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Todays guest is a lady that from her base in California is focused on showing the world how to optimise their personal performance in whatever they do.

For over 25 years she has spoken to thousands of people across the globe who are seeking the skills to develop their strengths.

And that one word Strengths is the key to her beliefs, as like me, she feels that we all have the skills in us to have a kick ass life.

We all can be living a happier more fulfilled life, whilst functioning within our very own Sweet Spot

However instead of focusing on what we do well, and developing our lives and income around those things, we instead seem to spend much of our time focusing on our weaknesses.

Which is of course the key to much of the human way of living.

Focus in on the negatives and take for granted the good.

So how do we switch this way of thinking, and analyse and use the natural gifts we were given at birth?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Gloria Miele.


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Todays guest is an amazing lady who has over the last few years become a real online mover and shaker, whilst playing the game on her own terms.

She has the hustle muscle working all over her body, and has over the last few years since leaving her hometown in New Zealand, taken such consistent action she is in a place that so many people would like to be in.

In fact she is in many places that people would like to be, as due to her drive she has become a travelling entrepreneurial powerhouse building a thriving online business, whilst on a mission to ensure 100,000 entrepreneurs create

freedom in business and adventure in life by 2020 too.

Literally living out of her suitcase for years on end, she has balanced this amazing ability to find stable wifi , whilst also finding adventure in every corner.

From becoming a world record holder at Dragon Boating, to body sculpting, to winning countless Online awards, it seems to me that everything she has achieved  is by having the guts to step out of her comfort zone on a daily basis.

She has taken on obstacles and challenges which were never guaranteed stepping stones to success, but still wanted more and more.

But as we see time and time again in our success stories, that ability to go into the "Scary Zone" is the best way to take you onto greater and greater levels of achievement.

So I am delighted to see her doing so well, and of course delighted to have her on the show.

So lets bring on to the show, to start joining up the dots of her life, the one and only "Suitcase Entrepreneur" Natalie Sisson.

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Todays guest is an chap from the UK with an interesting story to tell.

In fact it seems to me his whole life is built around the use of stories, and weaving them into amazing effective ways that can help us all unlock the doors and remove the obstacles that we find infront of us time and time again.

Doors to a life that is as much play as work, and as much work as play.

Being in the music and film industry for over 18 years , he has developed an approach that works well for creative types across the globe who flock to his warehouse in Seven Kings London.

Its an unsual approach which for many might seem a bit strange....infact after reading his personal website, he seems to thrive by being, well, slightly out of the mainstream shall we say!

As he says

"People ask me what I do and I always hesitate – I was a psychotherapist for 13 years, then I tried calling myself a coach, I’ve been to India and trained in Tantra but that doesn’t quite qualify me to call myself a Guru and I’ve been buried alive and fasted in the wilderness for days on end but that doesn’t quite make me a Shaman… and Psycho-therapeutic Shamanic Coaching Guru is a real mouthful"

So lets find out what he calls himself today, as we bring onto the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the author of "Play from your f***ing heart" the one and only Jerry Hyde!

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Todays guest is lady with a truly fascinating story.

Unlike many of the guests on Join Up Dots, who have become successful by business, online marketing or just doing amazing stuff, our guest set out on path that was never intended to lead to success and fame.

Infact it has been a hard push to get her on the show today.

But it is a story that should be told, as from her beginnings in Malta being educated at the Convent of the Sacred Heart School, she has thrived when her passion for helping people has been used to maximum effect.

Training to be a nurse at Hull Royal Infirmary in the North of England her path seemed set.

But as we see time and time again, on Join Up Dots, something can occur which brings a persons life to the place that they can provide the most value to the world at the most unexpected times.

And that is the true definition of success.

And for our guest that was when a visit to Kagando Hospital which nestles in the beautiful hills of Uganda, 20km from the Congo Border.

She had found her home in one of the poorest countries on earth, providing support, love and care to the kind of people that have very little to offer back.

So what was it that made this remarkable lady, change direction and travel across he globe, to be with people that she had never met before?

And what makes her continue to perform such an all giving task day after day, in conditions and climate so different from where her life in medicine began?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Rita Miller

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Todays guest is a lady who is driven to help us all achieve the highest levels of performance that we can.

To get hold of the dream life that we see so many people living, and cant quite believe that we can have ourselves.

When she was 26 she founded a PR and marketing company called Wired PR.

She knew PR, and was good at marketing and content marketing so it was going to be a breeze to take these skills and weave them into a successful business.

However it wasn't as easy as just playing to her strengths, as the actual running and growing a business threw up challenges day after day, which meant a lot of risk taking, obstacle avoidance, and I guess pure faith was needed time and time again.

And that is what this show is about, showing all our listeners that nobody has the answers when they start.

Nobody knows that things are going to work out.

And nobody ever avoids making mistakes in their life, and for most of us they are huge mistakes.

