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Todays guests is Mr Michael O'Neal, the podcasting master behind the hit Itunes show "The Solopreneur Hour Podcast". The top ranked business show, or The Solohour as it is known to its friends, teaching online marketing and entrepreneurship skills. 

Michael is a man who quite simply without him, then I wouldn't be on the mic today.

So you know where to send all your complaints too.

He is a born entrepreneur with a fascinating story, of successes, setbacks, leaps of faith, and finding his unique path with the guidance of John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn.

Growing up in Philadelphia, the thought of being the host of his own podcast show was the last thing on his mind. He was a normal type of kid, obsessed with sport, finding trouble at school, and generally being a kid.

But unfortunately that freedom of thought and energy changed when he was moved from his beloved Philly, and taken down to Florida, and it seems to me this was the start of him looking for his path in life.

He didn’t fit in down in the Sunshine State, so as soon as he could, he got himself back up North, and discovered one of the first dots in his life that links him to where he is today…the internet.

He was fascinated by the worldwide web, so developed skills to be a web designer.

And that was his life for fifteen years, until unfortunately his parents both passed away in a very short time, and he found himself sitting with just $14 dollars in his pocket.

He was over 30, with a decision forced upon him. Would he accept the punches that life had dealt him, or would he start fighting back?

And that descision was made and he took the steps that made him “Know too much” and not want to work for anyone else again?

He was going to become a solopreneur and own his own future.

But how did he know he had the skills to be a success in the online arena?

How did he know where his true passions lie?

And does he regret inspiring guys like me to jump into the pool too?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the 100th show to start joining up dots, the man on the mike, the host of the “Solopreneur Hour podcast”, the one and only Mr Michael O’Neal!


For more on the Solohour Podcast go to:

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal - Job Security...for the Unemployable

By Michael O'Neal Chats with Proudly Unemployable Solopreneurs Like Himself


They say successful people put their pants on the same way we all do. This show is about watching them put their pants on. Nominated As "Best New Show of 2013" by Stitcher Radio, Our range of guests takes us from comedy, to acting, to the NFL, to UFC and MMA, to Top Music Stars, to Millionaires, to Business Experts, to Real Estate moguls, and everything in between. Guests like Nicole Arbour, Adam Carolla, Hines Ward, Sam Jones, Tucker Max, Jonathan Fields, Derek Halpern, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas, Chris Ducker, Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, Mike Johnston, Rich Franklin, and many more, these casual conversations contain tons of action-inducing content wrapped up in an entertaining candy shell.

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Today's guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots Steve jobs inspired podcast, has a fascinating story of struggle, acceptance, madness, love and finding the path to a life that he never dreamt possible.

Following on the from his previous appearance on Join Up Dots on episode 138, our guest has built upon amazing, headline making life changes, whereby he suffered a relationship break up, sold his entire life on Ebay, hit the headlines, sold his life story to Disney, bought a tropical island, found love and tackled a bucket list of amazing experiences all within a a period of a few years.

But it is what he has done since these crazy fun times that inspires me more.

You see so many people will do so much, in a short period of time and then start to settle.

They will find themselves back in a routine, where the images of adventures past, haunt them like a character from a Charles Dickens novel.

Our guest today however has done the opposite.

He has saught out opportunities, conversations and experiences across the world and constructed a life that is on his terms.

As he says "I did my last interview with Join Up Dots while I was in Texas, house sitting for a friend there as part of our US RV adventure.

Since then Vanessa and I studied to become English teachers, then spent a year in China working as teachers in a private business, topping up the travel funds.

Since then we have become full-time nomads, using house sitting as our accommodation, and teaching online for a Chinese company as our primary income source. As our accommodation is basically free we only have to work a few hours per week to make ends meet.

It really is the global semi-retired dream lifestyle. We can live absolutely anywhere as long as we have a decent internet connection.

We have become very well known in the house sitting community, and have been very successful in securing some very sought-after luxurious house sits.

So how has he managed to build something from scratch, when right from the very start he was out of his long established comfort zone?

And could he ever go back to a life that was controlled by the decision making of someone else?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Ian Usher

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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots free business podcast interview, is a man where you think where do I start?

This is a man with three distinct areas of his life, which he calls his key stories.

One being an explorer, one being an adventurer, and one being the start of his entrepreneurial life.

When he was in Berlin back in 2006, he was like all of us, and was in a bit of a funk.

He was studying computer science, but had no idea how to make a living from the subject that he was learning.

And we hear this time and time again from people across the world.

You start in a world of confusion, unsure of anything, even what you are doing at that time, but that is ok.

Even though throughout your life you may have times when you are lost and unsure of your next move you only have to do two things.

Gain as much knowledge whilst you are in that position, as there are gifts in your confusion.

And then secondly say “Yes” to things, to put yourself in new experiences where those learnings start to make sense.

And that is what our guest did, as without a clue to his future, a friend phoned him one day and his life started to change forever

As he says” I got a call from a friend who’s hobby it was to use an old press ID card to sneak into expensive conferences to network and eat free food.

He said: “You need to come to the Hyatt Hotel, there is a Ruby on Rails conference and the food is amazing”.

“Ruby on what??” he replied. It was a fairly new programming language back in 2006. Free food sounded good though, so an hour later he was standing at the buffet and filling my plate with heaps of tasty salmon.

A recruiter standing next to him, who had paid $1000 be there, asked if he wanted a job – working with Ruby on Rails!

