilst they are doing it.

And she certainly seems to now have found her thing, after as much struggle as everyone else

As she says “I’d love to be able to say I’m one of those people who is so super clever, I built a successful coaching business easily. But that would be a big. Fat. Lie.

I spent my first year as a coach taking every course I could get my hands on, which led to massive overwhelm. It became a patchwork quilt of information: a course on blogging, another for WordPress, another on podcasting, then copywriting.

But it wasn’t cohesive. I wanted courses to help me go step-by-step so I could focus on what I loved, coaching.”

And so how has she done it?

How has she managed to blend her years of being an employee into someone who is crushing it, but also being totally themselves…being happy in the process?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the lovely Northern lass herself Jo Casey.

To hear more from Joe Casey go to:

Podcast: The Work Happy Coaching Podcast

Description: The Work Happy Coaching Podcast is the place for Life Coaches, Health Coaches and Holistic practitioners to learn how to build their businesses in a way that's smart, non-icky & filled to the brim with integrity, heart and good humour. Even if you hate marketing, Jo Casey will share step-by-step strategies to get more coaching clients, earn more money and therefore do more good in the world. The show's a mixture of super smart guest expert interviews and Jo Casey's personal guidance to grow your coaching business like a weed. Oh, and she's a massive nerd when it comes to all things coaching - you have been warned!

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