So how has our guest managed to slip though this minefield and come out the other end, still looking her glamorous self, pushing her own success to higher levels, and with even more desire to help others? 

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show the host of the "Successlab podcast", the one and only Beth Cochran  

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Todays guest entrepreneur is a lady who can admit to being a player-coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and mentor to professionals around the world, helping them grow their businesses and live amazing lives.

She empowers others to dream big and go for what they truly want.

Recently releasing her latest book Vision to Reality: How Short Term Massive Action Equals Long Term Maximum Results she has quite simply driven her way to an empowering future, by taking frequent and consistent action, not least moving eleven times to eleven differnet states in the USA.

But now from her base in Austin Texas, she is creating the wordwide approach to providing value to single moms, dads and businesses, and with programmes, coaching and not least podcast interviews she is offering a lot.

So lets find out what made this lady jump from the corporate world and go it alone!

Why she was a single mom for over 6 years, and of course when she isn't being hands on to so many people, not least her own family, how does she ensure that she too gets that dream life that she provides others.

Well lets find out, as we start joining up the dots of her life, with the one and only Honoree Corder.

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Todays guest has a story that is fascinating for so many reasons.

Number one due to the hustle that he has shown.

Number two how it seemed that life was simply using him as a skittle and throwing obstacles after obstacles in his direction.

The kind of obstacles that for many would be the end of the dreams, and desires for a better life.

When he hit the age of 27, he knew that he had to take action in his life.

He was fat, broke and miserable and living a life that was far from what he wanted it to be.

So he started working twice as hard on a real estate business that would net him a nice amount of passive income each month.

Not life changing as such, but still more than enough to start focusing on his next dreams.

And that is where it all went wrong, as after a years hard work, and almost touching dream of the monthly income, he received a message saying that he had defaulted on his mortgage and everything went south.

So what did he do to pull himself out of this hole that was not of his making?

How did he not think "See that's why life is so rubbish" and just give up, and go back to being fat, broke and unhappy?

Well, lets find out, as its with delight that I bring on to he show to start joining up the dots of his life, the successful podcaster, online marketer, hustle monster, and ex-fat guy...Mr Jonny Andrews

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Todays guest gets asked the same question again and again and again.

Why is your company called Dancing Elephants?

So I will do my very best to not ask this question as I wouldnt want to get off on the wrong foot, with a lady who is an author, speaker and consultant for companies around the world on sales and marketing.

She knows what is needed to attract clients, that become loyal consumers of a companies products?

Nope don’t see the elephants connection yet?

But how has she achieved the kind of sales knowledge that is sought after across the globe, and how did she and her partner Will Turner, develop the “Six Secrets of Sales Magnets” and the soon to be available “Sales Magnetism: The

Ethical Salesperson’s Guide To Success” which brings a different perspective to the sales technique.

Well lets find out as I bring onto the show, to start Joining up the dots of her life, the one and only Laura Posey.

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Todays guest is someone who likes to ask four key questions as he seeks to build the life of his dreams

How can I have more free time?

How can I make money doing what I love?

How can I travel the world pursuing my passions?

How can I run a real business from my laptop, anywhere in the world?

They seem very good question to ask yourself I would have thought, and perhaps another question is why do so many people not ask them very same questions themselves?

But the journey to budding entrepreneur, and smart and debonair businessman was not a usual one, as we normally find on Join Up Dots.

From developing a love of music and travelling from his Dad, our guest first stepped into young adulthood as a wannabe Jon Bon Jovi, travelling around Europe and the States playing his guitar in bars, and getting up to god knows what in Amsterdam.

But it was when he landed in Nashville, the home of country music, that the path to his unique and authentic self started becoming apparent.

Along with his business partner, our budding Bon Jovi decided that they had two choices: One sign for a record company, or two: build their own record company and retain control of their music, image rights and everything else that goes into making a band.

They took the bold choice, and so started a love of business that brings him onto the show today.

So lets introduce to you, and start joining up those dots, and of course find out what DID happen in Amsterdam, the one and only Mr Jesse Krieger.

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Todays guest is a man who has travelled a path most unusual.

Starting off by gaining his education in Pennsylvania he has now found himself living in Yokosuka in Japan.

Whilst working fulltime for the US military he has focused his downtime on self development and the study of the small habits we have in our life, that when used effectively can build up to something amazing.

I didn't know this, but from reading his blog I have found out that one-third to one half of ALL our daily actions are habitual?

That’s right.

Everything in our lives, and I mean EVERYTHING are the result of these automatic habits.

So our guest believes that our level of wealth, social circles, happiness, love, energy, fitness, fulfilment are all created by the subconscious mind.

We don't realise that we are building our own futures be allowing these habits, some negative to go unchecked.

It is his mission to help educate 100,000 people to become liberated. To take control of these habitual behaviors and change them.

Well this is the kind of man that I need to talk to, so its with delight that I bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Adam Smith.

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