He pretended to have some experience and accepted this offer. From that moment on, while studying, he worked 2 days a week programming in various startups as a freelancer, all thanks to his desire to eat fish.”

And that is where we will start today’s episode of Join Up Dots, even though I have no idea myself where this conversation is going to go.

So does he still have episodes of confusion in his life, or is it now a seamless journey of experiences and success, as he travels around the world inspiring others to create a life on their own terms?

And does he look back at his life and now see gifts in the dark times when he didn’t have a clue, which powers the belief to keep moving forward in his life?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Fabian Dittrich.

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Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots Steve Jobs inspired podcast is a lovely lady who from her home in Miami Florida is taking huge action to create the life that she wants.

But it wasn’t always the case, as over nine years ago after earning a degree in business administration, with her whole life laying ahead of her she received one of those life epiphany’s that you just cant ignore

As she says” In December 2007 I was at a BBQ my mom put together to celebrate my graduating with a bachelors degree in business administration in finance. It was an evening of fun, laughter and dancing. Graduating was definitely something to celebrate especially because I did it while being a mom and working full-time as an assistant controller. While I was enjoying the evening with family, friends, music and great food I found myself not feeling happy or satisfied. It felt like something was missing. For some reason I thought happiness would take place after a degree. After that night I thought all I needed was to get a different job; so I went from a small business to a corporate job in search of happiness. After a couple of years I found I had a fiery desire to do something else all together. I realized I was just existing.”

And so she started taking action, upskilling herself and working like crazy towards a future that would be under her control and perfect for her.

But how many times do we feel that life is being a bit unfair, when we are working so hard to make it what we want?

And this was certainly the case with our guest, who also found herself as a single mother looking after two young boys, which I think will be the starting point of todays show.

So did she study a subject that was something that friends and family have done, or did she simply choose something that looked good on paper?

And going back over the dots, were there anytimes that she would now erase if she had the chance, or were their gifts in everything she has dealt with?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Virginia Jimenez

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Every weekend we go back in time and dip into the Join Up Dots vaults to find a show that could well be hidden from your ears.

And why do we do this?

Well, you success junkies desperate for the golden ticket have been asking "With so many episodes of Join Up Dots out there now, which ones should we listen to first?

And its a difficult question to answer as everyone of them has motivation and inspiration flooding out of every pore.

So we have simply decided to grab an entrepreneur at random, and share with you not only their journey, but also ours.

We think we are getting better at this podcasting lark, but what do you think?

Drop us a line at contactjoinupdots@gmail.com and let us know.

Thanks as always for listening to the show, and enjoy todays entrepreneurial business chat.

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When someone sends me a request to be a guest on the show, and during the email he says

"I am a huge believer in creating and achieving our own definition of success. We are all unique and we all have something incredible to share. We are the authors of our own stories and I get fired up helping and discussing with people about their journeys. I am still on my my journey and I still have a long way to go, but every day is another chance to continue growing and learning! The only shortcut in life is to start now and I try to make every day count."

Then I know that he is a guy worth talking to.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California last May he has been flexing the old hustle muscle big-time.

And this is not the old hustle muscle flexing where the doors are already half open, but the kind of grind it out flexing that takes time to achieve, with no guaranteed success waiting at the end.

He has worked for the Los Angeles Lakers, started a new business, and wrote a book, called Elevate Beyond: A Real World Guide to Standing Out in Any Job Market, Discovering Your Passion and Becoming Your Own Person

But Like most people the entrepreneurial rout was not evident at the beginning of his career, with several short terms roles being held such as Business Assistant for Relativity Sports and Samsung NBA Summer League Intern.

But you could see once he created Straight Curve Marketing, a company that offers a selection of products ranging from t-shirts to shot glasses that his career was only going to go one way.

And now with both this venture, and Fundamental Mindset, a lifestyle, entrepreneurial blog that shares stories, interviews, advice and experiences to help you maximize your potential, achieve success, and have fun doing it...it looks like he is having fun too.

So when did his mindset change to one of creating his own future, or perhaps it was there all along?

And does he see the link between the more fun he has the more success he gains?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Jake Kelfer

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Today’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast interview is a man who has been through so much that you would think that a smile wouldn’t be permanently attached to his face.

But attached it is, and it seems to be getting bigger everyday too.

You see this is a guy who found his path to success, fulfilment and enjoyment in such a dark place that it is testament to the truth “The real gift is waiting within”

As he says “For nearly two decades of my early life, there was always something wrong with me. I was dead tired and suffered from an avalanche of health problems. I endured all of this even though I was an athletic and supposedly fit young man.

I tried to ignore it, tucking it all under a rug, but eventually there came a day when I decided enough was enough. And it was all because of this one fateful event…

It was late one Wednesday night in the middle of March, a few days before my 17th birthday. I had just returned home from soccer practice, but I was even more of a mess than usual…”

You see he had finally come to the acceptance that there was something wrong within, that not only would change his outward appearance dramatically, but also threaten his life dream of becoming professional footballer forever.

He had found his biggest challenge, one that would take him to the brink, before he managed to step onto the first part of the path, that would lead him to where he is today.

A New York Times best selling author and one of the most trusted health experts in the world, appearing on TV and radio across the world.

So how did he beat the physical issues, when he also had to tackle the mental issues that made his teenage years so difficult too?

And does he feel that this is 100% what he should be doing with his life, or is he simply waking towards the bigger path, waiting patiently for him?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Yuri Elkaim.

To hear more from Yuri Elkaim go to:

Podcast: Simple Health Show 

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